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    Atmosph3rik got a reaction from NQ-Naerais in Came over from Star Citizen, pledged but CAN'T sign in   
    Welcome 😀
    The test servers aren't available right now.
    They are usually up most weekends but this week there was no test.  they haven't announced the exact timeframe of the next test but they hinted at an extended test for the entire month of June! Yay😁
    When the test is announced you can see it here https://www.dualthegame.com/en/server-status/
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    Atmosph3rik reacted to c14gZUPEK in Came over from Star Citizen, pledged but CAN'T sign in   
    I just wanted to say Hi. I came here to report a bug, but I actually don't see a valid spot for an issues console or anything dedicated to technical bugs.  Am I missing something?
    Anywho, I bit about me, I have a plethora of I.T. background from starting on my i386 with a whole 4mb of memory, to programming some OpenGL and Vulkan, to building you a virtual infrastructure, building you a completely resilient network backbone to designing webpages and running my own company(twice). I am sure it's not unique as us I.T. people have a tendency to wear a LOT of hats.
    I also work on VW/Audi's as a hobby, from engine swaps to horrible German maintenance, ha.  (sold the VW's so mainly Audi's as i've gotten older). Anyway, I am hoping to meet some great people while playing and was looking forward to getting into the game, but after spending 5 hours trying to log in and only receiving HTTP 100 errors (reset password a bunch to be safe). I figured the game is either in closed Alpha right now (a message would be nice) or it's a bug.
    Oh and I am generally playing via a steam controller casting to my TV. Being a hermit in the office has worn on me over the years.   Nice to meet everyone and excited to dive in.
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    Atmosph3rik got a reaction from yamamushi in Congrats to Yamamushi (and possible feedback on Novaquark Employee Policy)   
    What's he going to be doing? or is that top secret? 😁
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    Atmosph3rik reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Congrats to Yamamushi (and possible feedback on Novaquark Employee Policy)   
    Congrats Yamamushi for joining the Novaquark team!  
    If you want to join us in congratulating Yamamushi (and/or give your feedback on the Novaquark Employee Policy), you can post below in this topic!  
    Best Regards,
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    Atmosph3rik reacted to Geo in Animated Neon GIFs for Orgs & Ships, Signs & Screens   
    I hope everyone is doing well. I think this is day 35 for us since the local schools closed down due to the current pandemic. Needless to say, I've been a bit busy with my kids (as I'm sure those of you with kids have been).
    Here is something I created before all the chaos started. I made this composite image from a bunch of previously released content. We're using it as our official Discord server banner/header. 

    This was fun to make. I ran it by someone at NQ and got the thumbs up to use it. I recommend that everyone share any "fanart" (made with published DU images) with one of the community managers before using it publicly. It's a nice courtesy.  
    Temporarily, I'm not taking on anymore projects from the community, but you are still free to send me requests. It may be a month or two before I can get to them. Thanks for understanding
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    Atmosph3rik reacted to Geo in Animated Neon GIFs for Orgs & Ships, Signs & Screens   
    Here's the latest video I worked on for a really cool Community Event by DICE. Novaquark just published it on their YouTube:
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    Atmosph3rik reacted to Dailyen in Hello from the other side   
    Hello im 28 years old person(i think).Im from Czech republic and yea.I think im not best choice for introducing myself but.... i must try it...:D soo it is some time when i found this game and finaly i can be part of it and i trying to find a lot of informations on forum what can help me to answer for some tips(for all of them) how to make my playing easy.soo i hope i will get access for some hide websites...For now im solo person but maybe in future it will be better because my language it is not perfect but some how i speak(CZ/PL/SK/EN/little bit NL).and yes .... im MAN... i hope...  have a nice day people
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    Atmosph3rik reacted to Watanka in Any LANDMARK builders here ??   
    Hello !
    Landmark builder here. I've pledged DU a year ago but I'm only starting now to play/test it seriously.
    I played Landmark at the beginning and stopped when it was obvious that the game was going to be abandonned (just before water implementation).
    Maybe there is some people of my former guild "La Forge", around there

    My most "famous" build was this one :

    Full album : https://imgur.com/a/C1DHr

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    Atmosph3rik got a reaction from Efeliel in Any LANDMARK builders here ??   
    So this was a project i started in Landmark right at the end of Beta.  I was going to get back to it eventually after the last wipe but never got around to it.
    It was meant to be a sort of Scifi condo that would be part of a modern city in a hostile icy environment.  I know weirdly specific.














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    Atmosph3rik reacted to FrigoPorco in Sandbox vs Themepark MMOs - What do you think?   
    lol, trying to get into the game so I can build the club....yes....Pussycats. 
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    Atmosph3rik reacted to Dhara in Are we absolutely sure about a pay by subscription model?   
    I'm so tired of the shallow game play that comes with ftp and b2p  with their cash shops.  I want a game I can sink my teeth into long-term.  Without subs, the whole game is then designed to bring in cash shop sales, NOT into creating great game play. There are several MMOs out there with subs and most of them have been around for years because they work for the subscribers and do what makes US happy to keep us coming back.  f2p and cash shops make the devs work for the money men and their cash shop/lootbox scams.
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    Atmosph3rik reacted to Supermega in Without breaking the NDA...   
    @captainpanama  I share you're sentiments, but I think Novaquark is headed in a good direction. The current tools, and builds we've see are already really good. Keep in mind that they are still developing and refining the voxel tools. Like the ability to edit the control points of voxel shapes is on the Trello todo list. Trello: Voxel Control Points
    I also did a thread on ways Novaquark could expand on their current tools: Voxel Shapes
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    Atmosph3rik reacted to captainpanama in Without breaking the NDA...   
    Thank you, everyone. Especially you Atmosph3ric. That was the answer I was hoping to read. I read that Alpha 2 will be around july 11 so you just recruited me.
    Hope to see you guys in July!!!
    Great day to you all!
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    Atmosph3rik got a reaction from Sigtyr in Without breaking the NDA...   
    Based on what we know from dev blogs and official YT videos, the voxels in DU are smaller then Space engineers and (I think) Empyrion.  So that allows for more detail.  But more importantly DU's voxels can take on far more advanced shapes.  I haven't played Empyrion or Space engineers but from what I've seen it looks like you're sort of limited to building one block at a time, like Minecraft, except with more advanced block shapes.
    With DU's voxel engine, you are still working with voxels, which are essentially blocks.  But each voxel has the potential to take on thousands of different shapes, and using the building tools you can create large custom shapes like spheres, curves and slopes, made up of many voxels working together.
    The building tools you can see in use in the YT videos are still an early version too, and will hopefully be improved a lot in the future.  There isn't anything like a "bevel" tool yet.  But it's conceivable that you could create a curved shape using the sphere tool, and then copy/paste a piece of it over and over to create a straight bevel.  
    The voxels in DU probably have the potential to create a ship just like the one in your picture, it's just a matter of figuring out how to get the voxels into that shape.
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    Atmosph3rik reacted to Aaron Cain in Bringing philosophy into DU   
    think you got a point in your first lines AL, it took me about 35 years to finally find who i really am, not who others want me to be, who society wants me to be, even who my family, wife and kids want me to be but who i am without thinking about who i want to be.
    And that is a deep reflective vision and a painful process in general. We are almost never who we want to be nor even close to that. But we can strive to be the best ourselves and in that remain true to ourselves and in harmony with ones mind.
    The point in the end is to embrace life in the fullest and live to be alive in stead of being alive to live, energy conversions, soul re-balancing, clean mirrors.
    All starts with two simple things and one harder thing for some, 1 allowing others to freely be who they are, even though some are regular assholes, 2 keep communications open, 3 say Sorry even if you are right. Even if you are right, if the other person was hurt you can say your sorry for hurting them without pulling your words back as words and feelings are not the same and sometimes words hurt as not everyone can stand hearing the truth about themselves or the world.
    Peace my friends and Harmony and balance
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    Atmosph3rik reacted to Alsan Teamaro in Bringing philosophy into DU   
    In my view, I couldn't have been more practical. And I mean every word I say. Because (lets consider only the possibility), if one would start from arbitrary or distorted assumptions about oneself, then the subsequent judgments would be neccesarily arbitrary and distorted. And those wouldn't lead precisely to calm and harmony.
    But, please, don't missunderstand me, it's only my view, that is such relative and partial as yours, like when you said -for instance- that my coment was "philosophical mumbo jumbo"... Which, apart from being your own subjetive view on it, is indeed a disqualifying comment (I didn't do that with yours when I wrote). Not very constructive actually, mostly if one wants -as you say-  "to remain calm and in harmony with the world in any circumstance".
    However, it has nothing to do with me or my coment. It's just your opinion, each one as valid as any other, from the point of view of who shares it.
    Anyway, this ends here, obviously. Have a nice game.
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    Atmosph3rik reacted to kalafax in Kala's real I swear it.   
    Just saying Hi, I'm real and new to the universe, looking forward to exploring it.
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    Atmosph3rik got a reaction from MurderHobo in Tutorial: Voxelmancy Essentials   
    I miss Landmark.
    A little context for that video.  In case anyone is wondering what a "Mr. Voxel" is.
    Mr. Voxel was a machine built by players inside the game Landmark, that helped other players visualize and create unique voxel shapes that would require more advanced voxelmancy knowledge and many more steps otherwise.
    It basically did what is suggested in this trello for DU.  https://trello.com/c/wXSJEWVx/35-building-tool-voxel-control-points-edit
    It was pretty awesome what people accomplished in Landmark in terms of gaining control over the voxels.  And it was a lot of fun discovering new stuff.  But I do hope NQ just gives us a voxel editor.  It's so silly that we could have had full control over the voxels in Landmark all that time and instead we had to figure it out for ourselves. 
    By the end in Landmark we were using huge vector libraries that looked like this to build shapes.

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    Atmosph3rik got a reaction from Jackw2As in Devblog - r0.15 Update (Part 3): Barter System!   
    The concept of transporting goods is a big part of DU's gameplay.  That would make it too easy to simply mail resources between planets.
    There are some things that we might be able to send with in-game mail though.  Like Blueprints, scan data, ect.  
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    Atmosph3rik reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in r0.15 Features Showcase   
    Dear Community Members, 
    Last week we've already detailed some of the main changes and additional features in the r0.15 Update.
    Today, we want to give you a visual preview of those changes and features and we just released a short video for the occasion!

    We will also release a DevBlog on the Talent System later this week, so stay tuned!  
    The Novaquark Team.
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    Atmosph3rik got a reaction from Yuu in Devblog - r0.15 Update (Part 3): Barter System!   
    The concept of transporting goods is a big part of DU's gameplay.  That would make it too easy to simply mail resources between planets.
    There are some things that we might be able to send with in-game mail though.  Like Blueprints, scan data, ect.  
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    Atmosph3rik got a reaction from Thrice Hapus in Devblog - r0.15 Update (Part 3): Barter System!   
    The concept of transporting goods is a big part of DU's gameplay.  That would make it too easy to simply mail resources between planets.
    There are some things that we might be able to send with in-game mail though.  Like Blueprints, scan data, ect.  
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    Atmosph3rik reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Devblog - r0.15 Update (Part 2): Inventory Revamp!   
    (this DevBlog has been posted on the website on April 30th, 2019)

    Hey guys!
    NQ-Entropy here today with NQ-Wave. 
    We’ve been working on a significant overhaul of the game’s balancing and we’re going to do our best to explain the big changes we’ve been working on. The main subjects today are the major rebalance of inventory and container capacity, material transportation, crafting recipes, and almost every single step between mining and crafting. Saddle up.
    Our starting point was the dialogue we had with the community about the issues with containers. We heard everything you guys said, from smaller containers not being useful and crafting times on larger containers being too long. This wasn’t lost on us; we also agreed that it was a little ridiculous at how weak certain containers were as opposed to the Nanoformer inventory, which held a staggering 64m3, the equivalent of a large container, or 64 extra-small containers. There was an issue.
    What happened in the following weeks was us going down a massive rabbit-hole where we started pulling different strings and unearthing a lot of inconsistencies in our global balancing on almost every level. We decided that we wanted to start over on solid and healthy ground, and make sure that we knew what we were doing, how, and why. We are now at the finish line of the first major pass, and we’re ready to talk to you about it.
    One of the initial issues excavated from the wreckage of our investigation was the difficulty of transporting materials while in atmosphere. As it turns out, in a realistic physically based system, it's really hard to transport hundreds of cubic meters or potentially tens of thousands of tons in materials. Who saw that one coming? It was a learning experience to see some of you try and transport raw material, only to end up with about 20 large hover engines to lift a couple of containers, which amounted to no material at all.
    So this is where we began. No matter what happened next, we needed to drastically reduce the amount of weight that a player would have to reasonably move around; even in the context of large transports. As previously mentioned, the main culprit was our overly common use of cubic meters, which artificially drew upwards the volume and weight of everything we did. We globally changed our main volumic unit from m3 to liters. We now had finer control over volumes and had a more human-level metric to base our foundations on. Your inventories will now have a capacity of 4,000 liters; goodbye cubic meter, it was nice knowing you.
    Having said that, we mostly liked the ratios we had in place for how fast players filled their inventories when mining and made sure to adjust everything so that it remained similar to how mining was done previously.
    Continuing up the chain, we reached crafting recipes. We were also generally happy with the feedback we received for the crafting mechanic, but our first recipes were more for functional testing than any sort of real balance. Now was the perfect opportunity to take a look at it in more detail.
    We want you guys to discover this without too much of a heads up, but there's a couple of cliff-notes we can mention here:
    Global rebalance of item volume and weight across the board. Conservation of mass during crafting across materials, parts, and elements during crafting (some exceptions apply). Rebalancing of all ancillary materials recipes (honeycomb, fuel, products and scraps).
      The end result of this is fairly significant, and we’re not quite sure we fully grasp all of the implications at this point. What we are confident in is that we have all of the tools in hand to effectively make adjustments and deal with any issues that arise; something that we couldn't quite say to the same degree before. 
    In terms of clearer changes:
    Parts are generally more coherent in weight and volume with less outliers. Smaller parts will generally take up more space in your base inventory while larger ones will take less. You can still expect large parts to take up significant space, but not multiple base inventories worth.
      Elements operate in the same ballpark of weight and volume as before, but we have less outliers. Smaller elements are not so small and larger elements are not so huge. 
      Generally speaking, honeycomb materials will require more ore to make. The amount of honeycomb material you could acquire previously was a little too high and we wanted to rein that in a little. We don't want you to feel constantly limited by honeycomb material, but we also don't want to make acquiring large quantities of honeycombed materials trivial. It's worth noting that we fixed a bug which changed honeycomb mass; honeycombed material will likely be overall heavier than before.
      Fuel cost and weight have been drastically augmented, but as counterbalance, we reduced both fuel consumption for engines and fuel tank capacity. Hopefully, this ensures that fuel is more difficult to acquire and weighs more, but you will need a lot less of it for similar performance. The end result is that you’ll be able to fly for longer while retaining a similar overall cost per distance traveled as before.
      In regards to scraps, the first thing we did was add scraps for all ore. You can now craft equivalent level scrap from level one to four using any ore that you’d like. Secondly, we had previously done a quick fix adjustment on scrap repair, making it less painful to repair your elements. The new scrap recipes will allow you to make more scrap for less raw ore than previously, hopefully addressing said pain points of having to mine for ages just to repair a single element. It should now be more efficient to repair an element with scrap than to craft that element from scratch.
      Finally, containers. Containers haven't changed at all. Not one bit. An extra large container is still 128m3 of volume. But in a world of liters, 128 cubic meters comes out to just about 128,000 liters of capacity. That’s roughly 32 times the size of your basic inventory, and frankly, that's a hell of a lot of storage.
      Additionally, there’s been a significant revamp of the information displayed in the inventories information panel. We won't go into too much detail here as we hope the new information should be easily understood and explain itself well enough.
    This was a huge undertaking and we’re confident that we’re going in the right direction, but we expect there to be issues. We’re looking forward to you guys testing everything out, hearing your feedback, and hopefully providing answers.
    NQ-Entropy and NQ-Wave
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    Atmosph3rik reacted to Bolliz in Hows the voxel tools?   
    Hi, thinking about buying the contributor pack, but I need to know some stuff first.
    Firstly im interested in DU because of the voxel tech. I was a huge fan of Landmark and it seems like DU will have equally sophsticated voxel building tools as Landmark had. So far ive seen videos on playermade ships, but how is the building on the ground? Can u claim a piece of land and build ur own house/base?
    Is the building anything like Landmark?
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    Atmosph3rik reacted to NQ-Nomad in Inside Novaquark, a Dual Universe Podcast   
    Hi guys, 
    The idea of making a podcast has been circling in our heads for some time. We wanted to reach out to our community in a new and captivating way, and today you can discover the end result.
    We're very excited to bring you some behind the scenes material and invite you to join us while we discuss what's new in DU. If the community's response is positive, we may make a series out of it.
    You can listen to this first episode below on YouTube:
    It's also available on SoundCloud:

    Happy listening! We'd love to hear your feedback!
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