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    Kurosawa reacted to devu in Why I am quiting Dual Universe   
    The game hasn't even started yet! What am I reading here? Well if you too week to play politics in any MMO title play Overwatch or Rocket Ligue or something... it's clearly not a game or community fault. It's in any MMO game. Get your shit together, grow up and have a fun.
    This is not only to @ardour but everyone else who thinks he is building something the best in DU. 
    Nobody is forcing you to become supreme leader of the best org ever created and making the best ships that ... well, how do you know if they will even sell .
    Member of your own org told you so?
    It's the market (that is far away from functional in game) that will tell you if you are good at something or not.
    Same is the people who will decide to be with or without org you creating. There is no need for drama especially not at this stage.
    Because at this stage 'playing' game is simply speculating, hoping and promising to others you don't even know you are able to deliver. Yes, its politicking, telling people pure lies
    How do you know what is your position in game will be? Will you even have enough resources to build your own shelter but you trying to get hundreds into your org? They will run like headless chickens, and I expect this drama here is just a begging of what's coming when people realise how useless those promises are
    And please, this is not a hate speech from me, I am far away from those big boys club, not even getting involved at this point. It is just a reality check you, and we all should be doing.
    Alpha will not answer all our questions to all that either.
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    Kurosawa got a reaction from fabsch412 in In German: Vorschläge für Transport,Waffen,Energie und mehr.   
    wall of german text crits you for over 9000 points...
    @Antiker, are you addressing NC a french company on a English board in German, i like your optimism .
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    Kurosawa reacted to KingNazar in What Causes the Fall of Empires in a Single-Shard Universe?   
    Foolish leaders lead to the demise of Empires.
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    Kurosawa reacted to Lethys in Life In space   
    Heresy. You can only build cities on top of elephants which go in circles on top of a turtle
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    Kurosawa reacted to Kuritho in Copy Right Infringment   
    Orrrr because it's a bad idea.
    It'd be more immersive to let people themselves prevent people from copying (see also: system data wipes, voxel destruction to make ship useless) instead of some bullshit mechanic.
    The interior is just as useful as the exterior.
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    Kurosawa reacted to Kuritho in Copy Right Infringment   
    Keep it Simple, Stupid.
    Does anyone actually care about copy-right infringement? Shame on you if you let your non-recreation ships get captured.
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    Kurosawa reacted to DevisDevine in Mining operations. volume of matter, mechanics.   
    You are so far off on what that equation means.
    Ignoring the fact that its simplified, it has nothing to do with the speed the object is traveling. C is the universal constant in this case. If C was different, E is changed.
    In simple, regardless of the constant C, the amount of energy it contains is a factor of its mass alone. Infact as you accelerate an object some of the energy goes into increasig its mass, which is why you can never get to C.
    There is nothing about you turning into energy because you reach C, just that only energy (something without mass) can reach C.
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    Kurosawa reacted to Lights in Neutral alts - Recording battles, Interviews, News, History,...   
    yeah theory-crafting planning etc, meta-game i understand that, meta-game is literally why i joined this game, but when everyone starts suggesting basically the mechanics be a copy of eve - the du limitations, it gets annoying. i almost never see any topic in DU without seeing EVE mentioned a dozen times. most people here are limiting du by what eve is, rather than what du could be.
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    Kurosawa got a reaction from Anaximander in Higher Grade Materials   
    KSP is a good example of a game where you have a lot of sci and phy going on but also retaining a fun atmosphere, if only it had more content, better snapon when building and multiplayer it would reach the mun
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    Kurosawa reacted to DevisDevine in Higher Grade Materials   
    If I am misinformed about this then please link sources to correct me rather than just say I am wrong. Afterall, I am not all knowing and theres info I miss. Here is what I have on it, suggestive they will be implimenting it sure. But in no way a confirmation.

    As for the discord, I am on it when home, but no one else tends to be on when I am.
    Tensile and compressive strength have nothing to do with volume, but are a function of crosssectional area, hence them having the units psi and their equivalent. a taller concrete cylinder cant hold more weight, nor can a longer cable lift more despite having additional volume. However a wider column or a thicker cable can.
    I am not arguing that wood be the best material in game. Just that it should be feasable and that someone plans to make one just as a joke. Now this is all assuming things like tensile strength will even be implimented into constructs. But any material that can build a structure such as a home or buding on earth, could be used as a space ship in terms of structure. Obviously if youre getting 10k Gs acceleration it wont hold up, but neither will the crew.
    Once you break a planets gravity well forces on a ship can be brought to a minimum, even with several Gs of acceleration. If designed right termites are more a concern than youre own thrusters. You would design for it, things like 10 small over 1 large to disperse the force over the frame. And sure I cpuld build my titanium or trinium hull ship with 1/10the mass in structure that can handle 10x the forces. But would you rather be flying that, or a replica of the original Enterprise (a wooden ocean ship) through space going where no man has gone before?
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    Kurosawa reacted to Lethys in What Causes the Fall of Empires in a Single-Shard Universe?   
    They fall because of
    Wrong decisions
    Bad leadership
    Power struggle within the alliance
    Making too many enemies
    Making the wrong enemies
    But the most significant factor why big groups fail is the leadership itself. You need dedicated people to run an alliance, being in command, getting things done. It's a 24/7 job for no-lifers.
    You need to be online to get people into fleets, mining, doing stuff. I myself was an fc and more than once per week my mobile rang and I got up to lead a fleet. If you don't have such people, then you won't be able to run a huge alliance
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    Kurosawa reacted to El_Nadie in What Causes the Fall of Empires in a Single-Shard Universe?   
    Of course to a specific info about EVE we have CaptainTwerkmotor, and he has already manifested himself but in case of that my experience in other games could be relevant,I played some games in big and/or top factions/alliances/whatever and when they reached their end there were a common point in almost everyone of them: the active guys leading the group lost their interest or their availability to play the game in full time and that evolved into a inability to maintain the group working together.
    With that i want to say that  large groups needs active people to manage them properly and even if you delegated part of this work, people involved in this kind of management needs to be able to spend some time attending this and be very communicative. When you lost one of these people and you need to replace it its not common to find a ideal candidate, and your community starts to not feeling confortable. If you add to this some questionable decisions from the leaders and some economic stabilty problems (or wars lost) and you probably have lost almost your entire group.
    But, overall , it really depends of the development of the game. If the game is able to dont let the people loss their interest in the game with a proper risk-benefit ratio and enough things to do (or time spent-benefit ratio), this kind of things happen less.
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    Kurosawa reacted to Novarkian in Armor Tech-Level Suggestion.   
    Risk vs reward makes things exciting.
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    Kurosawa got a reaction from Ben Fargo in Jetpack alternatives and "safe-designing"   
    In my eyes scaffolding add nothing to the process other then taking time and being in the way there will be plenty problem making ships ranging from basic sizing and alignment to problem setting up internal systems.
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    Kurosawa got a reaction from mefsh in Copied Websites   
    liked all the post i could in this thread, could not like all, so sad
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    Kurosawa reacted to Imperator in Copied Websites   
    The theme that the TUAF website is using was paid for, which is probably the same case for empire. You could have given the webmasters a courtesy check before posting this.
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    Kurosawa reacted to yamamushi in Copied Websites   
    The only way the word "piracy" is involved here is if they didn't pay for the wordpress theme:

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    Kurosawa reacted to Kuritho in Copied Websites   
    Terran Union's main corporation was made roughly 1 month before Empire.
    They also have a higher member count (300+ more) so the chances of them simply stealing from a smaller corporation is minimal as they'd probably at least 1 or 2 web designers in the corporation.
    So I doubt Terran Union would actually copy yours due to more potential availability of people who can actually design websites.
    That aside, you could contact your Legate and tell him to settle matters. Hopefully he'll shine light on situations before it ever escalated to... this?
    I mean Staff already addressed it but I'm just showing what extra information to whoever wants it I guess so they can judge if there was ill-intent.
    Also, why are you liking your own comments?
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    Kurosawa reacted to mefsh in Copied Websites   
    The real question is why can you like your own comments?
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    Kurosawa reacted to Begogian in Copied Websites   
    *quickly scrolls back through all posts to like them*
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    Kurosawa reacted to FenrisWolf in Copied Websites   
    They both use a WordPress theme called "Godlike". That's all. And being as they are both fansites using images from the same game it isn't surprising that they look somewhat the same.
    As for WordPress needing more designs/formats... the vast majority of themes for WordPress are created by independent designers and not by WordPress themselves.
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    Kurosawa reacted to Lord_Void in Copied Websites   
    Ugh. Needless drama. You should have at least contacted them first. 
    In other news, Amazon and Google both have the letter "o". Coincidence!?? 
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    Kurosawa reacted to Kuritho in Copied Websites   
    It's sorta like a personal circlejerk. It's putting yourself on a pedestal and self-electing yourself as King.
    It's also an undeserved like. Likes are when you like something, and why would you post something you don't like? You have to "reassure" everyone you like what you like?
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    Kurosawa reacted to mefsh in Copied Websites   
    I like this.
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