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  1. well maybe some players could get together to do a translation mod or something along those line
  2. Games Workshop is known for its copyrighting policy as it is lol Unfortunately i dont have the time or the skills necessary to build an organization
  3. Naturally, I am just in search of something similar, i noticed some star wars ships and had me thinking maybe I could find some battle barges Also, id rather find an already structured organization but I may be fruitless in my endeavor
  4. Any Warhammer40k oriented guilds? I noticed star wars but I prefer warhammer
  5. Lemonsquid

    Ingame Names

    I was wondering if there was any word yet on if its possible to change you name ingame, and if so possible to do without paying? Name changing always seemed like a basic necessity in games for me. In addition, when players are members of organizations and bear ranks/titles would they also be displayed with the player name?
  6. Organization Warfare will be interesting
  7. the only benefit i can think of coming from steam is its massive audience. getting on the main cover page on steam would surely attract many newcomers for better or worse lol
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