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  1. Good idea - I may finally be able to have an Alt, ever if only for one month 100% agree
  2. Character overview is a nice addon, centralizing a lot of the numbers that are scattered amongst separate interfaces. LUA API revamp - oh well, thats probably going to render current scripts useless, breaking a lot of automations. [edited: Rest assured that your codes will still work in Mercury] Talant Points reset/refund. No problems other than the having to spend a good time reassigning them back correctly. - Could we get a tool to export current talent points allocation to a text file? Talent Point reset/refund (partial or total) is a frequent thing during patches, so this tool would come in handy not only with Mercury but any other future updates that involve Talent Point refund. - Alioth Exchange - this will need to be huge, a large number of players will want a spot there.
  3. * Improvement in water visuals * How exactly was there an improvement? Before Athena, Alioth had huge areas of VISIBLE oceans, it looked great when seen from high up in the air and on the surface. Now, after Athena "visual improvement", Alioth looks like a desert with large shallow basins of sand, as water was made so transparent, it's basically invisible. I care about water visual, thats why I chose to build my base on the shore. The same happened before with Demeter visual improvements. Said "improvements" just removed a lot of previous vegetation from Alioth coastal areas, making it look more like a desert than a tropical beach. So, at least on Alioth, the visual improvements only seem to have removed whatever was actually looking great before. And yes, that warp tunnel effect, still far from good. Seems like old pre-CG era movie time-travel tunnel effect.
  4. Imho, there's no sence of podcasts to answer questions while the Big Question still goes unanswered - wipe/not wipe. Its the toughest issue to propose an answer for, and whatever decision is made will most likely upset one half of the community or the other. But players are becomming unmotivated to play the game in face of an unsure future, this is killing the game. So, address the elephant in the room before the elephant drives everyone out of the room. Post your vision of what you believe is the best alternative, but make it clear that it is proposal, not final, and still open to changes, so players won't start jumping out of windows. Then give us a few days to absorb the impact, overcome our cycle of Denial/Anger/Bargaining/Depression/Acceptance, and provide you feedback. Ajust whatever is possible in your proposal, rinse, repeat. A few rounds of proposal and feedback might help drive the issue in the right direction. Reading many of the topic comments, two things seems to be NOT negotiable - keeping talent points and player construct blueprints. It's a start, build up from there. Best of luck!
  5. Loved new skybox BP deploy pre visualization very nice Water surface ripples very good, hope you remembered to solve the water excessive transpacency/invisibility issues that we noticed on PTS. No use having nice surface effects if water becomes invisible on shallower areas once you get more than 100 meters above surface. Warp effect, meh, didnt like that
  6. Reading NQ's post "SHEDDING LIGHT ON A NOVAQUARK INTERNAL DISCUSSION", for me its very clear that they intend to wipe and the kind of wipe they want. Now its just a matter of convincing as many players as possible of the benifits of said wipe. The removal of schematics is being thrown into the bargin, as a mean of turning more people in favor or the wipe. They propose a wipe to right all wrongs but reintroduce the former problems that schematics were supposed to solve? So now it's a wipe and market nerf, as the newly reset economy will emerge weak, for without the need of schematics it will once again be easy to produce everything, no need for much trade or markets. Then, a few months after the wipe, they will come up with a new industry nerf.
  7. 1. Ship mass speed limitation basically nerfs Aphelia missions out of the game loop, as you cant transport a single 1.8 Kt mission package at more than 20.000 km/h anymore. I understand that mission abuse should be addressed, but why punish the solo mission hauler? Why not keep the 29.999 cap for all, as lighter ships already can go faster and use Stasis to slower other ships? Just put a cap to the max number or Aphelia packages a ship can carry 2. Aegis space market looks great 3. New 3d map is a great addition 4. Space dust particles - seems like you are flying into a snow storm, not through space. Live server speed-ray effect looks better 5. Warp tunnel effect - seems exaggerated. Like staring into a kaleidoscope or a multicolor spinning umbrella. 6. Starfield - looks great, but background should still be darker 7. Water - cant see how it improved in the PTS. Water is way too transparent, in shallower places the water becomes invisible above 1000 meters. Frankly, current seas in live server look way better and more real. Below, live server x PTS invisible water.
  8. Appreciate the quick response! New proposed construct limits seem very reasonable.
  9. 100% agree that orgs cannot have infinite number of constructs, but the proposed numbers are not good, 42 max constructs will harm many builders and miners. I propose this: - Lets maintain the current base construct capacity of 275 for orgs that are not nested under others. - For orgs that are nested under others, maintain the proposed zero construct limit. - Reduce the total number of slots that players can assign to orgs to 1350 (1625 minus 275) - This way, org construct slot cap can be maintained in both cases of single or nested orgs. - For nested orgs, only the top-most "mother" org will have 275 base construct limit, all child orgs maintain zero base limit, thus depending on player slot assignment.
  10. Oh damn, so NQ first stated that old scans would be preserved, which made many a player (me included) spend the last two weeks scanning down tiles 24/7. And now NQ stated that those scans will be wiped, meaning we all wasted two weeks of game time, which could have been put to better use had NQ made up its mind about the subject earlier. I wasnt against the scan wipe at first, in fact I considered it to give a clear advantage to some players, but I am pissd by the last minute change in direction, which made me and many others waste huge time.
  11. Planet info doesnt show the kinds of ores present in the selected planet anymore. Does this mean that specific ores wont be tied to specific planets any longer?
  12. I confess I'm quite disappointed by what I saw in PTS regarding the implementation of mining units. 1- Ridiculously low ore yield. Half an hour of manual mining will yield more ore than I could get from an tile's MU extraction in a week. So why even bother investing the time, quanta and talent points if there's no significant return? It barely covers the cost of fuel to travel between planets just to recalibrate MU's every 4 or 5 days. Tiles should have a far higher yield in order to make it worth the effort. 2- Calibration mini game is based on luck and not the player's actual ability to infer the best place to start extraction - seems pointless. 3- Regenerating calibration charges? Why not just stipulate a total amount of MU's a player can own (affected by talents), just like Core Units? What to expect when Demeter lands in the live server? 1- Ore shortages, leading to product shortages in the market. I doubt that MU's will have the capacity to produce an overall equivalent amount of ore as is currently produced by planetary mining. 2- Players actually having to dedicate more time to mining. MU's wont provide enough ore, and with only asteroids to mine, which have smaller ore nodes, mining is less efficient than current planetary mining, so more time spent. I expected the implementation of MU's would actually reduce the amount of time we would need to spend in manual mining, but I guess it's going to be the opposite.
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