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  1. Right now a name tag is not too much of a problem but later on it will be difficult to hide or retreat during pvp with a giant name tag. Also when player customization is added it would be more interesting for players to have to recognize players by their look rather then name tag. this way strangers dont automatically know who is who
  2. a handcuff tool would be a good idea. possibly disable the force re spawn however it only lasts so long and would have to be reapplied if sentenced longer.
  3. obviously this would be a post release feature however there would be little to war other then continuous killing. what if there is a re spawn point where a enemy is trying to infiltrate. they would kill guards and would have infinite resistance. Also it would be necessary for ransoms. Plus they could still be broken out and rescued and if not they could come to an agreement. As great as that may seem what would stop people from just logging off or waiting it out. that would make the whole prisoner aspect useless.
  4. The purpose would be to break into bases and even destroy them.
  5. I know at first this idea may not seem appealing but think about it. When mass wars start prisoners will be a great idea for a more realistic feel. If a player can just force re-spawn then they could just escape easily. If they couldn't they could, one remain a prisoner until set free or , two have to be rescued/broken out. I feel it truly needs to be considered because i feel it would make wars much more interesting. Plus it could open up opportunity for bounties requested on players alive rather then dead.
  6. What if when AvA PvP is released there is craft-able parts like helmets, gauntlets, jet-packs and other accessories that can be crafted and customized that players can add to their avatar to make custom armor and suits? Obviously like materials the accessories would drop when the players were killed so no one would be to op with what they have on their avatar but it could give players more customization of their avatar. Another feature could be that the accessories could be colored separate from the avatars suit so not everyone's avatars looks the same if they have the same color avatar.
  7. discordauth:hm2f9EeTg3q6hQ1zxze8uzme71xKfgBRiq0_ON_BQv4=

  8. Hi the discord bot told me to post on here to prove im real
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