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  1. As a person who's real life job (one of them) is patents, I'm going to go out on limb here and say no. We don't need that kind of baggage on our ship designs. Now if you are talking about Read only blueprints that doesn't allow a ship to be edited upon being created/printed. Sure. But all the hassle of locking out reverse engineering? No. Just no.
  2. By your ship powers combined we are Captain Voxel Ranger Zord! Actually I was just thinking about this as means for say, making voxel based weapons such as large torpedos. Things that hit with remarkable power and are partially self guided once you set them to target. They would of course take up physical space on the ship rather than storage.
  3. Maybe if we are talking gene splicing and we generate a new near human species that is and isn't human... then I can see it working. Beyond that, no.
  4. So the plan was to ship it last night interesting. So probably throttling of email. Anyone know how many gold+ testers there are?
  5. I'm guessing they may be dealing with spam throttling, they can't send out a bunch of emails at once? Or if its on the eternal messaging then no idea. Nothing here.
  6. Rails for turbolifts as well. You need something to get you to the top of the space elevator!
  7. It makes me wonder, how hard will it be for a single player to construct a space elevator? There's no physics that are going to be constraining the design of bases... so can't we just build straight up? If you keep it thin enough, it won't take much in the way of resources.
  8. I think that they should be intrinsically linked. All skills we have as humans are linked to the technology involved such as farming is to a rake or a hoe, as there is a skill in crafting the rake or a hoe. Which is I'm trying to say that if you have three entities that represent this. You have the knowledge of the technology unlocked, the skill to craft it at higher and higher qualities, and the skill to use it with higher and higher levels of skill and bonuses. Build your tech tree off of that and the tech tree leads different webs of related professional skills and tech.
  9. As long as sound drops quickly like it does in real life even a market shouldn't be that loud. I'm all for this along with voice modulation.
  10. I'm thinking a combination of both linear and circular. Linear tech tree contains the core primary nodes for tech/skill backbones but each branch on linear shows differentiation for things unrelated like say agriculture and piloting. But each node on the linear explodes into a circular tech three lots of ways of specializing and growing. This allows you to cherry pick while still researching things required for the next major node on the Linear tree's branch. Say you can have a core branch for each major profession that produce numerous circular tech trees with upgrade differences in crafting and what not. This way you can also pair skills and tech without forcing people to pick up crafting if they don't want to or allow them to come back to it later. Hell you can have each circular node be three things you can train/research. Tech, Crafting Bonus, Usage Bonuses. Maybe certain linear branches are not revealed or even unlocked unless you spend a certain amount of training in a circular tree. Say having 1/3 of the circular tree being trained?
  11. I think there is room to have this both on small and large scale all using the same system. Prefab weapons are great starters and but customs are a mixed bag. Custom weapons can be overpowered but they can also be incredibly weak or risky. Its up to the creator to learn where they can cut corners and where they need to reinforce. To much of anything either leads to waste or being impractical. Plus the more powerful the weapon, the more voxels are required to mount elements. Each element modifies all other element properties for the weapon. Sometimes unpredictably so. Rather than reducing range for more damage though it should be that the more powerful it becomes, the more recoil, maybe to the point where its a danger of damaging whatever is holding it, overheating, etc. You want more power, then you need a bigger energy source. Make the system logical so players start dealing with the same real world problems of scaling up that prevents anything other giant ships from equiping rail guns. If you want to scale a weapon down, its going to come with its own issues. Another aspect of this could be making elements for weapons themselves both universal and scaleable based on some sort formula that changes the properties based on the scale of each element and how it effects the weapons system. You want the death star? You may need to turn that tiny focusing lens that costs a ruby and some silicon you find in your blaster and scale it until it requires 60 kilos of raw silicate hydroxide and a thulsian star to manufacture. But as far as the game cares its the same element for each with a scale of +20 that turns the lens into a room sized mounted element. Your death star then becomes a single weapon entity with vehicle core with all the weapons system effecting each other. Programming side of this means that every element that comes out for the weapon system then allows greater degrees a freedom to experiment and more room to invent.
  12. So I had a thought relating to one of the dev blogs or what not stating they want to avoid ships just using people to hold move cargo as mules. So how can this be solved? The best way I can think of it working is storage is done via storage voxels which produce a formulaic amount of storage. The more voxels you have placed connect/next to each other the more exponential the storage becomes. It would need to be set up in a way where a small single player fighter would only have enough storage space to equal say half of a player's innate storage capacity. For freighters though they could move huge cache of supplies that could jumpstart base construction or what not as they can have large swaths of their volume dedicated to storage voxels. The catch is that this kind of storage eats up power since its essentially trying to replicate the tech used by each player at start, but unlike the starter tech that we have, its not a perfect replication. So the power requirements scale equally where as individual players don't have to pay power at all to store stuff on their person but could never compete with a freighter either. Another cost is that if the ship ever loses power you can't retrieve the stored supplies or if the voxels are damage, what was in the storage for those voxels could explosively release and fuse with your ship/base. If it some how survives, you'll need to mine your way out or clear it. Another aspect are storage crates, they can hold a lot, more than a player but you can't stack their effects like you would the voxels. Plus they are very large. These would be multi block assets/entities which can carry far more than a equal number individual storage voxels, but do not equal the total storage a group of voxels at an equal volume. The advantage to them though is they have their own dedicated power supply, or don't need it at all. Second, you can move the crates out the ship. But wait, why not just make voxel crates that I can load into a ship? You can, however they need power to work and you also need assets that provide power and movement like you would any vehicle thus adding to its volume/shape in unwieldy ways. Where as predefined crates are good go and perfectly cubical. At least that's my thoughts. Now just watch, some mod probably posted on this and a solution is already in the works... and I completely missed it.
  13. That's a lot of digging... where are we going to put all the resulting resources... or since pre-alpha is basically creative mode... no resources are going to drop?
  14. Would also be good for PvP without lasting repercussions too. Like simulating war games and what not. But primarily creative mode of some sort. Or at the very least allow limited combat in an otherwise protected zone. Hopefully it doesn't malfunction or someone turns the safeties... off.
  15. You what would be good for a creative mode? A Holodeck. You can build whatever you want, just make sure you save it before you exit to the 'Real' world. Just remember you can only take the blueprints with you. You could have a holodeck outlets as part of the arcship, or you can build one in your base.
  16. What is says on the tin. One thing I think needs to be done is allow us to attach chunks of the terrain to platforms, and other mobile objects. This would be perfect for a secret base where the ground litterally moves out of the way, when you open your base's entrance. Another advantage is to build terrariums inside your ship. The finally use, if you want to simply repair the terrain by moving everything back where you got it. Thoughts?
  17. So I just benchmarked. Valley on Extreme I was getting between 90 to 114 frames. Superposition I was getting extreme at 8.5 frames and High at 23 to 34
  18. I'll have to give the benchmark a try when I get home (currently remoted in so OpenGL is being absconded with) but here are my computer specs. I can run Star Citizen in its current incarnation fairly well. Not fantastic... so I'm wondering if I'll have some of the same difficulties. Four years old, almost five. Due for a new monitor at that. Still my baby. Mobile Chassis: MYTHLOGIC Nyx 5713 (Clevo P570WM) Mobile Display: 17.3" Full HD (1920x1080) Glossy 90% NTSC Color Gamut LED Backlit LCD (5713) CPU: Intel Core i7-3960X 3.30GHz, 2133MHz DDR3, 15MB Cache, Hex Core Processor System Memory: 32GB (4 x 8GB) , PC3-12800, 1600MHz SODIMM Quad-core processors ONLY Video Adapter: 2 x NVIDIA GTX 780M 4096MB GDDR5 DX11 Compliant Video Cards (Running in SLI) Operating System: Windows 10
  19. Darkarma

    Free to Play

    If you can, save up for a high level pledge, you get lifetime subscription as a result. I myself abhor subscriptions and much rather pay a one time fee than monthly. Its not for everyone but it is what it is.
  20. Not all planets, but there is variety. My biggest pet peeve in NMS is that they are literally almost all populated Personally I say we go with the Star Trek method. A range of habitability and classifications and it generates biome diversity based on that.
  21. A mix a heavy mix of planets. Some I want desolate, even barren, to the point where the entire planet is just glass. A black obsidian planet with no life whatsoever. Planets with life should have a highly diverse set of biomes even if they are different flavors of the same theme.
  22. This definitely needs to be done
  23. Powered ziplines? That'd probably useful for any direction.
  24. Darkarma

    Rogue AI

    That may be what people believe, and what is recorded in historical documents. The truth of it... (Tin hat theory?)
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