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  1. Hello BohrElias, welcome to the forum.
  2. Hello Commander, welcome to the forums
  3. Hello, welcome to the forums. I am new too. Have fun and hopefully it will be a bigger pledge. ????
  4. Hello there, new Player here. For me (as I was a long player in EVE) its a twofolded sword. - DAC is ingame time paid with ingame money and so in the Real World many people will make / farm ingame money and will sell it for Real Life currency ! (See EVE Online with the Goldfarmers) - On the other hand it is a aim toward emergent gameplay. You need to protect you and your assets and / or use the DAC as soon as you get I still say make it non lootable. Cheers Perry_Hope
  5. Hello there, I was an EVE player from 2003 till 2009. I am a Star Citizen Player since 2014. Now I will be a Dual Universe Player. I like the Community! Cheers
  6. Willkommen, bin auch neu hier (Welcome, I am also new here 8-))
  7. The Isle of Hope Corporation and I will sign this too. + 1 for the OP. Racism should never be tolerated! Peace out Perry_Hope
  8. Sorry. Submitted it twice. I will be a friendly miner and Explorer in this game
  9. Hello all, Perry_Hope from Germany joining in.
  10. Hello friends, my name is Perry_Hope, I am the Founder of the Isle of Hope Corporation. I am a Star Citizen Backer and got notice that Dual Universe exist via Chris Roberts CommLink as the Kickstarter went online. I am absolutely fascinated what this game can be in the future. I will be only a few times on the forum every week. Cheers Perry_Hope
  11. I am new ... Be nice 8-)

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