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  1. Well, actually, they promised on kickstarter that nothing but the sanctuary would be safe, so it's not news, even if that happens. You obviously do not know the history of the game and for what people gave money. And in the plan they do not work on the planets, why then did they remake jago for the upcoming update along with talemai? Why then are they doing biome animations? Why do you assert that they do not do anything for the planets? .. And also why then did they take valuable ores outside the safe zone, if they want to remove them from your logic. And I will tell you why, because those planets are in PvP space, and the planets beyond the outer circle will not be safe on the surface either, we are preparing for the atmosphere of PvP and territorial wars.
  2. +1 A lot time a tell them about this way. also ..
  3. Cleaning in this case will not solve anything, teams and organizations in any case will NEVER be equal to a single player and should not be. It is not logical why 20 - 100 people do something, and should spend or receive as much as 1 person. It is not possible to align anything here, period. And that's enough to claim 1 player for what people of 50-100 people have. who spend on organization, on detachment, on politics, on the combat fleet and other issues. You DO NOT have to be equal to the organization in a WAY. For single players there is a tax-free sanctuary, for those who do not want to grow and actively develop in the game. For those who want to dig deeper into the ground and build sand castles, enough places there do not forget about it. That NQ was given such a place. But if you are trying to get out of there and go out into the big world, then play by the rules of the big world, I don't see anything surprising here.
  4. Have you tried PTS? Have you tried calculating mining income on a tile? Which even in t1 ore is already + -20 million quanta per day, with a tile price of 4 million per month, what kind of collapse of the economy are you talking about? Knowing the restrictions on autominers, you will have on average 10-20 tiles, for which you will have to pay 20 * 4 = 80 million per month, and the income, provided that you extract the cheapest ore t1, will be 20kk * 30 = 600,000,000 at a cost in 80,000,000 .. The numbers are rounded and depend on many cell factors, but the very fact of what kind of collapse of the economy you are trying to convey here, before you do something - check it yourself and test it. So, this is only ore and only t1. There are many sources of income in the game if you include your head, so what kind of collapse are you trying to talk about here? And to feed this to those like you who did not bother to check and count corny, and causing them the same massive panic. Before affirming or declaring something like that, lay out the calculated version, at least from your point of view, what would be where to look, otherwise these are empty premises not based on nothing. And don't forget, people who carry missions. they carry missions of other players, who also receive 50% .. which is very often equal to 3-5 million in 5 minutes, a simple visit to VR - which makes it possible for a player to pay for 1 tile for a month in advance for 1 transportation. If you have 4-5 carriers and you even have 1 character, and carriers carry missions at least 2 times a week, you will receive about 50 million per week only on missions alone (not transporting them), which will already allow you to pay for 10+ tiles without doing almost anything.
  5. I completely agree, and our calculations also agree with your information here. People do not tolerate change, it is better for them to stay in a worse world than to do something to move to a better one. People do not want change and this is their main problem. What is there to talk about if many cannot even adequately calculate the cost of goods on their own, taking into account skills - which is often shown by the market. And also there is overproduction. Such changes are much better for the proactive. The price per unit of ore will increase, since there will be less ore = the producer will do what is necessary and not everything in his mega-factory will make all the things in the game in one person. This is what causes overproduction. This means that the price per unit of goods will be relevant and profitable, almost regardless of what you will produce, it is beneficial for production workers, and to reduce these mega-building factories in size, which will also lighten the load on the server, reduce errors and allow players to spend less time on thousands of machines. In case of ore shortage or ore surplus, NQ will be able to easily change these numbers and control the economy so that it works and is profitable in all aspects. But yes, people do not understand this Since most do not even consider the price of the product, as I said earlier, and sell the product to themselves at a disadvantage, thinking that they are getting it.
  6. Let's be honest, auto miners will recoup their tiles 20+ times more than the cost of taxes. Therefore, the mission is not at all involved. Even if you have a bare ass and have nothing, rocks from the surface will be almost equal to underground mining, only without taking into account the waste of time crawlers and digging holes. By collecting stones, you can collect 4 million quanta in an hour or even less. Paying taxes for a month, so let's be honest, no matter what you do in the game .. 4 million a month is really a micro transaction. Created clearly not for picking people up. As for inviting a friend, you are describing everything correctly and I agree with you, more than completely.
  7. I totally agree that the patch brings in more positive things .. And I'm the same person who spent over six months terraforming my 7 tiles. And no matter how I run around the forum in tears .. what to do, so well, it means so, it was generally obvious and we were warned earlier that this could happen. As for the rest, I am only glad of the upcoming changes, at one time many players left because of dull mining, when people had no particular options either to earn or get resources - how to sit in tunnels like worms. And regarding the load and optimization, I am also glad that during a flight around the planet or from a base to a market, I will not load all these underground guts that consume my Internet traffic, consume processor and video power, as well as my place in mind. cache on SSD .. And I have no idea why people don't see it They swore that they had to dig a lot, now they swear that they were being taken away from them to dig. In terms of taxes, they have already reported approximate prices of 1 million per week in the video, but clarified that these figures are not accurate and may change the main server before the release, but I do not think that they will change globally. By today's standards, 1 million a week = nothing. But the withdrawal of quanta from the game and the whole system for cleaning the world is what is needed and has been waiting for this year.
  8. This is almost the stupidest thing I've ever read. You want to erase because you are not playing. And not who spend every day throughout the year. It's like the first one. The second is that just now you say that you want to erase, but do not want to lose talent points and all buildings will be returned to you by magic blueprints, then what is the essence of erasing, mister? Just because you so want to and throw off other players who have been playing with sweat and blood all this time? I don't understand you at all, you contradict yourself Oh yes .. in every topic you whine like a child that NQ is doing badly .. while everything that you write everywhere is only your assumption, you have never provided facts anywhere. And if I take it correctly, you are not playing with your words, but you have been sitting on the forum for almost a year and whine and whine how bad they are. If you do not play, why do you torture yourself and repulse newcomers with your own words? You actually slander and spoil the reputation of NQ by sitting here and spreading your shit on the forum. And then he asks the question why there are no people and the game is so bad. It is disgusting to read you in every topic. Sorry, bombed
  9. What are you carrying? What kind of traffic? OST is stored on your PC and played by your PC from your disk, there is no server traffic here .. It is a complete nonsense of people who do not understand how it works. Or do you want to say that music is transmitted to you from the server all the time? Are you seriously?
  10. buddy, I wouldn't comment on your post if I didn't read it. And I would not have entered here in order to spend my time, which means your post interested me and I read it from head to toe. But what you propose makes sense in changing the form factor of the core grid, but I'm also waiting for them to make different grid of the core (build mode grid). For the rest, I left MY comment on your opinion / suggestion .. you came here for this? So that people would "listen" to you and appreciate your idea .. So they did not appreciate it, but you start to get angry and slander other people that "this next" "did not read" How do you even know what I have read and what not? .. There is no need to negative on everyone .. People entered, took their time to read YOUR post, expressed disagreement - and more than one person, perhaps there is a reason. And you get angry because people don't agree with your opinion. And yes, this is a forum, here people come to express their thoughts and ideas, both from the side of the starter's topic and those who will read his proposal.
  11. At least 3-4 people were asked here, the question "what is stacking" "what does stacking look like" "I don't know if I have it" And "Why didn't NQ tell us what stacking is" .. I certainly understand that my English not super, and I apologize for this, but this topic is full of these questions
  12. Guys, if you do not do this, then believe me and you will not accidentally have such equipment. What ppl say here? An exploit smells like an exploit if it's an exploit. And you will immediately understand that this is an exploit. You write "a little bit" overlaps, we are not talking about a little bit, so do not worry (if that game allowed you regular way and some colision overlap, they just fixed it in future), no one will just remove your designs. And those who know what they did - will remake. And about why PVP because they break the PVP balance in the first place .. but with the DEMETER patch, it seems like they all stop working at all (stack elements) - everyone can find out. So wait for the next patch.
  13. I'm not sure when and in what patch, but DRM is no longer installed by default for more than 1-2 months, then as I noticed it. So it may well be that much earlier. But do not forget, if after that, from such a ship, you make a blueprint with DRM, then the design will be all included with DRM according to the spawning .
  14. I'm very curious that there are a lot of comrades here who have unsubscribe who are playing from the alpha / the beginning of the beta .. and asking the questions "oh my God, what is this stacking of elements?" Are you guys serious? Are you pretending to be little children? Is it possible that after 1-2 years of playing you do not know what this is about right now? When do you add 10 more engines to 1 in the same position.. and you ned 2 ppl..? What kind of corners or buttons on the engine are we talking about. Gentlemen .. either you do not play this game and really do not understand what it is about right now, or you really muddy the waters on purpose. You are all adult ppl.. but like a kids.. and say NQ so bad.. lol Therefore, when people who still do not understand what is at stacking, please refrain from saying NQ do not know their game. .. Apparently you don’t know the game in 1-2 years, since you don’t understand what is at stacking. I'll show you what a stacking is... who really dont know.. but i dont believe on that. And here you can see, and without NQ and investigation, that these are not random questions in the collision failure by 1 millimeter or half a voxel, this is a valuable fused use of bugs. And yes, to repeat this, you need TWO people .. that mean they know what they doit and about this is exploit and etc.. so pls..
  15. Mister, in the topic where it is indicated what is allowed and what is not, and we are talking about EXPLOITS AND BUGS, which means that they will be corrected sooner or later. But they wrote to the community questions about what can be used and what is prohibited .. LOGICAL that this is until they are fixed, because any bug and exploit must be fixed. Therefore, THEY DID NOT DECLARE IT NOT EXPLOIT, they said that it is EXPLOIT and until the moment of repair it can be used without fear of BAN. If they some where say is not a bug\exploit pls.. let send to us here link where they say is not exploit \ bug
  16. I totally agree with FerroSC With the proper shipbuilding skill and creativity, it is possible to create good design and balanced performance even without stacks. The stack of elements was an exploit that sooner or later had to leave the game. Why was it used? Yes, everything is simply not in the construction restrictions, but in the arms race, if the enemy uses exploit to be stronger and faster, then sooner or later you will start, because you will perish if you don’t do it. And so the race of the one who makes the stacking more and more compact started. And it's not about beauty. But think, because of such things, then malfunctions occur and the servers do not cope with the calculation of data - from which complaints pour in, and why we get "misses", "crashes", etc. Precisely because a person uses a mistake and abuses more and more .. And the server is simply not able to calculate and calculate adequately the damage of 100,500 killotons of voxels at speeds and accelerations that were not provided by the game and the engine in theory. Remember this too. If you give people more powerful engines, they will not install them less, for the most part they simply replace 50-100 current engines with 50-100 more powerful engines in order to drive more and this is a fact. If there is no framework, people always want more and more .. But there are limitations, both technical and balance. And the fact that you have to install wings and donate space is reasonable, this is the balance .. look for a combination of equipment that suits your goals and objectives as much as possible, taking into account the engineering design of the hull for this. About forma factor core grid.. devs long time ago already say and promise us make not only cube form grid.. we waiting it. But form build grid and stack - no any conections
  17. Your description contradicts itself, you propose to remove the ability to shoot at "let's say half of the ships" and how should pvp increase? How? If you prohibit shooting at "half" of the targets. And more often than not, conflict and battles take place after the destroyed civilian transport, etc. That is, the current model - it increases conflicts and pvp, you propose the opposite, and you say this should increase conflicts - alas, you are wrong. There should be destruction in games, then the value of objects increases. Now, and so the overproduction in the game and the withdrawal of equipment, alas, still remains in the game only because of PVP.
  18. Regarding terraforming, this can be solved quite simply, where the claimed - terraformed holes, tunnels and etc, do not change, and remain the same. It's not difficult. As a last resort, the area around the core ... Suppose 500 meters of terraforming. There are many solutions to this problem, so it is quite possible and not very difficult to solve, with a couple of conditions for restoring / not restoring land. But this would solve the problems both for NQ in terms of certain optimizations and for the players, since if I fly by, I have to load all these tunnels - despite the fact that they are underground .. why?)
  19. I would also be furious with a wipe, what kind of wipe are we talking about? We pay money, the game develops, but still someone is crying and crying, I do not see the meaning, I do not see the future. Calm down whiners, take your ass in hand and go to develop in DU so as not to cry. Everything is wrong with you.
  20. +1 ... Agree. In Empyrion devs make so nice indication.
  21. I fully support that it would be possible to copy an area along with elements. A vivid example, I am building a hotel and there are 28 rooms for my guys from the organization. It could have been more, but I would have shot myself. Instead of digging a finished room in 5 minutes, I could only make voxels, and then within a whole month ... A MONTH !!! I carefully arranged all the elements, lamps, RGB lamp settings, links and other details in the same seven-dimensional manner .. It's just awful that I spend a whole month where I could spend 5 minutes with normal tools.
  22. What i correct know.. they are close upvote system long time ago.. so no reason use it any more. And yes.. they already done with that and many many other things. what you can find there But i hope they return back upvote system - cose it easy show to devs what really ppl need more than some other
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