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  1. NQ's wipe is like: someone you love but everytime you ask him/her to start a relationship he/she says 'I dont know'. Asking every day for a month and still: I dont know... Can we just date, can we just be friends on Facebook? I dont know... So the thing imma trying to say is how lots of (ex)players are acting on this forum. Its almost pathetic to read and see. Dont you guys get the message??? Make up your minds and continue with your lives! No means no!! I myself renewed my sub in January, 8 days later the pancake-wipe update was introduced to me and I instantly quit. I am a grown man over my 40s and I do not fool around. The deathmeter-wipe put me on the edge and the pancake-wipe pushed me over. I wish all the ppl who play and who dont play lots of fun, but people please.... Be a sensible adult and quit being stubborn.
  2. Omg, you are acting like such a fanboy!! NQ doesn't need your protection, didnt you know that? As for the multiple orgs, its only logical to add another org instead of training lvl 5 when you need more cores quick. And I do not think that I am such a genius that Im the only one who came to that conclusion, 16 months into this game. I also have 5+ mill talents points still to be used, I think I would be one of the few players who can instantly train the new coming core talent system to its max. Im a proud builder in the form that im proud of ALL my builds of many games. I still have my cities xl maps from 2009! So if this game decides to delete my builds, I dont like it and now I moving on to another game. I haven't logged on since this announcement and I have never used a MU (so demeter almost made me quit but I stayed to empty my inventory on builds). And now i cannot continue building. This, and the (imo) changing community is what has driven me out of this game. And 'a good excuse' doesnt do anything for me. NQ could have said: we lower the max amount of cores because we don't like spaghetti. It would still be the same for me and I would gave the exact same reaction. Ive got into this game because of the things it advertised back in 2020. Not of the things its advertising now. So I move on. Before we had 275 cores times 5 (5 orgs) and 17 of our own which is 1392 cores. Maybe even more with sub-orgs. NQ wanted to cut it down to 3% of that!! Come on man... If your company asks you if you wanna take a paycut to save the company, you would never expext a 97% paycut. I would quit that job! And so its the same for me in this game. How can 1 prepare for a 97% cut? And so after many protests, tge cut down is 'only' 85%... Which is still a lot for me. If you cut anything I really like in life to 15%, then Im not into that no more. I wish others nothing good or bad, just carry on with your lives and Ill carry on with mine. I am not going to "rearrange my constructs" with other players to save them. That is something I will not do. I took the risk of paying for an unfinished game. NQ took the risk of loosing players. Its just life. Yes you players who stay can all haz my stuff. I hope they will bring much joy to others.
  3. Nope, still dont like it, I dont like to be restricted in a former free world. You gave me the chance to save my current 175core spacestation(org 1) and the ship-shop (org 2), but afterwards I cannot expand it. I also wonder how it is going to affect my current slots. If you save my station and shop, will I stil have 100/100 slots? And yes, under 40 orgs have maybe over 200 cores, but most players have multiple orgs that work as one. I have 1 org that handles the spacestation cores, and another org that handels my ships and the shipshop. So its a bit, you know, not fair to say that there are ONLY 40 orgs that are over the 200 cores. The setup for this game made it so that we had to make 'divisions' for our builds. And the game looks empty already, with just landscapes and few buildings. How are you at NQ going to implement content with these building restrictions? Also Id like to invite a few devs to come to my base and you can takedown my "MEX 5 series Flight" M-core ship. Maybe then you will realise how much time that takes, and you wont just throw a statement out that reads: "just tear down your builds".
  4. So you have the money but this is because of the long run? So youve decided to destroy our builds, waste our time and take our money without a proper a decent warning. Just like that? Rapping about a vertex tool for many months but leave us in the dark about these new limits and trying to limit players with max 42 cores (because of protest its 200 now, your plan was 42!!) I do not think thats decent of you, and I feel tricked by you guys. I think that you guys were afraid people would not extend their subs if you would warn us about this update, and that is correct! Therefore I think you tricked a lot of us by not being sincere. Since this is, by far, not a sudden decision at your side. So ive started up an old *insert game* map of 4yrs ago, guess what? It is still there and working! Most games ADD stuff so in the future you can just expand old builds. Ill be glad to help you with your server problems. As i have no desire to build in this game anymore. Ill make a personal video of my builds in this game so i can at least look back at what ive achieved and wanted to contribute to this gsmeworld. It was fun while it lasted
  5. Ive played a few games that were in development, way before release. Other than tweaking a little bit here and there, the games mostly added stuff. It was more like: wow, Im going to upgrade my base/avatar/vehicle with this new cool option! In this game its the other way around, introducing a game and then take away features. Better to start small and end big, than to start big and end small. Maybe its true that you better stay away from investing big in this game and wait silently until release.
  6. You are right that im not an alpha backer, but it also is a different company right now. And Im not into what you were promised, Im into what I have experienced. If you think my comment is meaningless to this topic, then Im sorry. I might have understood it wrong.
  7. I see a lot of people here are easily convinced. Only took NQ 1 time to be a little bit honest and lots of people agree like slaves. And peoples also believe that it is the complete truth, while im convinced its not. I think a expensive and difficult project like the vertex tool is costing more money than it will bring in. But hey, lets introduce that and cut away something else!! This is not a problem that nobody could not see coming, why such a drastic rule now? They could have said in July: in a year with release, there will be a core building cap, so dont go overboard with your builds. But they act like its something they had never seen coming. Everybody knew there was a 30.000 player test, but it seems nobody at the office was thinking about 30.000 players having 100 constructs with each construct having 100s of elements. But now everything is a suprise and will cost too much money to implement. I think a lot of players are afraid that this game might make it, and thats why they are afraid to quit. So they suck up every excuse NQ has for changes and hope for the better. I am certain the goal is not to make this game work, its to experiment with the things they can do. Most developing games ive played just added stuff to the game before release. This one only removes stuff. Ill be watching DU vids and posts and keep an eye on this 'game'... See if it will ever be a succes. And if it is a succes, what kind of game is it?
  8. Well its definite then, all my projects are now cancelled. Poorest and lamest excuse again it makes me want to vomit every time I read it... The "We listen to the community but its too expensive so we are sorry" excuse. Oh please stop it! Im not going to let you use me anymore for your deceiving plans. So my answer is: see you around! See if that helps anything for ya! As for the "can I haz ur stuff" bit, nq provides this for you!
  9. Im rage quitting this game, im in rage of the devs with their stupid limitations which gets all the fun out of the game. Also every limitation is a message that you have done a lot for nothing. I can say goodbye to all my work of the last 10 months... What a waste of time this game turned out to be! Please be honest and put this game back in alpha state, because this is NOT a beta! Could you devs start a discussion of the game that started in august 2020 and the game you are trying to make, so we all can be honest and know what we can expect?
  10. Maybe the map should be one planet with different moons. Make the planet bigger (50 su diameter) have the moons at 150 su away or something. Having 1 planet with totally different biomes, continents and rivers. Invest more in environment design instead of this lazy ass random generated alioth rainpuddle planet.
  11. -schematics introduction which resulted in many useless factories. Factory-wipe! -wiping (resetting) the planets because of 'too many mining holes' -then came the claiming of old abandoned structures (wiping structures). -Then wiping of many dynamic cores because of the 'brake update" and "stacking". -Now the wiping of giant structures by a core limit. Guys... We are wiping our own game!! Build back better NQ?
  12. Man p1$$ off with these devs... Really really what the hell is this? Are they saying once more: you have wasted all your time and money! It was all for nothing!!! I have a 170+ core spacestation based on an asteroid in thades rings. I started building in april and while its base is finished, I am now 9 months further and making it beautiful with trees, npc's and lots of different coloured ship. Its a place for myself to enjoy all my builds. I have never touched a MU because I had so many ore in stock. I was planning to take a break from the game and leave the base for many others to enjoy and see some ideas. So many times these devs are saying to builders: you have just wasted all your time and money for nothing. This is the final straw for me.. I will play because my subscription is still on for 3 more months. But after that I am never coming back to a game that wants to delete all my VERY HARD work. Not even asking devs why they are doing this. They can stick this game...... And to all those NQ fanboys who actually think this is a good idea: go ahead and play a game in an empty world. Im going to Narnia....
  13. Well, it started a heated discussion that even caught NQ's attention.
  14. People who love this stacking update are just DU fanboys. Making up excuses for NQ's strange choices. Saying things like: the brake change is logical, or that things always change in a beta version. You cannot die in this game, we can breathe in space, nor do we need food or rest. There is absolutely no reason for these changes and there is absolutely no need for them. Its just a big middle finger to builders. I can now throw away 1,5 years of shipbuilding. All for nothing. Even ships build with the brake change in mind are now 'broken' because of 'stacking'. My ships are parked at my base for display now. I had set up a shop with displayed ships and bp's but I can throw away all 1000 bp"s now. The displayed ships need to be dismantled because they serve no purpose. And please... Can 1 fanboy please explain to me what shipbuilders are going to love this game more, because of these changes? I don't see any players in the world entering this game because "the brakes are on the outside like it should be" or "its unrealistic to put engines next to each other". Someone please tell me what this improves to ones builds in any way. If it was like, putting elements close together will generate too much heat or something. Then it would be a challenge for builders to implement the cooling system. But now its just, because NQ wants to implement a fancy build system that is not even balanced in any way. Im pretty sure AGG pulsars will also be needed at the bottom of your ships soon. After that we will need shields to be in the middle of the ship, warp drives to be placed vertical. Fuel tanks cannot sit beside an engine. Lights on the left side of your ship must be green and for every passenger seat you must pay taxes. It simply doesn't make any sense at all and it will certainly not attract builders. Haven't seen anyone quit this game because the brakes are on the inside, but Ive seen people quit this game because they now MUST go on the outside. What will the mighty NQ do now? From a "you can do and build anything" game to a "meaningless chores and rules" game
  15. Whoa... Wait a minute.... Which game is that?
  16. Thanx man! This story cracked me up!
  17. No no no, I like your ++ideas and you are in depth right. But to me you are going full Forza and thats not what Im trying to do. There is already racing, Im trying to implement very simple things to make it even more easier to do what we are already doing now!
  18. Pfffffft havent even thought of that one, but Im sure that one will come for sure!
  19. What if.... NQ focused more on the ability to race? Racing is one of the most fun interactive things to do in this game. -Concentrating on hover vehicles, like more types of hovers and propulsions. And maybe that the lower you are to the ground, the faster you go (maybe this will be a problem on Thades..) -Easy ability to have checkpoints and lap-times. -Have packages WITH RIGHT CLICK INFORMATION so we can set them in dispensers for rally's or checkpoint controle. -Have *boop* options (or something) so there can be a 'police' kind of option. This can even be done with (ground/hover only) weapons -Please let us copy the way we have programmed a group of lights!!! To set up a group of blinking lights, each light has 5 parameters to set up, and for each time you have to right-click the light and go through the menu to select the parameter you want to adjust. This way the scenery can come in handy for racing. Also, for a rally, you can give your tile(s) up for a checkpoint and be visited. Muy-o mucho more-o interactivooooo And since there is a camera LUA coming up, it will be "easy" to follow as fan on a screen I would love to see a DU cannonball run. I also think this will attract a LOT of players, since we can design our own futuristic vehicle. And we dont have wheels in this game and we almost always fly, but with more improvement on the hover side.... I think Im a f-king genius with this simple to implement upgrade, what do you guys think?
  20. This might be true for a lot of us (certainly for me), but doesnt apply to the topic creators complaint about leaving. How I read his/her post is that this is a new player who is suprised that he/she got shot at in the pvp zone. I have a space station, I started it in April and just got finished in November. And that was just the plain light grey aluminium build. No decorations or nice colours. Things in this game take time and I see a lot of post from newbs that do not have the patience for this, or didn't take this in account. How I read these complaints, is that they thought it was going too slow and wanted a boost in revenue and got out into the pvp zone to mine valuable ore. Then they got shot and now they're even further back than square one because they lost their (only) ship. And now with the tax system en MU's you got to have even more patience before you finally get where you wanted to go. If you enter this game in demeter and think this is the game from September 2020, than you are well misinformed. I like DU but if I found out about this game only 2 weeks ago or something, I would look at some tube videos (including the complaints), visit the forums and would eventually not even try this game. As it has no demo or skidrow version to try it out.
  21. Im sorry but I think you started this game, wanted to get rich in 1 day and when that didnt happen you decided to abandon the game. A thing a read a lot here on the forums, written by new players who barely played a month. Maybe these people should search for more information about the product they are buying instead of just jumping in and afterwards complain about the game. Cant say im gonna miss these new players who come into a game and when they are not top of the list within a week, they quit. I have been a solo player for 16 months, been into the pvp zone only once and I warped. Got my sanct tile and a space base. Easy playing as a solo player, but some people are not satisfied unless they rank among the highest. AND WHY DO PEOPLE WHO COMPLAIN ABOUT TAXES DO NOT JUST BUILD A SPACESTATION THAT IS TAX-FREE???? I can go for weeks on my station, just building stuff. Only fly off to get some market items or do missions to make some money. It wont get you rich but it does give you fun gametime instead of doing the chores for taxpayement.
  22. So if taxes are suspended, are players now massively claiming former owned tiles for free now? Since you dont have to pay the 2 weeks tax. Kinda "free" looting.
  23. To to have twice the servers for a new 1Xtra galaxy. And what would prevent galaxy 1 players to start up an org at galaxy 2?
  24. Hmmmm. As Im reading the reactions to this topic it seems they are only used by people who take advantage of the mission system. Maybe I was asking the wrong question. Maybe the question should be: With the new slower mining system, how many days will it take to fill up a 20L container (about 3800Kl) ship? I was under the impression that it takes so long now, that you might as well fly smaller chunks with smaller ships.
  25. 80"s-90's -I had an atari 800xl and after that a Atari Mega ST2. Played random games. -Then on a Commodore Amiga 500 with 1 mb memory my favourite game was Sensible World of Soccer. -PSX with Fifa 98 road to world cup which had almost every team on the globe cuz of no player licence's 1999-now First into the rts genre -Total Annihilation -C&C red alert 2 Then into city building -Sim City 4 -Cities XL -Cities Skylines Voxelbuilding -Galactic Junk League (robocraft with spaceships, this got me into voxelbuilding ships and I still got the same designs) -Avorion (To prepare myself for DU. i build the biggest playable mothership with an 'interior') -Space Engineers (to prepare myself for DU with more complex systems) -DU So I pretty much love building bases, cities and ships (and yes, im building a football stadium in this game) DU had it all until 0.23 then it all went downwards imo with this game.
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