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  1. Total wipe. All BetaKey Users get nothing. Even Talentpoints get resetet to 0. That's the end of Dual Universe for me. Was a great an nice time,but one should go when it was most beautiful.
  2. There shouldn't actually be a partial wipe. Someone will benefit from this. So NQ can only make a full wipe and lied about their promises. And a complete wipe because a few players have exploited is absolutely unfair. Many players ( including me ) have invested a lot of time to achieve what they currently have. Spending many hours of mining underground, mining meteorites, and many many hours of flying missions and earning quantas for schematics. If a complete wipe comes, I will uninstall this game and cancel the subscription.
  3. I've spoken to a few players about a wipe, and the majority of those players (myself included) will quit Dual Universe on a wipe and won't come back. Many players have invested a lot of time and are not willing to do it again. The problem with the market is simply that there are not enough players at the moment to have a normal supply and demand relationship. Even a wipe will only change that for a very short time.
  4. @NQ-Deckard With the release of the Panacea update, there is the following new rule: -On Aphelia Territories Regardless of account activity, Constructs parked on Aphelia Territories will be abandoned if not piloted for seven days. Many players have a Dynamic Core at the pick up/drop off points since they have multiple mission participants. Due to the range of 2km in which you can do the missions, it is unfortunately not possible to get a tile. My suggestion would be to increase the range to 6km. So everyone should have the chance to get a tile within reach. For players with a lot of alts, the new rule is irrelevant, but for everyone else it will make them stop flying missions.
  5. With the release of the Panacea update, there is the following new rule: -On Aphelia Territories Regardless of account activity, constructs parked on Aphelia territories will become subject to abandonment if not piloted for seven days. Since some have their mission containers on dynamic cores with the mission take up/delivery, does anyone have any idea if this also applies to them? Unfortunately, it is usually not possible to get a tile within the 2km range. Can you increase the range for accepting and submitting missions from 2km to 6km? So everyone should be able to get a tile within reach.
  6. 0/10 extremely unhappy. The game currently only consists of calibrating mining units and executing mission assumptions / duties, because VR is no longer possible. There is far too little time to voxel and build. I'm about to cancel my subscription, cause it's just no fun anymore.
  7. Unfortunately, with the introduction of Schematics, you won't get very far without Quanta. If you want to build something, first buy the schematics for it. Depending on what kind of schematic it is, the costs can go up into the billion. It continues with the introduction of the mining units. No quanta, no mining units and no tiles. So it is not only up to the players but also to the gameplay that is currently available.
  8. Make the missions usable again with VR. Players with many ALTS didn't mind the change anyway and players who flown these missions for many other players are the only ones who have disadvantages as a result. Together with taxes, this change makes absolutely no sense. Currently the game only consists of calibrating the mining units and flying mission stations to accept missions and give them back.. The gamestyle isnt really funny anymore.
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