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  1. Hope for both peace and war, can't sell my ships without either.
  2. Made an idea for a planet-blamming weapon, was a few months ago. Called it the Planet Cracker.
  3. Legate


    Heyo, while I was busy orbiting through an asteroid field, I thought about NPCs. What if we get to make them, and not like make their face, as in from head to toe with custom parts. For example, you build a guard that has cybernetic limbs or replace their arm with a built-in rifle. Bit of mad scientist work here, but can't know what floats or sinks without blowing it to hell. Thinking about making guard tanks inside my ship the size of bumper cars just so they can roll around. I'll be able to make them when this Arkship reboots and gets me out of Alpha Centauri. Someone send help please...
  4. Heyo, it is Legate again, been a bit since my latest activity, been busy with school, social, and planning more ships for this game, up to around 15 btw. When I checked the kickstarter (already great progress when I saw it begin), I was browsing through the perks and found Life-Time Subscription for Ruby+ (I think). This got my engines running, will there be life time subs after the kickstarter event or is this more of a one time deal that we have to leap on faster than using warp drives? If we can get it afterwards, then I got some saving to do, if not, then it's back to grinding enough c
  5. I usually sketch my ideas on paper, then develop a more detailed image if it seems good.
  6. Beautiful designs...must, use, everything...
  7. I actually discovered this on pure accident. I was wandering the dunes of the internet browsing through anything space based, found nothing. When I went to Amazon, I happen to get information on it via a review of a random item. Forgot that for a while and continued my search. When I was searching google for some information, I found the suggestion and remembered the review. So I gave it a visit and now here I am. Weird eh?
  8. I'm now thinking of the WH:40K World Engine It would be cool to make a planet into a ship...but one problem. How does one navigate their way through a planet ship?
  9. I think for player factions, it can be handled by their council. i.e.: a faction decides to imprison a person for a said amount of time varying each crime, multiple crimes stack up time. There can be prison ships and planets that hold the criminals and their ships when their time is complete. If a rival clan really wants to get their person back, they can either pay a bail (made by the council considering the crimes) or break them out.
  10. Losing track of how many people make these kind of topics.
  11. I think my arkship will get stuck in Alpha Centauri Bc...oh wait.
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