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  2. I'm worried that this game will be a grind fest if NQ don't get the game loop right. I hated EVE because 80% of the time I was pod mining with a corp which was really dull. I really like the idea of prospector specialization it mixed up the dynamic.
  3. This is great, I think a "creative mode" pre-alpha test is a smart move for NQ. Scaling and performance have been my greatest concern so testing that and getting a load of people to build a bunch of stuff lets them stress test the game engine and their server architecture. If they waited to get the mining done it may take a long time to find any show stopper performance bottle necks due to the need to build up inventories and production chains.
  4. Good to hear. I've always been concerned that this project was too ambitious and they would run out of money before reaching enough subscribers to make it viable. Got really burned with Starforge back in 2014 Really hope that we are still on for September!!! The waiting and the slow drip feed of 5-minute videos every month is killing me.
  5. Context is everything It's basically a give and takes, depending on how people play it will dictate how hard NQ will bring down the law. Obviously, there is a minimum legal requirement put on them by the law in France, child porn and death/gore is definitely going to be a bannable offence. If a bunch of players decide to be provocative and push the limits there will be a push back, if players are more chill and create some risqué content but keep it to themselves in their own bases then It will be fine, but the same content erected at the ark ship might be breaking the rules. NQ has been very clear, this is a game for adults, children are not allowed.
  6. I think it's kind of badass that there are going to be areas that are just utterly wrecked. My experience with games like this is that there will be utter devastation at first as every player digs up the area around the safe zone to get started and bootstrap the economy. After a couple of weeks, there will emerge some sort of group either a specific org or a loose alliance that will start to manage the land usage of "ark city" even before anyone gets a TU. New players are a valuable commodity, I see the ark city zone emerging as a recruitment hub for the major org's. These players will be very keen to present an air of professionalism so they will probably go around and tear down any low effort builds as it reflects badly and generally make the starting zone a nice area. That said, immediately out of sight (over the relatively close horizon) I imagine there will be a belt of abandoned and devastated structures as those "solo players" who either didn't want to get recruited or just want to feel out the game solo set up their first structures. This will be prime griefing turf for bandits predating on newbies. Really it comes down to how much people care about their views of the scenery, which in my experiences is a lot. Expect wars to get started over people obstructing others peoples vistas!
  7. Can we get bigger versions of the screens and perhaps make the background transparent so I can basically have flat holograms floating in space? You know this is going to be used for billboards, people are going to have these everywhere advertising their shop or org or whatever. Limiting displays to SVG is smart move, it's still immensely powerful but it makes a bit harder to put porn into the game
  8. Will Dual Universe have gravity in space? Will I be able to orbit and navigate the curvature of spacetime like kerbal space program? Will planets rotate and have orbits? or will they be static? I remember last year in one of the dev diaries they said they were looking into this but weren't sure if it would be possible. Has there been any update or could some from NQ fill us in?
  9. Can you find out how many of those have pledged? That might be closer to the real number of players
  10. Almost certainly yes, more likely you will have to pay though to get the good stuff
  11. I don't buy this argument that we don't need roads because we have hovercraft, I've been playing the latest NMS updated and just because you can hover doesn't make it that much easier to get from A to B when you have trees, rock, ravines and mountains in the way. If you have 2 places that people will regularly want to go between people will start clearing a path, building bridges over ravines and digging tunnels to make that journey easier and faster. Building a road then is the next logical step even if it's just a cosmetic thing to indicate that "yes, this is the way to San Jose" you are not lost. I don't know how the hover engines we have seen will work but its safe to assume your fuel efficiency will be better going along a nice flat road than up and down and dodging trees all the time
  12. Will be pretty funny when you in a crowded area and everyones shopping trolly bots keep crashing into each other :D
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