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  1. So... You work on redeeming yourself by fixing the problems caused with Demeter, or at least, patching them to make them better. You are punishing Solo players once again and do to the track record of ignoring player feedback, I have no faith you will find a better way of doing this, not until you force it into place regardless of feedback and are forced to back peddle later only to promise to do better next time. NQ - You have lost my trust. Yeah, I have stuck with this game for so long because of it's potential. I truly believe(d) it could be the best sandbox game on the market. I played it because I could do anything I wanted solo. I could build my own city, build a dozen ships to display and sell, and play the game the way I wanted. But unfortunately, with each major update, you are taking away more and more freedom for me to do what I enjoy doing. I have waited, given feedback, and been hopeful. But it is clear with the current plans for the next update that the plan is to continue to limit what players can do on their own as you try to herd them into large organizations. I have met amazing community members, and other than disagreeing with the changes being made with the game, the Staff has always been friendly and helpful when needed. By far I think the community in this game is the best I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of, but I think this is where I bow out. I can not justify to myself putting more hours into a game where I am going to be continually limited patch after patch simply because I enjoy playing the game alone. Thank you for the good memories. Goodbye.
  2. This is indeed a step in the right direction. Would it have been better to have listened to the community earlier, yes absolutely, many of the changes you are implemented were suggested during the Public Test for Demeter. That's what player testing is for, to listen, adapt, and then implement, not push through something regardless of feedback. I hope in the future you follow the feedback before you implement something your player base is warning you about. That said, good work, keep raising the bar.
  3. NQ: We want your feedback! Players: Ore yields are too low, taxes too high. Here are several different ways to make this update viable. NQ: PTS Open again! With no changes to anything players were worried about not being changed. I mean, I have to give credit where credit is due, they are freaking experts at just ignoring feedback and pushing things anyways.
  4. Welcome! I hope this change means you will start listening to player feedback more, stop pushing changes that are not ready or poorly implemented, and you actually respond to feedback as opposed to pretending it doesn't exist.
  5. But that is your choice to PvP. It's your choice to waste fuel and time. Just like it's a PvE players choice to only stay in PvE zones and be limited by them. So, you would be choosing to pay the Taxes by PvPing. You've won me over. I am all for the taxes in this scenario.
  6. Another question: Are there plans to tax PvP content like you are PvE content? It seems only fair that pirates and other PVPers have to pay out of pocket to recore ships they destroy, or when they strip the elements, or empty the containers, that were built and paid for by the taxes of Territories and the slow mining placed on those territories.
  7. I see you are quite adept at ignoring any opinion that isn't yours, regardless of how it's displayed. Good to know. But okay, let's Tax PvE content and hamstring the economy even further by reducing the amount you can earn through mining. So how about we go further and make it fair. Let's Tax PvP. Let's levy a flat tax each time you initiate PvP, of course this should be based on the core size you are attacking. How about a tax when you remove an element on a cored ship, and of course if you decide to re-core it, you should be taxed on the value of the ship based on the current market price of the components used to build it. You would of course also need to pay a tax valued on the contents of the ships containers as well. Of course we also need a weapon tax, scaled per weapon, and tier of weapon. I mean, you could always place some miners to supplement income, or just find ships to kill to make your loss in profit, or risk getting ganked yourself to run the missions or asteroids. I mean, it only makes sense.
  8. Agreed. A change like this would not be as bad if it did not effect older players and newer players disproportionately. The current economy from Ore, Parts, Territory and PvP is based off a system that was formed in a much more free market then what this is being transitioned into. People who have been around longer, and took advantage of the market are likely sitting on Billions, or for the average casual player probably hundreds of millions at least. To some extent they can weather this without too much worry in the near future. But with prices as they are, newer or brand new players are going to be walking up hill with a carrier on their backs trying to get into a good position. Something like is proposed, at the current values they have set, would only be long term viable if there was a wipe. So everyone could start off with the new way of doing things on the same foot.
  9. Okay, lets go step by step. Try to keep up. You said "As for complaints about the majority of asteroids being in the pvp zone, you do have another option. NQ said they are adding more safe zone asteroids, so now you simply need to race to them when they spawn." I said " Race to all the PvE Asteroids when they spawn. Don't worry about work, family, or other obligations. Sit ready, with DSAT in hand, scanning the universe and waiting for a node to pop up, so that you have a chance of getting ore before it's mined out." To which you replied "n your complaint about needed to be around all day on Saturday to race to PvE asteroids, you completely glossed over the fact that most PvP asteroids go completely undiscovered and unmined the entire week." So your entire point in that is, If you don't like, go into the PvP Zone. Kinda sounds like you want to force people to go into PvP to be able to mine what they need. Now lets talk about buying the ore off Markets. It's overly expensive, and there is not going to be any kind of equivalent exchange between the ore you mine and sell and the ore you need to buy. You talked about mining out a single slab of hexes in an efficient way. Okay. Let's use the one I provided in the attached screenshot, and let's pretend it's the best values I have been able to find. You efficiently mine all that ore. Let's pretend and say prices don't inflate when ore becomes less scarce to keep it simple and people start to horde what they have stocked up because of lower ore yields. Right now Hematite sells for about 116/l Bauxite sells for about 110/l Going to focus on those, since they are the highest values on the hex. I need Acanthite for my factory. It is currently selling for 999/l So I would roughly need to sell 7-9 liters of Hematite and Bauxite per 1 liter of Acanthite. I also need Columbite, which sells for 2300/l - That's almost 20/l of Hematite per 1 liter of Columbite. As opposed to being able to just go mine what I need now, you are telling me I need to sell the other ores I need that I can mine, to buy the ores I also need and I am not mining, and if that is not good enough, well I can mine Asteroids. If I can't find any in PvE space, well, guess I need to go into PvP Space? So if I cut out asteroid mining, what do I do to make up for the huge difference I need to make up in prices, including the territory rent on 7 hexes to efficiently mine those two resources? All that is left is Mission Running, which I am sure you know, to do efficiently, also takes you through PvP Space. So we are back to feeling like you are being forced into PvP Space - because the ability to be self sufficient and mine what you need is being taken away, or as you said, don't do what they "Intend" and inefficiently mine as my earlier point indicated. You can talk circles around how terrible this is all you want, but no matter how much lipstick you put on a pig, it is still a pig.
  10. Firstly, if you read my reply completely, you missed the point entirely or there is a failure of comprehension. It was under the scenario that you wanted to mine every single ore, which many people with factories will need to do. For max efficiency, you need the surrounding tiles claimed also. If you are lucky enough to get tiles with all the ores you need, you could probably find them in as few as 7 planets. I was not talking about Bulk mining a single tile, so your illustrative example has nothing to do with what I was talking about. You state the intended use. I will correct that for you. "The way they want you to use them.". Now on to Asteroids. Yes, not going into PvP for Asteroids is definitely a choice. A choice that is being taken away by the ability to mine ALL the ores, not just the ores on ONE TILE, effectively. So please, don't try to push my point into your narrative.
  11. K, So - by your logic. Race to all the PvE Asteroids when they spawn. Don't worry about work, family, or other obligations. Sit ready, with DSAT in hand, scanning the universe and waiting for a node to pop up, so that you have a chance of getting ore before it's mined out. But if you can't do that, it's okay, because you can go back planet side and play aforementioned annoying mini-game in hopes that you squeeze out a tidbit more ore, which by the way, you'll need to sell most of it to keep up on the tile upkeep, since you are going to be needing so many claimed tiles. Now, that's not including the cost of the mining units, whatever that may be. Basics will likely be cheap, just like engines and other elements, but each level you go up you are investing more and more quanta to mine a slightly more expensive selling ore. But of course, you are going to need to buy more tiles. Let's say okay, it's viable to do. Let's go with your logic. There are 20 different ores you can mine. So at minimum, you are going to need to have 20 mining units, just to mine a bit of each ore. Which will require you, if you are lucky, to only have to mine on what, 7 different planets/moons with well thought out tiles and good ore values that cover everything you can get on that planet. Though most planets for a good ore value, you'd probably need a few different locations. But let's stick with 7 is a lucky number. To get the max benefit for the mining unit on that tile, you'll need all the tiles around it. So 7 planets, 7 tiles per planet. Unless math fails me, that's 42 tiles. So 42 million a week just to mine every single ore in the game efficiently, with just 20 mining units digging out 1 kind of ore each at a rate of 100-150ish/l per hr if you are lucky. and have talents etc. Maybe a bit higher. We'll go on a optimistic median though end and say you are getting 150 l/hr. That's 3.6kl per day, per ore, or 25kl per ore, per week. I can literally mine 25kl of ore by flying out to a random tile, use my scanner, and spend 20-30 minutes mining. A weeks worth of auto-ore, in the time it would take to VR to all the different planets and play that god-awful mini-game, every two days, 20 times, to make sure I can pull the same amount of ore out of the ground, as if I were mining it by hand. Perhaps I am misunderstanding - But how is this a change for the better, when ore prices are already sky-high while it's easy to mine to the ore in greater quantities then autominers will allow? So we are back to the Asteroids, and praying that you happen to be on the right time that one of the maybe 20 safe zone asteroids spawn, and have time to make it to one before it is mined out.
  12. No, I want the ability to pay for the things I have, without having to play annoying mini-games, and own 36 auto-miners to run a simple factory. I want a mission system that can't be exploited by having 20 alts AFKing and VRing into missions by limiting the number of mission packages a core can hold. I want the players building the "civilization" to define the economy, not have it sucked away by an invisible entity with no gain. I want the developers to listen to the majority of people who have said at the current rate of tax and ore collection, this is a bad idea and is going to lead to less people enjoying and playing the game. Rather than the two or three people that align with their idea of "We do what we want and you'll get over it". I want a new player to be able to log in and not feel like they are stuck on Sanctuary surface mining, mindlessly clicking ores like it's Cookie Clicker and not Dual Universe, to be able to pay for the over-priced components to build decent ships, that don't look like works of art covered in brake stickers. That's what I want. What do YOU want? Besides paying a useless tax.
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