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  1. You can get quanta in SZ and you can use it to buy one, either in UEF store or at District 6. Ammo requires T2.
  2. And what exact problem fuel solves? it is just another type of "ore" you put into the industry to produce elements. While new schematics limit incoming elements per account, which is a must to be able to balance economics.
  3. - log in - check market - make sure its still near dead - log out
  4. The idea is that you play to have fun, not because you had fun. If you no longer have fun from a game you should not play it. Playing a game is a process, during which you are entertained. The wipe does not change the process.
  5. Its way too inconvenient to export data to a xls format from DU client when I want to calculate something or draw a plot. I think that will be a great addition to the game where every step should be well calculated.
  6. Just want to remind to everyone that any game's value is an entertainment you have while you play the game. You did something - you got entertained, you achieved something - you entertained. Wipe does not change that entertainment gain. been here since beta release got this to loose: and I am not going to stop playing DU even if they wipe everything, because I do not see why the game will not keep me entertained.
  7. I saw these numbers, they are different indeed, but what makes them so terrible?
  8. I have to admit that it is rather good for the game) "Nature will be fine, people are not"
  9. Are Alien Core Unit resources limited? What happens after lockdown ends? How soon new lockdown is available? What is the difference between Space Mining Units and Relic Plasma Extractors? What is that new resource for? Do Alien Core Units split by tiers? and so on...
  10. Also got similar issue. On S core, just 8 wings, not much I'd say. Occurs only in atmo for me. FPS drop stops as soon as I leave atmo, which which super annoying on Feli.
  11. Not at all. I suggested different approach to check if the research occurs. Approach you suggested is not compliant with existing game architecture. TriCore has its own magical timer with exclusive conditions and it also has to ignore RDMS. I suggest to not add new type of core. Instead there is an new Element that functions when there are neighbors with such Elements and you with your neighbors did a job to make them work, then they are functional. Because if game mechanics exists players will use it, therefore players will produce items available from this mechanics, which will make these item common and available at markets after a period of time. Also there are several ways to obtain ore and elements, but there is no way to get a schematic other that grind quanta. So I suggested schematics. Also as Taelessael mentioned if schematics will have limited amount of usage that will add new type of regular and highly required activity - schematics research.
  12. Just want to declare an opposite, I am able to find wrecks regularly, during mission runs and when explicitly looking for wrecks.
  13. I'd say it is better to reverse this requirement and allow a research facility to work on a core that is placed on a tile that has neighbors (tiles owned by someone), otherwise it is not functional. As for research tree, to be honest I am not sure I understood what you described, however it looks way to complex and not very detailed, so I want to suggest an alternative - make it produce industry schematics. Reasons behind: industry schematics is something all players will be glad to cooperate with other players despite their preferences (PvP or PvE) industry schematics is something that is already exists so its easier to implement first iteration of the research cooperation.
  14. Considering amount of water taken from Jago to Madis we should see at least a lake at Madis already. In other words, it is logical and good in terms of game mechanics to have persistent banana missions available for everyone, so an Org can make massive runs, but these missions better be limited - huge amount of bananas may expire and be wasted, also that will reduce impact of alts. And its also good to have short term random missions, which are basically player missions, and it does make sense in the universe, because people need their staff moved to/from markets. Maybe random Aphelia missions might be a thing, but its better to see another way to draw quanta from Aphelia.
  15. Hi @blazemonger can you bring more light on how the capacity system makes smaller ships and elements viable when compared to bigger ships and elements? I'd say that the capacity system is a good alternative (or even addition) to power management, but I don't see how does it solve the issue with small ships.
  16. Because there are people like me, who prioritize gameplay over achieved progress.
  17. Lets consider the following situation. You running a fully loaded hauler through PvP space and encountered a pirate. You say you have no choices to outmaneuver the attacker, but what if your hauler is L-core construct with LOTS of space thrust and M-core construct with containers with cargo attached to it. Now you have an option to undock cargo and you will have acceleration advantage over your opponent, and now you have a chance to escape. Yes you loose your cargo, but you save the ship. Also you can simply contact attacker and suggest some money so they let you go.
  18. Totally agree, with mining units, asteroids in PvP are no longer relevant (just look how much asteroids discovered in PvP on Friday). Having that I see no point on grabbing even more resources from alien core unit, there has to be more than just resources, personally I'd prefer to see some bonuses and boosts rather then plain resources, in this case capturing an Alien core gives you something unique, something you cannot get in PvE, that would be a good reason to fight. Also I do not see where this update brings something DU desperately needs - a gameplay. Like for now every aspect of the game excluding building and hand mining is automated or automatable. And this makes the game extremely pointless, first you having fun to build something and automate its functions, then you use it for AFK gameplay where you look at the same picture for several hours. PvP rebalancing looks promising. It gives opportunity to search for new meta, to experiment with tactics, to look for opportunities for XS/S cores to be useful in territory warfare. All in all, the update success depends on Alien Core implementation. If Alien Cores gives good reason to fight and opportunity for every kind of player to be involved in territory warfare - the update will be just excellent. If Alien Core is basically an autominable asteroids and only huge orgs can have access to them and only on Saturdays - I'd wait until things changed.
  19. IMO the main reason why people leave the game these times is not some mechanics that make the game a bit more inconvinient for the "not so small number of players" but the fact the there is no reason: - to produce anything, because once you bought something you almost never loose it (unless you left the game, or you are unlucky mission hauler) - to PvP, as there is no good PvP objectives - to PvE, as there is no PvE at all (except atmo burn and gravity) - to build anything, as there is no use to what you build
  20. It wouldn't be immersive if the weather does not affect piloting. Imagine yourself in a middle of a snowstrorm piloting a hauler loaded to the cap, fighting against the nature herself so you get your cargo to the destination. The feeling getting there unharmed will be rewarding.
  21. I'd also suggest to multiply any of this options by core size, so maybe XS and S core will make sence in PvP
  22. Why don't you suggest to simply remove guns from the game? This will make game fair for PvE players because they won't be gunked anymore and for PvP players, as they no longer be forced to create ways to find PvP in a game where the only way to find a target is a radar that sees only under your nose.
  23. Sanctuary territories are free, I have checked my scan there and it has about 600l/h of t1 ore for free. As for me that will allow content creation gameplay.
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