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  1. What about PVP Tournament with commentator(s) streamed over twitch? Small fleet fights tournament with rewards every year .
  2. From my point of view , without necessary agree or disagree with any of you guys , I saw a beta game implementing from start . I got "wiped" a lot of times and choose to continue playing and having fun. We all knew we are joining a beta game and there will be changes and this is where I have to give the green light to NQ . I dont mind wiped at all cause I saw that a game got better with the changes and how a game is getting better in beta state .Tell it balfa i dont mind .But got better . Got better because it is way more balanced in terms of performance and gameplay than before. Such a big game is really need to change and get better ofc. And I was after all happy and satisfied witnessing it. The whole transformation of the game. In where I want to point out what you could expect in this game is that it had weapons from start , and so pvp . This means that the pve gameplay only by it self is not a sustainable kind of game. You will eventually get bored after some time. Where if there is pvp the game will continue to provide fun to the players and more over sustainability as a game .(Balanced economy and money sinks). Well ofc now that we are expecting a wipe (which havent been decided yet , but is more likely to happen ) the interest of the game is declining. But the barebone of the game is there -after all that partially wipes - and it will improve more after release I think. Also there is more content coming and more to come after that , and so... I dont expect to have all my stuffs before planet revamps geometry resets or basic barebone game design like schematic removal because of exploits . I dont like bugged constructs neither . The core game is what you brought you here and what it will continue to hook you around. Which yes it has changed a lot but it was necessary to do so in order to be somehow ready for release but more over sustainable as a game .
  3. Yes they need to increase rewards in missions. + 1/3 for speed nerf = for more time to finish mission + 1/3 for speed nerf = for more risk reward ratio so a mission that gives now 7 mil should give now 11-12 mil This way you board your alts and you can make it worth it. Also availability of all missions was better before than only selected missions are available during the day .
  4. At the release there will be so much changes in design that most of the blueprints will be useless. Now is the radar change ( which was not a planned one- neither we had any information about it ), next is the brake change maybe which havent been applied yet (but we somehow have been informed ) , and then who knows ...something else will be obstructed. maybe your retros adjustors and so on... The game is still in progress so.
  5. Btw If you use archhud you can (alt+8) turn off ground stabilization and then you can underwater flight .
  6. We like podcasts ! Podcasts are always welcome. Also I understand that this is a difficult decision to make. We are expecting a great game afterall ...
  7. Hi I find that the new FTUE is good. I imagine piloting , starting shipbuilding and basic tool usage should be the first things new players should go threw .Which starting shipbuilding involves also money making , nanocrafting or industry, trading , ship building knowledge - stats , pilot scripts ,(or ship buy) tools (maneuver , refuel , repair ) and more piloting ! Hope that helps .
  8. 1- Nice skybox & new map ✔️ 2- Better lighting & glossy voxels - better visuals ✔️ 3- Colliding passed ! Only moved 3 elements out of 20 ships ✔️ 4- Blueprint preview awesome ( just needs the alignment thing for static or space megastructures ) ✔️ 5- Nice new containers ( needs rethinking on stats ) ✔️ 6- Exotic parts & engines ✔️ 7- New shields ✔️ 8- Alien Cores ✔️ 9- FTUE & Awesome outposts ✔️ 10- Speed nerf = Missions nerf ❌ 11- Warp graphics too dizzy ❌ 9 out of 11 for ME ONLY
  9. Ah yeah , I was meant a player who is a bit more trained like more piloting skills , some mining for some extra income ,maybe a bit industry , and some basic other talents. But yeah lvl 3 in 7days is what it takes. Maybe lvl 1 in a few minutes . why not . And if you are in a good org you get your handling buffs .
  10. ...And here is where I disagree . Multi accounts IS pay to win. A new player with only one account can replace his pvp ship (in case of a loss) in a week with missions for example where a new player with 10 accounts can replace his ship in half a day . A new player with only one account will go out to pvp cause of talents in a year or so where a new player with 10 accounts will go out in a couple of weeks ? Also depth of fight is not the same. A new player with one account will fight for 1 hour and then next week and a new player with 10 accounts will fight for months until ammo - fuel - warp cells run out. My example goes for a new player . If you have farmed for a couple of years with 10 accounts and then you switch to 1 account its not the same.
  11. Nice Map ! Also nice structure management filter . Was waiting for it . Thank you 🙂
  12. Hi ! I agree with you. Also i made a similar post but I didnt read this before making it . Thankfully is a bit different than yours one as it describes economy and fearness . I think they should think of making DU a single player game , allowing players to operate only one account . But that is just me.
  13. Glad you got the point . Thought you were trolling lol . tbh i enjoy pvp . The whole game basically. I do literally all things in game Fairness has to do with all things economy , pvp , the whole staff. I am not yelling nor bad arguing just suggesting an single account type of game here. Which will bring more players in and will be more populated than the dead alts thing.
  14. I dont need anyone 's mercy since i am not competing , i am enjoying ... yeah like as as said
  15. Economy : The current state of DU's economy is a result of the use of (too?) many alts within the game. Players can achieve pretty fast whatever they want within a short period of time . This makes DU a game which although it seems difficult for a single person , too easy for a player who is using many alts. It can be from acquiring talent points faster , and so producing faster , mining more , buffs and so. With that been said it is basically a pay to win game (in forms of subs) and making a player who is willing to play with only a single account to simply walk away. Since most of alts are offline unless the player has a lot of computers , if we are really up to see more players coming after market 6 and hang out is to have more of that single players in. So it will be a more populated server but it will require only the use of 1 character . This can be done by changing subs amounts again , adjusting core counts accordingly and here is where fairness comes. ( you said it ) Fairness : We are discussing for fairness , for new players to have a chance to start over but it is not that simple . New players will stay behind again because the vets already know what to do , watching the game , reading patch notes and taking part and test of every change . New players will require a month to just realize what they are playing . Fairness is not there simply because of the gap of knowledge. There is no fairness at all when someone is using a lot of accounts (including me) and someone who is using just one . Tiles will be retaken again . Market will be bought from those who can afford it with the use of alts and market will be filled from those who will overproduce especially now with the planned schematic removal. PS But because it is an MMO and the use of alts is ordinary , supports the server and company and everyone is happy. Like every other MMO. So if it was to say lets play DU with referee and tournament conditions and a cup to win , there has to be some fair rules which there isnt in DU nor in ANY MMO. We are not playing football here. We are simply enjoying DU ! Awaiting your suggestions... Thank you
  16. Hold on ... This market will be very useful . Say you are in a pvp ship space only and you wanna grab fast some fuel and cells . You warp there buy your stuff and leave. So easy . It will provide the space only ships with a lot of items including : fuel,cells,ammo,scraps,weapons,elements damaged or new, voxels etc. . I think it will become the main market hub of the game ( Long term because players will need some time to get use of it) because of : 1 - that "planetfall" indeed 2 - tile taxes which makes players wanna space core build now 3 - distance and position - which unites Alioth madis thades players into a single hub (well Alioth is the way now but we ll see) 4 - Sales tax (pending)
  17. Good Job ! Nice outposts buildings I like them and I think overall the starting tutorial is better than before for new players to guide them around .
  18. Happy April Fools everybody ! Was really fun and enjoyed a lot ! It seems I too destroyed that Fools Defence Citadel core unit ! So it fooled us all 😄
  19. --- Declaration of Conformity --- About Wipe - for the devs eyes and not only . I personally dont think a full server wipe is really needed at all. Unless an fatal error persists on game server loading all player's assets at the time of the release their is no need to wipe. There is no software change that demands that wipe and so player's assets can remain as is. But you should know better that ofc. At this time the "partially" wipe was : the meganodes , the scans, the geometry reset , the market clean up and ofc the core count . Now as of fair gameplay and the chance for new players to procced to the game , I dont think there is much of a gap there at all . If there is a wipe there is a lot of players who subbed and supported the game for so long and deserve to get what they already have and if the wipe happens you make a player who is paying for years for subs the same thing with someone who will sub for a month or for how long we dont know - and that is not fair . And with no reason . A new player can proceed very fast to what wants to accomplish in the game with or without the use of alts. We are getting into a situation of : " I wanna play now , you wanna play later" and so on... As of exploits that people got extra money ingame I am sure you can find the formula about it and make the correct decision. And I think you should make that specific decision and wipe that illegal money out of the game once and for all.
  20. ... if wow gets 5 then DU gets 555 me thinkies...:p
  21. It isnt clearly stated anywhere . Half bps can be created and half cannot when i tried. so i think its a buggy nonclear side of du yet which havent been identified as an exploit yet. which i also think it is ( an exploit) and should identified as an exploit and not permitted.
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