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  1. Here I know the history... I have dealt with it since the problem started. It has nothing to do with age. C++ is super old and the best video games are still written on it. (Granted that's open for debate but you know what I mean) In 2007 when the iPhone was new, it was a first of its' kind. Being able to run Flash on the iPhone would have been extremely awesome except that Flash required to take "control" of certain parts of the iPhone and Apple would not allow it. Apple has been protective of their OS and the capabilities of apps to prevent any hacking and other security issues... The arguments wildly range as to why or who wants what but ultimately there are policies with how the iOS operates and regardless of opinion, it is to control and mitigate "unknowns." For example - you can get a WiFi signal reader app for Android phones that will give you detailed info about your signal, but this is not possible on iOS. This is the sort of stuff I'm talking about and Flash wanted to be able to control it. It was pretty nasty in terms of legal battles. Since that time, other technologies have stepped up to the plate to perform in ways that only Flash could, and they do it better, faster, and without a ton of proprietary software to download from Adobe or needlessly include into the OS. Ultimately, flash was a great idea that created the possibilities of lot of online stuff like YouTube. But now with HTML5 for example that's not even necessary.... There is a lot more about this subject, but really why... Is because flash just isn't as good as it was when there was nothing else like it. Here's some history: https://wikileaks.org/wiki/Why_Apple_Won't_Allow_Adobe_Flash_on_iPhone Hope this is somewhat entertaining - I'm not a historian but I have been in I.T. professionally since the early 2000's and I have to say I am more than pleased to see this happen. Good riddance Flash!
  2. A thought just occurred to me... if we will have scripting, and the scripts only execute while you are around... what about some kind of an implementation for line-of-sight antennae to run scripts? So for example if we have a space station in orbit (if it were to in fact need to orbit as it sounds like they may) then it would not run remote actions while it is out of sight from the hq "city" for example.. what if we had the server run scripts remotely based on antennae line of sight? This could open up mechanics for e-warfare and deep intelligence as well... or deep-space networks for your org and possibly "renting out" bandwidth to other organizations... possibly hacking an enemy script as it is transmitted to a remote vessel. I know that's out there, but I can't help but wonder how they will tackle the scripting configurations, or what we will be able to control remotely for example. Probably something that will come added later on. I could probably explain better what I have in mind but it's not a well developed thought.
  3. Well I suppose at least we know what isn't a secret? To pass our time, I think this is a fun start for sure
  4. Yay another year older

  5. This OP makes me ponder... If the Arkship is organization-owned, then what particular benefits would that org get? What exactly would they "control" or change? Like possibly tax rates from their citizens or something else? -- I ask this because once you mention the word "own" then the other aspects (steal, fight, spy, etc.) come into existence as possibilities. I would imagine orgs would fight battles over ownership. People should have reasons to want to be under the guise of a certain arkship vs another. If an org owns an arkship what is to keep them from abandoning it? Where does NQ come into this equation? This is a genuinely interesting topic to me.
  6. I am interested in seeing the evolution of this map myself. Most of what I "hear" or read rather seem to be nonfactual. It seems that history is going to become important in this game. As I've said in another post, I hope to be playing DU for many years and eventually some decisions from the beginning could eventually have ripple effects later on especially when other people have awakened on the arkship but haven't contributed to so-called past events that seem to only exist in peoples' memories.
  7. In my mind, I consider the colonists to be a growth of something existing. To me, the term Arkers implies independence.
  8. I always thought it would be cool if we could "view" our cameras while out of the game, like have a webcam type deal on a website for our faction for example where it updates once every few seconds.
  9. Awesome! Thank you for explaining this so clearly. I'm very happy that's how they are doing it instead of the way I had imagined.
  10. I have quickly searched but maybe I am not using the right terms... I have a bit of a brainstorm/question/statement.... So I am curious if we know much about the DU environment in-game. I am assuming because of the way many things work that it seems the world will be persistent, am I right? If this is the case - then when you log off, your body will still be somewhere. Is it possible to capture, imprison, jail, or otherwise "hold in custody" other players bodies? If we have a persistent world (as I think it seems would make the most sense in this game) then it would be supremely important to be able to defend yourself and your belongings, correct? I think this would give rise to the necessity of being a part of an organization (or at least allied to one). I also fear people would abuse this. But possibly if there is a way someone could resurrect themselves at a resurrection node and "transfer" their consciousness out of the imprisoned body that could help balance this.... Or am I speaking about something that is more related to the final stretch goal? Thoughts? Anyone have specific knowledge to help suppress my naiveness?
  11. This is a great question from mefsh... It piques my interest because of the perspective. From the videos and media I have consumed so far, I believe alpha players will know enough to teach the new-comers later on. From that I would assume we should be able to survive and experience a playable game but I don't expect them to have a ton of servers online (compared to release anyhow) so we may not be able to travel far from the arkship.. Or planet possibly....? Basically what @Shynras said is how I see it.
  12. Hello same here... I have been following for quite some time but things are picking up lately it seems. This community is pretty friendly and I am also considering adding more to my pledge because I would like to see Novaquark reach their final stretch goal!
  13. Is it year 0AA yet? System clocks are showing 12477, which was the date we scheduled to arrive at an undisclosed location when we started our trip. I have not yet fully regained my consciousness, having been crammed in this darned cryo sleep pod for a millennia so this is difficult to think very much at the moment. The last time I remember, we were told that we would be heading toward the Scutum-Centaurus arm of the galaxy but most of my memory is hazy. Where are the windows? I can see on the monitor that we are approaching a strikingly earth-like planet but I have not been able to glee any of this beauty with my own eyes. I suppose this is the best time to attempt contact with any other surviving arkships and try to pinpoint their galactic location(s) for mapping later on when we arrive on the surface. Looking around, I can see there are a few eyeballs and wide-eyed explorers anxious to find out more - staring at the ship system monitors, soaking in every photon and every source of information while we are locked inside this life-preserving vessel. ----- Okay -- seriously --- HELLO there! I've been waiting for EVER for this game!!! I signed up when I first heard about it, but then I shoved the links into a corner and forgot about them until recently. Now that we are inching closer and closer to having access to an online alpha experience, I figure now is a good time to start getting involved with the DU community. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!! The last Dev Update was satisfying, although I want more. lol
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