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  1. What I am talking about will not be able to get resources. It would look like a modern tunnel bore. In Duel, I would say that it would dig a large tunnel that 15 people could dig out but slower. It would be overseen by only a couple people but would be expensive to keep running, with fuel needed and breakdowns common. It would either destroy all the drops or ruin all materials that get mined by it. This could be used to drill a tunnel through a mountain without having 15 people digging at once. With this it would mine at the same speed, but those 10 people could rotate through and do other things while it is digging. I do not think that this would be used for mining because if you only have a couple people, it would be quicker to just mine a small tunnel, so the only application this could be used for would be digging the main branches of a mine. Even then it would only be worth it if you use the tunnel often because the machine would be heavy and hard to get out of the tunnel once you got it in.
  2. Will the game be available on Steam?
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