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  2. PoisonKitchen

    Looking for 3D modeling tool (Free or Cheap)

    Thanks for all the great info! I'm definitely going to try out SketchUp and MagicaVoxel.
  3. I am looking for a simple 3D modeling tool that I can use to brainstorm some craft prototypes in preparation for the Alpha on September 30th. Any recommendations? I would prefer something free or at least cheap. I'm not looking for the power of a 3DS Max, Maya, or something like that. Just something to play with some designs to see what looks good. Thanks in advance, PK
  4. PoisonKitchen

    Random Info I Learned From PAX

    Great info. Thanks!
  5. PoisonKitchen

    Ground vehicles

    Do you know if you can make ground vehicles is DU? All I have seen in the videos are hovercraft type vehicles. They would be cool but I think a dune buggy/rover type creation would be fun to buzz around a planet in. Thanks in advance, PK
  6. Very cool. Really looking forward to this game.