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  1. Thank you for the warm welcome. I have found what i was looking for plus so much more. And the avatar, cant please everyone. . . . . .
  2. discordauth:McnzvxZV8avShfdBzbYbH40TfjDJ36MClKlbay0-2-8=
  3. Hello fellow Noveans. I'm usually not very active in terms of forums, but I wanted to stop in real quick. I hail from the Parallel Kingdom, From the lands of Get Off My Lawn. I was a True Neutral ruler there, Never involving myself in the conflicts of others, but always happy to assist in the war effort with supplies, Or, for the weary and tired, looking for a break from constant conflict, my land a safe haven for all. I look forward to meeting you all, somewhere someday. Hopefully under good circumstances, but we all know stuff happens. Anyway, i just wanted to stop by, introduce myself, and say hello. Fare Thee Well Your Friendly Neighborhood Spruce :)
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