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  1. I am ready for the kool-aid. I mean game. But on topic wise, yeah they have thrown out the crowd funding idea, so don't worry something is coming.
  2. I think how ESO has gone is pretty good. You can either buy the game out right or do a monthly subscription and you get some helpful features that don't give you a advantage in PvP. They also do new DLC's pretty often, but I don't know if DLC is something you guys are going to do at all.
  3. In minecraft I always build under ground. I am sure I will do the same here. I just hope they allow you to go way deeper than minecraft. If the whole planet is voxel, I wonder what the core would be like.
  4. I really like the passive idea for stealth! For the active idea I would just say have a straight up invisibility generator / cloak / whatever you want to call it, it makes you 100% invisible, but I would make it so its power usage is directly related to your ship/object size.
  5. @yamamushi, I guess the real reason I don't like LUA vs javascript is the syntax, I like javascripts syntax more. I know embedding it wouldnt be a issue. But if performance would be, well I guess that would suck for me. Really it is just my preference.
  6. What about Crons/Krons?
  7. So I heard that they are going to support scripting in the game using LUA. I would like to suggest possibly a javascript api aswell. Why? I like javascript more than LUA. I know some people aren't going to support this, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to at least request something I like. FYI: I tried looking for javascript, but the forum won't let you search for that word. So if someone else has suggested this, sorry.
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