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  1. Yup, realized that after I typed it and clarified my post. The main point is that there's no roadmap, no plans, its just 'whatever we'll figure it out' and boom big change comes. And that aspect keeps ruining the play for me at least. Need to know what I'm getting into.
  2. I'll say this: with 'future plans' up for discussion all the time its hard to commit to this game. Many of the things we like to build take months of effort, and suddenly NQ decides to rewrite a major pillar of the game and its all invalidated. MegaFactories - invalidated. MegaNodes/Mining - invalidated. HTML Lua - invalidated. All your beta builds - wiped and invalided *soon. We should be at a point we you are 'tweaking things' for balance and adding on features. Now you're telling me you 'might think about removing safe zones' in the future. At the end of Episode 6, about removing safe zones. If you don't even know if they will be viable, why should I build there? Wipe goes through, I start having fun building my space station, and six months down the road you decide to put me in PvP space, and my work is invalidated. What's next? Removing markets 'because too many people go there' or something? I really want to play this game but it feels like a waste when it all ends up being for not after you guys remove stuff. You'll have to settle at some point and have a plan because this wishy washy 'I don't know what we're making' isn't really attractive long-term. Edit: it was always the plan to remove the outer planet safe zones but not the inner zone. Just say that.
  3. Thank you for transforms and clip area. I did find difficulty using the clip area because the layer transform moves it. I would like to see the option to keep the clip on a static x,y so I can rotate the layer underneath. Also, rotate and transform are done in any order, if that makes sense? They need to be applied in the order they are written, because of the way transforms work. Rotate before shift, and shift before rotate, produce different results. @NQ-Ligo keep it up my dude!
  4. Wow you guys, just wow. There are services vendors I pay for things professionally that don't do MFA in 2022. You guys did it unexpectedly and correctly, minus the spelling errors. The 30 day device remember is great. The rewards are great (plz dnt wipe). The options to hook it to are great (although don't push Authy, IMO). Good job. No complaints on this one. Really, whoever suggested this needs to get a cake party.
  5. I LOVE THIS. As an IT professional I whole-heartedly support this. Edit: On the sign-up page, it says 'TWO FACTORS' Authentication. No need for the extra S as its just called "Two-Factor Authentication."
  6. Couldn't agree more, but as Blaze suggested, this is always the case. They add some effect but go waaaay overboard to the point of being cartoony. LESS IS MORE!
  7. @NQ-Wanderer Is it just me, or does the blog say screens are 1024x513, but in the game getResolution is reporting 1024x613?
  8. I would be totally fine with a wipe if underground ore was still a thing. I've tried the new FTUE and the prospect of starting from scratch is a no for me. I have no interest in establishing an auto-mining setup just to get going. Let's say I get to keep blueprints that aren't magic, okay fine. With underground ore, it would take some time but it would be up to me how fast that goes. I can mine alum till my hands bleed but I could have my base back up in a week. With auto mining, which I've never done, I estimate a month or more before I'd be able to start re-creating things. And not only that, it would take forever to accumulate the quantity that I need to reconstruct fully - the 'journey to wealth' is boring and monotonous, and the game shines after you can actually build stuff. I have no desire to go through that journey again.
  9. Core Limit Proposal: Personal: 50 Org: 50Reason: no reason to play with any less, I can have 10 cool things in other games - in this one I can have 100
  10. Nope. This is no defense of NQ's decision, but I don't think it's about performance and load time. The issue is with data storage in the cloud and how NQ isn't earning enough revenue to cover the costs of the game. Every construct you own has information about it that they need to maintain somewhere. Reducing the number of player-owned constructs means a cap on the size of the databases - that, they can future plan for. Static, dynamic, or space makes no difference - they exist, and they cost NQ money. Seems like this would be something to plan for in the very beginning. They should have decided how much data per player is sustainable and enacted limits. Doing it this late in the game means someone's estimate was waaay off, they've lost the minimum critical mass of subs to cover costs, or costs have risen so much since initial planning (they've been at it for like a decade) that the current format is unsustainable. TL;DR - doesn't matter the type of core, NQ needs you to have less of them to save money
  11. The limits proposed in this devblog are massively out-of-touch with how people want to play this game. It's sensible to place limits on things but these are much too low, excluding the total core count for orgs - that seems fine. 42 cores are just not enough for one player to have the play they want, and contribute to an org. Something more appropriate would be 50 for personal and 50 for org donation. What happens when you hit 42 and want to build something new - you can't so you don't. If you can't build and play, then why pay a sub? With 50/50 you'd have enough for respectable solo play and 50 to use on a larger project.
  12. There are a lot of inactive tiles out there!
  13. “Taxes will automatically be withdrawn from this balance at a rate of 1,000.000 quanta per week.“ Please correct or confirm this number. The use of commas or periods should be uniform.
  14. I want to echo the others’ comments about fandom. That site is an advertisement with a wiki attached. On mobile its literally unusable. Anything, I mean anything else would be preferred. I spend a ton of time in DU and know all kinds of stuff. I wouldn’t mind updating a wiki for others. I sure as hell won’t grace that site with my traffic. Tl:dr wiki good. Fandom bad.
  15. I was in VR at the BSC block display. My game crashed, probably GPU ram crash. When I reloaded the game, my avatar was actually at BSC - nanopack inventory and all - not VR anymore. It’s like I swapped places. Too many cells and scrap to force respawn.
  16. This can be done with Lua. I know, not the answer you want, but I’ve got a shopping list generator that ends up as a json on a screen that you copy and paste external. I send that to my parts guy and he fills the order. But something native would be better.
  17. This is for the auto compact mechanism, but I believe most of these apply to on demand compacting as well. https://discord.com/channels/184691218184273920/748513703540031488/751452114450120871
  18. I tried myself as well, and PvP elements didn’t boost. Chair capacity, cannon xs capacity, and radar capacity didn’t get their bonuses. Everything else seemed to work I think.
  19. There's this other voxel game that does WEEKLY "Progress Notes" from the dev team of what they've been working on. The DU devblogs are great, but they're still so little compared to all the problems the community sees in-game. We all care about the game and would love to follow along with the progress. Since NQ abandoned Discord, I'd love to see a new channel of communication to replace it. A weekly blog post with things like bugs discovered/fixed, new textures previewed, and what's on the menu for the next week would be great to see, just like other teams do for their customers.
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