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    hello i have been a alpha and a bata tester in the past i have tested for nexon for the pre alpha version of maplestory combatarms and mobinogi i have tested for funcom for the secret world i have recently tested for trionworlds port of archage and im currently in a nda tell the end of next year
  1. that was the idea GalloInfligo
  2. hello and i was just wondering if in the future you will open up a submission process to submit items to be added once we hit the cap of the tech lvl. this could also help in delovling new tools, items, parts , and skins to be given to players to give a quality of life to player and to extend the life of the game if it ever gets boring .
  3. hello every one. the thing that is on my mind right now is how big is one cube. most games have a variable size to them and i was just wondering how big is one this is so i can start dreaming of ships. this also helps people find out how long to make there ships and the units used to give how much room and tolerances that we can have while designing a capital ship or supersized chassis for maintenance and genera ware and tare repairs of our ships. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_historical_ship_types
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