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  1. The force field mechanic looks like a similar mechanic in eve online. However it comes with many draw backs. First of all: Will the owner of the force field unit be able to select a time frame where the structure is going to be destructable or will it just be 24-48 hours after the attack which could end up in a very bad time zone for the owner? How strong will the force field be? What will be needed to put a force field into protection mode? Will we need a big fleet so its not taking us days? Or can a single player with a rookie ship attack the force field and just be annying? Will the owner of the force field know who attacked him and what he got attacked with? Maybe let the force field owner set a time frame in which his territory will be attackable?
  2. Hey comrades of DU! I've been think about two things lately, which I am not sure if anyone ever talk about it. So in case one of these topics have been discuessed already I would be happy to be redirected to there Anyways first and short question. Will we be able to build ground vehicles like any kind of cars, drilling cars and such? (What if the ressources of a planet go empty?) Secound and more important topic: I wounder how fleets will be coordinated. Since I am a long time eve player I would love to see a way to coordinated every pilot in the same fleet. There for I thought about a very tanky command ship which has somewhat of a "command-module" that provides the fleet commander a 3D or top view of the surrounding area. On this Map or view he can select targets which will be shown for the other fighter pilots in his fleets. I dont want to go much deeper into this just right now because i am curious with what idea you guys come up Nevertheless I think the command modul should be expansive and use a lot of energy. So the ship cant really carry guns just a lot of armor. So the command ship will be the backbone of any fleet but will be helpless without his fleet. Let me know what you guys think about this ! ~Avenio
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