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  1. that message is unhelpful but while the devs add better msgs about missing talents, please ask in General Chat ingame, you will get a quick response about which talent you need. The talents that unlock access to industry units are all called Proficiencies are listed at the very end of the Industry group of talents.
  2. similar thing happened to me, my alts sub ran out and i didnt realise, immediately its donated cores were removed from my org. Luckly i spotted it on the day it happened and had to manually re-add them. (i thought my alt had a recurring sub but it seems not
  3. the new function is meant as an addition of repairing not a replacement. Its like you can set the thing to repair the ship so you dont have to do it yourself, its meant as convenient replacement so you dont have to spend time pressing LMB yourself. not as a quick way to get a ship fixed. and with multiple units you can repair multiple ships at the same time, that is a good addition. Now imagine how it would affect PVP an L core ship with many many elements was repaired very quickly and was able to get back into the same fight it was damaged in, its the same reason that warp beacons take 24 hours to become active after placing etc its why aggs are so slow NQ always gives us benefits with a cost.
  4. pretty much what it says in the title. Anyone else experiencing this ? the thing is EAC doesnt even pop up a message, when the disconnect happens even my web browser seems unable to refresh web pages. sometimes i even have to reboot the PC So on the surface it would be easy to assume that its a problem my end and not EAC at all. BUT ! this only started when they added easy anti cheat, it cant be a co-incidence can it ? Is there any info on what EAC is actually monitoring and how it can interfere with applications ?
  5. " 'Fuel Intake' able to act as a proxy for a single fuel tank." Lots of readers have misunderstood. The fuel intake (that little door) is going to be used as a remote fueling point for a Single tank, it isnt going to link multiple tanks together. The benefit is, you can put your tanks all over the ship but have a "wall" of fuel intakes, one for each tank, in a convenient place, say the bridge/pilot room.
  6. Why ?? pvers dont get enough when they destroy your ship? Its litterly the only fun i get when my ship is destroyed, pvpers are going to deprive me of my ship. the only fun i get out of it is depriving the pvper of my cargo. dumping cargo is the only "weapon" miners have against a pvp ship but NQ says NO, the pvpers get to blow up your ship AND take your cargo...
  7. have the elements lost lives ? cos if they have, thats what the Dynamic properties is on them
  8. they are doing an announcement this week and the first of the 2nd season of Ask Aphelia Podcasts is also due this week maybe they just to busy making those 2 new planet re-do's. but yes they have been quiet. ;/
  9. Well thats good news, I read your link, and thank you for taking the time to respond, its appreciated ! I shall rest easy now. cerveau
  10. Thank you for your response to my query. However I am not sure i have been fully understood. maybe I am being a little dumb but it is not clear to me from your quote above, that I will receive a STU on my Gold KS acc. I have multiple NQ accounts, the Kickstarter Gold (early bird) is an entirely separate account to my sponsor/contributor (alt) account. Yes I have recieved the STU and cosmetic items correctly on the separate sponsor account, i merely included that as a reference. My query is for my first account, my primary account which is the Kick starter Gold (early bird) has only received the Pioneer pack and RAF items from BETA and not any KS items (but im really only concerned atm about the STU), i am aware the other digital rewards as the pets etc will come later, so not to concerned about those atm. Right now my only wish is for you to Confirm or Not that I will receive 1 STU on my GOLD KS account or that investigations are still on going in that respect. Thanks cerveau
  11. my alt has a SANC tu in its nano, i was like WTF, whats that doing there, where as my KS backer acc, nada, anyway to answer your question all I would have to do is fly to sanc and claim a tile with it.
  12. Im a gold backer and cant see any rewards in my nano other then the Pioneer Pack and RAF yet my alt who isnt a KS backer has a SANCTURY TU. - my alt is a supporter pack bought way after KS closed -confused
  13. I had a similar problem way back, it turned out to be I had a incompatible network card in my PC only when I swapped it out for a standard card was I able to connect. What type of NIC do you have ?
  14. I am your alioth neighbour. Msoul is completely right about your tiles and constructs. Delove, your stuff is gone because I looted it due to the inactive asset system, you were gone months, you're tile is still there but all the cores on it are now mine. (all your surrounding tiles tiles went poof cept one) Its all going to be wiped anyway BUT if you want i can transfer all the cores back to you, i havent moved the ships or dismantled the base. upto you Although i did loot a lot of Core BPS gods knows why you put them in a container, they should be kept in your nano. you were gone months, what was i supposed to do, let some random take it all, least you got a chance to get it back
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