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  1. Hi I like the update and i like the game but i have a mysterious feeling inside me when i play the game . If you can please explain us. Is there going to be a wipe of all things at the release of the game ? Specific Quanta , Constructs or anything else ? Will help a lot. Thank you
  2. triscanners here ... no problem with distance , i have intel too. never thought of it would be the cpu tbh.
  3. I am not sure i understand what you are trying to say . If for any reason you cannot properly speak and write it down for us thats not my concern . You can always get more education. And dont tell people to buckle up without a reason. Friendly
  4. I think that the taxes should be properly adjusted to the financial outcome of the mining units and/or industry . I agree that there has to be some kind of mechanism that prevents large land grabs and also frees up claimed tiles from inactive players. So for the active players we need to carefully adjust the taxes to an affordable rate while in the other hand free up some land from those who dont play the game and occupy tiles. Or adjust the mining pools to provide more income according to the economy. Either way will work. Needs to be monitored.
  5. Ok then lets wipe underground ore. Ok then lets wipe scans. I am in . If in your next moves you wipe ore materials parts and quanta owned , i suspect you are targeting the players of DU who decided to first go get the mats or wealth and then enjoy the game. If you are planning to do so , are you also going to : -Wipe blueprints-structures ? -Wipe tile ownership (and near markets) ? -Wipe schematics owned ? -Wipe all talents ? For all players to have the same chance in advancing the game ? Do you mean a clean start ?
  6. IF I keep 1 tile on Alioth and currently have a 5b wallet =>taxes are enough for 104 years ^^ pffff....
  8. Hello ! One thing about scans results in a tile is that players already knew from start of the game there is going to be mining units in the game resulting in ore in L per hour founded from scans. Some players suggest a new wipe on scans which some other players spend a lot of time . I currently have a lot of scans and i dont want my scans off . Those players arguing about that should have spend the time (and ingame value - ships - fuel - warp cells - containers - cores etc) needed for that instead of demanding a new scan era. So i think it is better for the game for the already scans to be persistent and continue in the new update, need to continue be associated with the tiles.
  9. Actually its not 7 $ it is 21 $ to actively sub. I believe nq should make a monthly sub . It is a must . Dont like the game dont sub . Like it and sub.
  10. Me too I have a lot of megas ... I get your point and I m sorry if you feel deceived . Try to sell some and get some cash like i do . I made a fortune .But dont worry if you cant mine them all. Take as much as you need . Better to do the math and calculate how much exactly do you need and for what . Higher tiers first .This way is better . I agree if we could at least have an estimate of demeter release .
  11. Hello ! Glad to find the game is growing - getting better ... @NQ - I have done a lot of scans resulting in a lot of meganodes and supers from T5 to T1 now (and many others mined out before) . Can we please have an aproxx. time on when the demeter is going online on the real server . How mush time we have ? 1 week ? 1 month or more? This will help me a lot make the decisions please ... Any estimation will be welcome ... Thank you in advance !
  12. Of course I am still playing ! I like the game ... I joined an very nice org which is in a very nice alliance . That is the most important thing i did in the game . I left my "miniworld" and joined with other players to start playing pvp. This way you learn a lot of things you didnt know , and will make you enjoy the game even better . Communicate and feel you are part of a big team. Now the talents is the limit because you are switching your game target from one point to another. It may take a while but it is worth the try. Hope that helps !
  13. Yes to this ! I want the seat to be unlimited , but can the game handle that much? Remains to be seen... Also with current seat limitations you can lift a maximum of 8-10-12? kt from Alioth with a hybrid hauler ship with warp and miss some of the elements on your ship . Using an AGG will help you for more tonnage but it is very slow . So it seems the game has a hidden limit on transporting lots of kilotonnes from one way to another in measures of time and afterall money...
  14. Well it wasnt in my intention to put 200k people in there and be their lord ... The only intention was to deploy 1375 cores (prior to announcement of org changes ) in a matter that looks like a city to explore and have fun just by exploring ... nothing else -Also the accounts i have is 6 so that was 8250 LARGE STATIC CORES -before Not also in my intention to have exactly the dimensions of a real city ... it is just a fantastic construction with really no use except the persistent "they" advertised ... i swear they did ^^ And with the voxelmancy and the tools the poster mentioned above just to amuse my self and have an extra game within the game which in fact will help the economy in long term... And have it all by my self ...
  15. Hey nice post ! I totally agree with your point of view on building stuff. I was a builder who had claimed an 120 tile area on Alioth to build a city of my dreams...(before they announced the upcoming org changes) cost for claiming it all was aprox. 70 million. 😢 I Abandoned that as soon as i heard the upcoming org changes (1 Account = 275 org cores) Before that it was 1375 cores per account. I suppose you dont consider a city with one,two or three tiles , i mean it has to be big. One thing is that they trying to do is to reduce lag and bring the game to realistic loading times. Thats for the upcoming org changes . If they come . I mean it is still into consideration but the "wipe" has already been done... Second of all is the missing tools you mentioned making the building of a city a nightmare. Third and mosty basic of all is that the game is most likely turning into pvp and we just saw what are they focus in at the last patch . The reduced building is the increased pvp capacity the game has to offer. (+market clean up) Also take into consideration the flat tool use. I had to flatten an area of about 120 tiles and the height was different about +100 and -100 which resulted flattening 5-10 meters height of 1/3 of a tile in a day which makes it impossible if you really want to terraform the terrain of a large city. Yeah i have to agree 1 person is impossible but it is still a lot of work to be done in flattening. Also take in mind that they may deliberately delay that building fundamentals because XL cores may appear in the horizon . This would be a game changer indeed. This is still beta and the game is under development. I prefer to have a gameplay in pvp and trading and farming and industry rather having spend a lot of time in building (which i like ) because we currently really dont know where they are heading to. And if you are planning to build big and also use a master plan (Blueprints -Alignement of constructs - Number of cores and most important ore and voxels and elements ) you have to know that beforehand otherwise it is building in blind ...+And you may loose your stuff if they change the org core count in a week or so ^^ I will leave a like for your post and hope they fix that also as this will make the game even bigger and therefore more good for me .But not in the sacrifice of the other game itself (pvp,trading,industry,mining) which is the real big question if the game can handle all that together . I hope it can fingers crossed ...
  16. I like the changes but i am sure there are more to come so... great
  17. I think Geforce Now is magic ! It managed to bring my old labtop to play DU . Very old !!! Unbelievable for me... BUT i used it for scanning only as third pc . Some times its lagging popping up the spotty connection item but never had a serious problem. Also i simply dont like the timer they have about activity since scanning is a stationary procedure... but i guess it is nice and i like it overall ... Can be used for streaming also as another pc . Activating a membership removes your waiting time at start and extends playing time to up 4-5 hours but does not remove the activity timer. Thats all from me...
  18. Also see if you wanna give an opinion and help devs decide what they want to do... Thanks
  19. Mining units will save us all ^^
  20. Bump ! Get more people opinions about schematics . (Maybe last one but we ll see)
  21. I have one container construct at market 6 for storage which i am willing to remove if you want for further improvement of performance . Although it is legal after these changes.
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