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  1. Could it be that he has just gotten a boss?
  2. Interesting that you have one example of it working, not a very accurate example though, try it a few more times with actual rescaning and recording the results.
  3. yes, but then they also said they were aware of it as a known issue, they keep contradicting themselves so you just can't believe anything the DU twitter account says. I suspect it is different people monitoring the one twitter account and not knowing what they are talking about.
  4. I did with an alt, it was removed as I only tested it once, but the results are the same. A level 5 skill player gets the same bonus as a level 0 skill player It is easy to reproduce this test, simply scan, go mine one type of ore, then re-scan afterwards.
  5. yea. I asked heaps, in discord a couple of times, a lot on twitter, I think they want to pretend it's not a problem
  6. Shame they haven't decided to fix the talent bugs first.
  7. Why sell ore to a miner for less than the bots will buy it? So to buy ore you need to pay more than the bots pay, how to then to get money? Making stuff and selling it? Players are already selling lots of items for less than their ore costs, so how can you survive buying high and selling low?
  8. So what this suggests is that the skill is only broken for some?
  9. I doubt that, there was a lot of noise by a vocal minority, I doubt many people left over this and most of those that did were going to leave anyway, it's early days for DU and a lot of players that started playing the beta were always going to decide that it isn't their sort of game while others decide it is their type of game
  10. I have crashed lots because I am shit pilot, not once to a bug 😃
  11. Sloppy pilots should be penalized, but yea fair call, once the bugs that cause crashes are gone then crash damage should be a thing
  12. I think players need to chill on the PvP and ignore it until the actual proper PvP updates are coming, which is why I think element damage through crashes should remain, PvP wont be genuine part of this game for several months yet
  13. Element destruction should still happen in crashes. Maybe give new players another way to repair them in their first month of playing.
  14. Players can be ignored here in the forums too, I highly recommend it as a way of removing trolls from your day to day life 😃
  15. I suspect that the hordes of players leaving the game are over stated, a lot of players were always going to leave during the early stages. But number of players leaving are far less than the noisy complainers make it seem. On Discord I started blocking all the people who say they are leaving, and demand a wipe etc. After I had blocked 48 people I stopped seeing people saying lots of players are leaving. So 48 people is about the total number of players who are really thinking of leaving or making all the noise about it in my opinion. 48 players is nothing.
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