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  1. IF there is a reset there are at minimum two main things that have to be retained upon a wipe. The first you already mentioned which is the core BPs. These are what we have spent hours designing and building within the game. The second one is that talent points need to be retained as it is a representation of the TIME that we have already invested in the game. No I do not mean partial I mean all as this is something that differentiates those in the BETA and the release. Additionally a HIGHLY recommended one is to have our Organizations carried over as there can easily be people who will use the opportunity to take the names of popular existing organizations within the community. Not doing so would cause a lot of issues withing the community.
  2. So a major limitation on the mission system is that Organization cannot post missions as themselves. This prevents the org from posting a mission to sell something on the market under the org itself and requires so many workarounds to be done and opening up permissions for it to actually be put on the market. Additionally this would allow for a much higher count of active missions that could be scaled based on org talents. This would also not require legates to use their personal mission slots to do org activities.
  3. So I have always thought it was such a silly thing to not at least have at least one out link on a parcel Container since when a package is delivered it's automatically unpacked. It could even be limited to only a Transfer Unit. This one small thing would vastly change the way factories are fed.
  4. So I think something we could use is an industry machine that will create packages based on a pre-defined selection. It would effectively a dispenser and a Transfer Unit. It would have 7 inputs and one output which only connects to a Parcel Container. You can set a name for the package it creates.
  5. I highly recommend not just straight deleting the constructs as that is just a wasted opportunity. Instead incorporate it into a mission to salvage/dismantle the ship. Then not only are you cleaning up the game, but you can also provide a new quanta generation options.
  6. I don't think that the damage applied to the combat stress count should be the total damage and should be based on the actual damage applied to voxels/elements after resistances. This would put more emphasis in the use of voxel armor that has higher resistances. otherwise voxels themselves really don't serve much of a combat value aside from increasing the base HP value of the ship.
  7. I will say that they should respawn in another random area. Otherwise they could get abused.
  8. This would not kill hauling as the trade would be separate between planets as the idea is to unify the markets only a particular planet. You would still have separate markets, but just more focused on the per planet bases. Basically turning the 140 markets we have now into 30 one for each planet. Also there is nothing stopping large orgs from manipulating the market even with the current setup. I am pretty sure I have already see it happen. Truthfully it makes it easier but at the same time harder as the whales will have to contend with each other.
  9. I hate to break it to you, but NQ want space to be focused on PvP. It is even on the main game site. If you hate PvP that much you will likely struggle to enjoy this game.
  10. The taxes for the current markets would stay as is and would not change. However the player controlled ones could be adjusted and the usage taxes for using them would go to the controlling player/org. This would allow someone to have an org market terminal that has the higher or lower taxes and the fees would benefit the org. Also, with this you could have markets on top of space elevators and they controlling player/org could have an increased rate to pay for the convivence of not having to go below 1km. Same could be said for space stations still within the range of the planet. I will also point out I have no idea who cgytry is and I see no reason to fear him. Also no idea what you mean by "global handel."
  11. The "====Additional Note====" section is where I talk about being able to introduce player controlled market terminals that connect to the planet's market network. Currently there is already two taxes when you buy items. The 10 ħ "Operation Fee" and the Value Tax (0.01%). Sellers have to deal with Operation, Value, and Storage Tax. The Operation and Value taxes are the ones that the terminals controlled by a player would receive and be able to adjust.
  12. So from my experience so for with the markets has not been great. You can easily try to spend 10-15 min trying to find a location with a good price due to the massive list of markets available. Then once you do find a location you realize that it is a very heavily populated area and start lagging on approach. If you are unlucky you have your entire ship wrecked and have to spend resources to fix it. The point is that there is no way around the really populated markets as that is the best place to buy/sell. This is one of the issues I see is that this is not scalable nor are there any mechanics to avoid the extremely laggy markets. There are also a lot of markets on the planet that aren't even being used at the moment. I am not particularly surprised when we already have 140 of them in the current system. Once the new systems start coming online we could potentially have double the current market count. All of that makes markets not player friendly so many avoid it if they can to just do it themselves. ====Change Proposal==== Unify the markets on the planet so they act as one large one which can be accessed by multiple terminals (aka the current Marketplaces). When you select "set destination" on the planetary network it will set the destination to the terminal that is closest to current position. Simplifies the markets enough that it is more player friendly Allows players to redirect to less populated markets to avoid lag Still allows trading between planets Simplifies the management of trade boxes Increased scalability when introducing new system/planets ====Additional Note==== Once the markets are unified across the planet it would be easy to interduce player controlled Market Terminals. They would be directly connected to the Planet's Market Network and would not have local storage. This will prevent the possibility of item theft. Secondly the user/org controlling the market terminal will get the fees for other players using it along with being able to adjust the rates.
  13. I think the say that would prevent this kind of abuse of XS cores with Large Radars and guns would be to restrict the size of the weapons and radars that can be placed on cores. So for example limiting it to the same size or smaller would greatly help. XS Core - XS Weapons/Radar S Core - XS/S Weapons/Radar M Core - XS/S/M Weapons/Radar L Core - XS/S/M/L Weapons/Radar
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