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  1. Lots of good ideas here. Personally, I like that pretty much any module can be installed on any core size, but I would like to see restrictions on capacity. The ability to equip either a large gun or large radar on an XS core sounds great but I don't think it should be able to fit both. I like the idea of long-range scout ships (XS with large radar) but the capacity cost should limit other options that are then available. I think that all of this could be managed via the upcoming power system but that's not due to be out until release sometime in 2021. Without imposing
  2. While I think this could be cool once power comes in it certainly would be problematic under the current system. Should be interesting watching this develop.
  3. Not a bad idea. That would certainly lead to some interesting freighter designs in pursuit of smallness! I'd love to see some NQ feedback on this topic.
  4. I believe power requirements are coming into the game soon and that may play a role in what kind of bandwidth a core has available to equip elements. Maybe that will change this meta.
  5. If you leave the safe zone you absolutely will encounter flanking pirates at destinations at some point. Under the current system, those XS cores have a severe tactical advantage over larger ships and I honestly don't know what the fix would be or whether there even should be one. I want some community input and suggestions to see where others land on this topic.
  6. Give this a shot: <svg xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" viewBox="0 0 263.8 322.81"><path d="M187.78,39.51c-22.1,2.6-44.3,14.2-57.7,30.1-14.9,17.7-22.2,35.7-22.2,54.8,0,12.1,1.8,19.9,6.9,30.9l3.5,7.4-2.5,5.1c-3.5,7.1-4.8,14.9-3.5,21.4,2.6,13.8,13.8,25.2,24.8,25.2h4.2v17.1l-6.5,2.9a94.36,94.36,0,0,0-28.7,20.1c-6,6.1-7.8,8.5-7.8,10.7a6.56,6.56,0,0,0,1.2,4c2.5,2.5,5.6,1.3,10.4-4.3,6.1-7.2,15.8-14.5,26.1-19.7l8.2-4.1,3.5,2.2c4.9,3.1,8.7,4.1,19.6,5.1,5.2.5,11.5,1.4,14,1.9,7.2,1.6,34.6,1.3,41.3-.4,7.3-1.9,8.7-1.9,8.7,0,0,1.1-1.2,1.5-4.4,1.5-5.6,0-9.8,3.3-12.1,9.5-2,5.1-1.6,8.4,
  7. At this point, many of us realize the dangers of XS core sniper ships. For those that don't know, these are XS ships + Gunner seats that are typically equipped with something like a Space Radar L and Large Railgun L. I want to talk about the math and logic behind a scenario associated with these little bastards. Let's start with the math given a scenario involving an XS core sniper aggressor (A Team) against a fleet comprised of an M core freighter and and two XS core sniper escorts (B Team). A Team can lock and fire at the B Team freighter at a range of 160km. BOOM! Th
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