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  1. By this I mean actual water physics, water core units to make floating constructs easier to build, ships being able to actually float and sail around on the water, or dive and traverse around like a submarine, swimming, maybe even fish/coral, etc. As an aquatic player myself I would love a water based update, and it would give Jago, y’know, a reason to exist.
  2. In terms of removing schematics, a wipe is the worst thing you can do. If you just pull the rug from under us and completely remove schematics in one fell swoop, it would be absolute carnage.But even though some people would be salty that they wasted all of that money, by the next time they need to make a new machine, they would be thankful. If you decide to wipe, however, you would lose practically your entire current player base permanently. I‘ve supported this game since the alpha, and played since the beta, and I want this game to succeed, cause it is the exact game I’ve always wanted made by the most helpful and chill dev team I’ve ever had the pleasure of asking to unstuck my ship. But while I myself might come back to the game post wipe to try and rebuild eventually, I’m afraid- when your game is based around the players- there might not be a game to come back to. You are also not going to gain players by wiping, as chances are new people won’t be more inclined (maybe even less inclined due to a lack of stability) to buy the game if there has been a recent wipe. The only time having more advanced players would disincentivise new players would be after they’ve already started playing, due to it feeling unfair. In our community, this is by far not the case, as any new player won’t be shunned, but actively helped and elevated to the Same level. I’d take Carothis as an example, as he asked for help with a really obvious thing in the chat. This then led the chat to realise that they were new, so they immediately had multiple people (myself included) personally guiding carothis. Carothis now has a complete mining rig and is the superlegate of an org. That took them 1 day under the communities help. Therefore a wipe would deter new players, as old ones would be too busy rebuilding from scratch to help them. tl:dr Plz no wipe, I don’t want dead gaem.
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