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  1. Not to say the many mining rigs deployed by those whose gameplay choice is to supply the raw materials all those things creators make and PvPers blow up are made from.
  2. Well, not if you scroll down. I make a point of supplying the regional markets when I can. Someone, and I think it's one player, keeps filling up the first page with District 6 sell orders priced slightly below the others and tightly spaced, creating the illusion that there is only one active market on Alioth and the illusion of there being competition. I have logged a ticket with some suggestions to remedy such shenanigans, but it won't be easy.
  3. The containers we have within 250m of markets enable group gameplay with others in our Org across timezones - we have ppl delivering stuff from the main factory and the many mining rigs, then a legate VRs in, links to the container and places sell orders or instant sells as appropriate - under the Org account so we can see and manage the orders collectively and transparently. Purchases in VR under the Org account also are made available to members to transport or use, via the containers. Currently Missions does not support our use cases - NQ PLEASE NOTE - to make this work for us: 1) Haulage to market missions option to deposit in an Org market container, and be billed to an Org. Currently goes into the personal container of the mission giver, so we have to have a storage construct within link range instead, ie. 250m. 2) Instant sell from an Org inventory - only possible currently from personal market inventory or a linked container, so a storage construct is required to swap the ownership. 3) Option to move stock between Orgs and personal within the market. Currently have to use a storage construct to do this. We still have around 100 mining rigs without parcel containers, and XL parcel containers are expensive. If we don't have the construct at the market, we'll have to set up a warehouse near each market and create short-haul missions - adding extra handling and time for the already-busy legates. Edit - added request: 4) Mission limits way more than 3 please! 20 would be more realistic. We went to put parcel containers on mining rigs only to find we can issue just 3 missions each at any one time, so we continue to get hauliers to drop stuff off at the storage constructs at destination markets - because we can't use the Mission system after doing rig no. 3 of a hundred or so.
  4. Whether unsubs result in stuff becoming salvageable is a design and commercial decision to be made in any game with a persistent universe. I myself would be very glad of the disappearance of the permanent flight hazards that wouldn't pass building regulator approval in real life, there being no in-game mechanic for an in-game authority to deal to them. Regardless of the pros or cons, how this one is being executed favours a subset of players/groups who aren't still recovering from Demeter, and have the capacity and reside in the right time zone to nab them the instant the clock ticks over. For our group, modest size and mostly Australian, that is the most disappointing aspect of the change. And the sudden flood of low-cost materials onto markets likely will put the kaibosh on the financial viability of the mining operation we're building up - we're fair dinkum having a go at the new game mechanics just introduced. My suggestion to NQ is to make it progressive over time - such as how asteroids spawn, or using a probability each hour or day (Poisson distribution).
  5. Tried that - the icons rendered into the screen and minimap at the same time as the voxels, and just as I passed them by. But I agree that is where the solution would lie - buy an in-game device that solves an in-game problem, and I'm glad to hear it's to be fixed.
  6. Our containers are for juggling the logistics of putting on the markets only as much as would sell in 1 month, and resupply by our hauliers when they have time in game. Taxes for say 3 month sell orders and mission fees would kill profits on low volume or low margin items. So for us not just convenience, but a way we choose to operate. I try to keep the constructs relatively simple to minimise lag, but they need to be within 250m so I can VR there and link to the container to restock the market when I get time in game myself.
  7. My reading is that the 2km rule is about airspace. It isn't clear exactly how far "XL screens and screen arrays" have to be, but it does sound like they can stay if on your own tile. I'd like to know when a few screens becomes an "array".
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