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    Evil_Porcupine reacted to Iorail in Unknown people took the base   
    This was reported with step by steps on how to reproduce the third day of soft opening, the ticket was looked at but never responded to and still open right now. The sad part is they won’t do anything about it or punish those involved, good luck OP
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    Evil_Porcupine reacted to Pizzadude in “Marketplace Heist” Response   
    Oof. Find bug, make sure it's a visible problem. Get banned.
    I guess it's time to cancel my sub. Been an interesting time guys, but if you want to completely hammer a promising game into the ground and punish people exposing issues while doing so is pretty much a total no-go from me. I'll watch the dumpster fire from the sidelines.
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    Evil_Porcupine reacted to blazemonger in “Marketplace Heist” Response   
    Can we get a dislike button?
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    Evil_Porcupine reacted to Emptiness in “Marketplace Heist” Response   
    Excuse me? Are you saying no blueprints were made of those markets? 'Fixing' it should be as simple as deleting the old construct and replacing it. A task that would take a couple minutes, maximum, with the blueprints.
    This is a reaction I would expect from children in a sandbox, not mature adults.
    edit: Apparently the 'quick fix' is a reference to the market orders.
    To which I have exactly one reply: What?

    Market orders should be stored in the database and no removal of market constructs should EVER affect those.
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    Evil_Porcupine got a reaction from Duckimus Maximus in The 3rd Option is recruiting!   
    test sorry please ignore
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    Evil_Porcupine reacted to Anonymous in Why I am quiting Dual Universe   
    cu bye
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    Evil_Porcupine reacted to Cybrex in Why I am quiting Dual Universe   
    *laughs in Putin*
    Edit: Btw, get over yourself, lol.
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    Evil_Porcupine reacted to Warden in BOO - Band of Outlaws Recruitment   
    I see we served in the same unit:

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    Evil_Porcupine reacted to Cybrex in BOO - Band of Outlaws Recruitment   
    Tired of the excessive turbo nerdism among the DU community? Join BOO, we don't give a shit. If you have Alpha access, you'll be able to participate in our many projects we are already doing right now.
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    Evil_Porcupine reacted to [BOO] Sylva in BOO - Band of Outlaws Recruitment   
    If you also give no fucks, join us in our fuckery. XD
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    Evil_Porcupine reacted to Context in Astro-Phsyics in DU   
    It seems like the astronomical side of DU is still in its infancy, or at least from what I can see. So I would like to present a two-sided series of both suggestions and educational posts. Though I will not be going into too much detail. So if there are any other Physicists or Astronomers out there, I'm simplifying for a general audience and possibly have these parameters included into the game.
    Planet Orbits:
    Depending on the mass of a star the typical orbits of planets around it have been found to have certain properties. The is an inner and outer limit. Too close and the planet (or rather that section of the proto-planetary disk during formation) will be pulled into the star. Too far and the star will not have enough gravitational pull. Before we proceed, an Astronomical Unit, or AU, is the average distance between the Earth and the Sun, approximately 150 million kilometers or 93 million miles.
    The inner limit follows this equation:
    I = 0.1 * M
    Where I is measured in AU and M is the mass of the star.
    Similarly, the outer limit can be generalized as:
    O = 40 * M
    Though with some caveats on the mass and velocity of individual planets, as particularly fast or less massive planets would have a significantly smaller outer limit.
    Frost Line:
    The simplified frost line can be found based on the star's luminosity.
    F = 4.85 * L^-2
    Where L is luminosity and F is measured in AU. Keeping in mind that a planet barren of atmosphere will retain nearly no heat from their star and certain atmosphere compositions will have a greenhouse effect.
    Stable Orbits:
    Planets have an almost infinite combination of orbits, but there are some rules of stable orbits when multiple planets are involved. Each further planetary orbit will always be between 1.4 and 2 times the distance of the previous or be unstable and something will somewhere destabilize. This, however, is in relation to the star. IF we are looking at orbits close to the parent star, planets themselves can be no closer than 0.15 AU of each other (generalization, gets a bit more complex). Otherwise, the planets will affect each other and one or more planets will destabilize and go into the sun or settle into a further orbit which may cause a chain reaction of other orbital interactions. 
    Orbital Resonance:
    Dwarf Planets:
    Orbits a star Roundish in shape Has not cleared its orbital path of debris Not a satellite  
    Terrestrial Planets:
    Ice Giants:
    Hot Giants:
    Moons are currently classified by two types, Major and Minor Moons. Major moons are those who have enough mass to collapse into a spherical shape. As mass is not always the same density at certain sizes a minor moon may, in fact, have more volume than a major moon. However, this is a limited range and is extremely rare. This range of overlap resides almost solely in the 200-300 km range. Though theoretically, some really odd and really rare highly dense or the oppositely composed moons could exist.
    Moons also come in two varieties, predominantly rocky and icy. Why this is has a few theories based on we believe system formation occurs. Moons located within the systems frost line will be predominantly rocky and those outside the frost line will be predominantly rocky.
    Terrestrial planets tend to have very few moons and often none at all. It is not uncommon to capture a few asteroids which reclassify as minor moons, but it is particularly rare to have major moons. Additionally, terrestrial planets closer to a star tend to have fewer moons than those further away.
    Hill Sphere:
    The Hill Sphere is the range in which a smaller mass within it will gravitationally bound to the larger mass. This can be calculated by the equation:
    H (outer): a * (m/M)^(1/3) * 235
    Au , m is the smaller mass, and M is the larger mass. The inner limit is the Roche limit, more details on that later, but for now, the equation is:
    d = R * ( 2 * pM / pm )^ (1/3)
    Where R is the radius of the major body, pM is the density of the major body, and pm is the radius of the minor body. It must be kept in mind that these are simplified equations for static, or solid moons with an ideal orbit. Moons with fluids or elliptical orbits will have modified equations.
    Simplified Orbital Period:
    P = 0.0588 * ( R^3 / (M + m ) )^(1/ 2 ),
    Where P is in days.
    Moon Systems
    If you found this interesting comment below and if at least a couple people are interested I will continue with a lot more info. Specifically types of planets and realistic ranges of their properties.
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    Evil_Porcupine reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in "DSI / TSU / UEE" investigation   
    Dear community members,
    A few weeks ago, we took a stance regarding “out of the game”/IRL-related practices to discredit, threaten or shame publicly another Community Member (even if the involved person is guilty of several infractions) that could be an opponent in-game.
    As the DSI (Dark Star Imperium) / TSU (Trinary Star Union)  / UEE (United Earth Empire) case blew out of proportion during January, we investigated.
    We are really serious about differentiating real life from the game itself. Unfortunately some didn’t take our stance seriously. We gave them a chance to come clean in a private discussion and restart on an healthier basis. They didn’t take the opportunity for what it was: a last chance.
    As they preferred “playing dumb” with Novaquark staff, we can’t have any trust that they won’t continue. Therefore we have decided to ban permanently those Community Members for various reasons (all not being banned for the same reason(s)):
    Not being honest towards Novaquark staff. Making and encouraging ghost accounts. Abusive recruitment practices. Practising real life harassment and/or threatening another player. Making false report to Novaquark’s Customer Support in an attempt to make ban someone they dislike. Spreading real life information without the involved person’s consent, aka Doxxing.  
    (strong reminder: even if a person gives you real life information about him/her, it’s not okay to share these information with ANYONE else without his/her consent. You can’t predict how the other person(s) will use this information and if he/she/they won’t share it again. If some trouble occurs following this sharing, you can be held legally responsible).
    This might seem an extreme sanction but this shows how serious we are when we say we are not going to let toxic attitude and practices spread in the Community. Our goal to build a healthy and friendly community isn’t just a figure of speech. Anyone caught to spread or encourage any toxic behavior will be removed from the Community as it will be considered as damaging the Community and negating Novaquark staff efforts (without saying that it’s time consuming and a waste of our resources).
    Saying it’s a long time grudge coming from before the arrival in the Dual Universe community is absolutely not a valid excuse. If someone has a personal grudge with another community member, he/she should either:
    Leave it at the doorstep and/or settle it in private and peacefully with no one else involved. Contact directly (and only) Novaquark staff if the issue persists.
    The moment someone uses the Dual Universe community as a tool for IRL revenge, he/she is not welcome anymore. We’re all here to have fun. It should always stay that way.
    Therefore, the following Community Members have been permanently banned from the Community:
    Lime / Fullsend / mmtheboss / Sakej99 [DSI] Primarch Zelevas / TharisUEE Melkor_Morgoth
      In addition the DSI Organization member list has been reset, and the Novaquark Team has appointed CN_Firestorm as the new owner of the Organization, should he accept to take a fresh start on a healthy basis.
    We also give a warning to all those who were indirectly involved (with the evidence we found) but not actively participating in the recent community troubles. Next time, there won’t be any new warning. If you become involved against your will in some shady real life activities, you have only two healthy options:
    Leaving the group doing such activity immediately. Report it to Novaquark staff.  
    If you stay in such group without leaving or reporting it and the group is caught, you take the risk to get the same sanction as those actively involved.
    This investigation has taken (or more precisely wasted) a lot of time from Novaquark staff. We really don’t like to intervene in players affairs. However, if there is a chance that such affairs damage the Community by toxic behavior, you can expect Novaquark staff to step in. We hope we won’t have to take the same measures again.
    Best regards,
    The Novaquark Team.
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    Evil_Porcupine reacted to Lethys in I want to pledge but is the game playable   
    It's a real Alpha. You can test it to give nq feedback. It's not a game for playing yet 
    Edit: playing in the sense of having a real game experience like in a finished game. If you participate you give nq valuable data to improve DU. Wipes may happen and all your progress might be lost too
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    Evil_Porcupine reacted to Kuritho in The BIPM   
    nO yOu HaVe tO CalL It a COrVEtTE, nOt A lAMboRghiNI
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    Evil_Porcupine got a reaction from Kuritho in The BIPM   
    But what about standards for ships...

    A sHIp ThIs SizE MUst bE a FriGAtE aND tHis iS a CrUisER!
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    Evil_Porcupine reacted to CoreVamore in NPC crews for space utilization & immersion.   
    Or, have a smaller ship....
    Or more useful real life crew.....

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    Evil_Porcupine reacted to Venstix in NPC crews for space utilization & immersion.   
    Isn't the goal of the game to gather real people instead of displaying fake ones?
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    Evil_Porcupine reacted to Kuritho in The BIPM   
    Can't we just use pre-existing measurements? I don't want to measure things in Oofaloogas.
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    Evil_Porcupine got a reaction from blazemonger in Public Discord Auth Bot [WIP]   
    ^ On any unofficial one, sure. harvest all the data you want from there. But i agree that this should not be on any official server.
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    Evil_Porcupine got a reaction from Kuritho in Pre-Alpha Backer looking for guild   
    I would show some of our wares, but knowing these forums i'd be banned lol
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    Evil_Porcupine got a reaction from Kuritho in Pre-Alpha Backer looking for guild   
    Do you accept sponsorships in the form of memes? That's what we have most of at BOO
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    Evil_Porcupine reacted to Kuritho in Pre-Alpha Backer looking for guild   
    Coolest Org: BOO (Band of Outlaws)
    Bestest Org: BOO (Band of Outlaws)
    Funnest Org: BOO (Band of Outlaws)
    $100% not biased.
    (waitin' for dat sponsorship)
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    Evil_Porcupine reacted to Lethys in Galaxy4D Info   
    Lol. I always thought the devs of Du are crazy but that's just nonsense imho hahaha
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    Evil_Porcupine reacted to blazemonger in The Only Down Side I See, The AI   
    No, it does not. It destroys the value of effort and doing the work. What is the point of spending time to get to a position where you can reap the benefits of the work when Joe Bloggs can come around and just push your work down the toilet.
    Games like DU will give you back what you put in, there's no free lunch here and if you want to be better than the other guy you'll have to work for it.
    Small groups with smart members who manage to capitalize on what they know best is what will keep the bigger orgs sharp and focussed. That is not the same as ' it should be fairly easy to disrupt an industry'. Disrupting an industry does not come easy and is not simple to achieve. Not in RL and it certainly should not be in DU or any relevant game.
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    Evil_Porcupine reacted to Lethys in The Only Down Side I See, The AI   
    You can do it already - have an empire on your own with only 5 ppl or so. It just won't be defendable because everyone can just raid you, but you can try....
    You seem to think that everyone should be able to do everything and that solo players who don't want to bother with politics, betrayal, emergent gameplay, logistics and socializing should get special treatment to be on equal ground with a larger org. Guess what, that won't happen.
    You can play in a smaller group. You can play solo. But you CAN'T get the same benefits as larger orgs do. That's the thing with DU: make friends, socialize, get to know ppl and think of a RDMS structure that suits you while at the same time makes it very hard to betray. If you don't want to bother with strangers and big orgs, that's fine. But don't expect to be on equal grounds with them if you don't want to invest as much time and brain in the structure as they do.
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