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    Busterguy reacted to IvanGrozniy in Discussion about End-warp Obstacles and Ramming   
    Due to numerous reports of this happening, including pictures, lets talk about end of warp obstacles and ramming in general.
    Here is an example of a net placed exactly in front of a warp exit. You have about 10-15 seconds to change direction right after end of warp, but most people won't pay attention and ram into whatever is in front of them.



    This has been a thing for a while now, but we now have some reports of ship destruction due to warp destination constructs being purposefully placed in the way.
    One way to get around it is of course to pay attention and maneuver the ship immediately after warp destination is reached. However, there is a lot of discussion to be had about warp obstruction and ramming in general.
    For example:
    1) disabling collisions between cores: this has already been done with trees so I imagine it can be disabled for static / dynamic cores, probably will increase server performance too, but also an effective way of getting rid of warp traps.
    2) disable damage on collision with constructs: an alternative of the above, except collision will cause velocity changes as expected between collisions. We don't have bumper car physics, could be a bit strange, but this also gets rid of warp traps.
    My personal favorite and very biased option:
    3) reverse ramming logic (THE RIGHT LOGIC): it's really strange to consider that an L core going at 30,000km/h can be obliterated by a stationary xs core. It just doesn't make any sense from a logic perspective, although the reason for this implementation probably has roots in server performance considerations. I think collision damage should be shared between constructs and distributed according to mass and voxel logic. Added benefits are: COMPLETELY LAG FREE MARKETS... because naturally people will start ramming, hence a necessity for garages / safe parking facilities, opportunities for business, etc. I would go so far as to say that static cores should be rammable as well. This has huge ramifications for space stations... there will be a need for space mine fields or wreckage around stations to prevent people from completely destroying stations with ramming dynamic cores. Space stations will need engagement rules such as: if dynamic construct is going faster than X amount inside a certain radius around space station, fire all weapons at dynamic core. There are all sorts of interesting ramifications for this gameplay.
    There is something important here I think: it is not ok to simply add a rule to the EULA saying warp traps are illegal. This is a sandbox, emergent gameplay will always happen, and a bunch of players can give a hell of beans about what the rules are. It's in poor taste when a game cannot / will not implement systems to prevent certain actions from happening but simply adds a "RULE" of conduct. In some cases it is certainly appropriate (abuse, discrimination, etc) but in this case, this is emergent gameplay and adding a RULE will not solve this issue. In this situation NQ actually has an opportunity to capitalize on the situation and create game mechanics to either solve this issue or enable ramming AND add mechanics in order to counter ramming.
    On the other hand, warp traps such as these can be cancerous. This is a tactic used extensively in Eve, see here: 
    Do you think warp traps are an acceptable emergent gameplay mechanic? What are your issues with it? What can be done to solve it? Again, to reiterate, simply adding a rule of conduct doesn't work here in my opinion. NQ should really capitalize on this opportunity... I think they failed in the district 15 drama, they could have done some epic stuff there... problems can be turned into opportunities, lets contribute to the discussion and find opportunities
    Edit: After writing this post, I have received confirmation that players are "netted" both when:
    1) player finishes warp, comes to a complete stop, then accelerates/or planet gravity pulls the player, and they end up in a strategically placed net
    2) player finishes warp and gets damaged in net BEFORE coming to a complete stop from the warp
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    Busterguy reacted to NQ-Pann in Introduction: NQ-Pann joins Community team   
    Greetings, Noveans! I'm NQ-Pann, the latest addition to the stellar (see what I did there?) Dual Universe Community team. It is my esteemed privilege to be here, entering into my second week at Novaquark. 
    Some of you may know me from previous projects. My MMO journey began as an Ultima Online player. It wasn't long before I began writing for game sites (mostly UO Stratics) and joining the UO volunteer program. This led to my first "real" job in the industry as the original community manager for EVE Online. I've also worked on Tabula Rasa, Auto Assault, Imperium: Galactic War and, most recently, Crowfall. 
    I'm a native Texan, living in the Austin area with my husband (whom I met in UO!) and our very large, spoiled rotten cat. 
    My role here will mostly be behind-the-scenes, writing news and blogs. I'll also be the primary point of contact for content creators, so if you stream, make videos, or resources for Dual Universe, I look forward to meeting you soon. 
    Head over to my AMA thread and let's get acquainted! 
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    Busterguy reacted to NQ-Naunet in DevBlog: Element Destruction - DUscussion thread   
    Naunet running by with a quick edit for clarity: Element Destruction will be applied to all damages sustained, both in and outside of PvP battles.
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    Busterguy reacted to NQ-Naunet in UPDATE: Keeping the 'port' in support!   
    [Updated Nov 19, 2020 @ 3:02 PM EST]: The rules outlined below apply to teleporting both avatars and constructs. This means that, outside of the list of approved scenarios, we won't be able to fetch your ship and bring it to your location. 

    Good day fellow Noveans,
    I come bearing support-related news! More specifically, I’d like to address teleportation requests with all of you.
    For a while now, we’ve allowed players in need of a port to say the word on Discord and - voila - your wish would be granted! ✨
    That worked well for a time, but our Discord support channel is now beginning to slip under the veritable wave of port requests… and we’d like to rescue it and all those in need of a ‘lift’.
    As of November 19th, we would like everyone in need of teleport-related assistance to use the in-game chat support, or submit an official support ticket. By using the in-game chat function instead of Discord, you’re likely to receive an answer quicker because our GMs are ready and waiting for you there!

    Having said that, we’d also like to inform everyone that we will no longer grant port requests if you’re simply out of fuel, stuck in one of your own constructs, or just generally stranded. All port requests will now be investigated, verified and potentially denied if the request falls outside of approved scenarios.

    Some examples of when to ask for a port (approved scenarios):
    if you’re stuck in an Aphelia construct if you’re trapped in any other player-owned tile (unable to dig) if you’re unable to get past the loading screen upon logging in
      What to do if you’re just stuck/out of fuel/stranded: 
    Don’t forget: there are plenty of player organizations available to assist in your travels through space! Be sure to check out the organizations and services provided on Discord and our Forums. Some organizations will be happy to provide you with transportation, refueling, repairs, building help and so much more!! 🚀

    How to contact support:

    To access in-game chat support, simply click the “support” tab in-game, as depicted below.

    From here, it’s as easy as typing up your request, starting the message with "@NQ" and sending it off!
    To submit an official support ticket, please click HERE. 👈

    Then, select the hyperlinked text that says “submit a request” in the top-right corner of the page. Once you see the screen featured below, select the appropriate category for your issue and go to town!

    (Quick note for those submitting crash reports: PLEASE do not forget to include a crash log and/or XML logs with your ticket!!)

    And there you have it! Let’s all do our part to keep the Discord server free and clear of port requests so that players with big ol’ bugs and other issues to report can receive the visibility they deserve.


    PS - I want to give a special shout-out to all of our support staff for everything they do!! Thank you, all!!
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    Busterguy reacted to NQ-Naunet in Lua Museum Submissions   
    Good afternoon, everybody!!

    If you (and/or your Org-mates) are a fan of Lua and you've used it to breathe life into a creation you're dying to show off... now's your chance.  

    For a chance to be featured in our Lua Museum (ooooh, ahhhh!), please submit your builds using the handy dandy form we've put together. 

    👉 Click HERE to access the form! 👈

    Thank you for taking the time to check this out, and happy building!! We can't wait to review your submissions.

    ~ NQ-Naunet

    For those not in-the-know, Lua is a lightweight, high-level, multi-paradigm programming language designed primarily for embedded use in applications. This video contains more information about the ways in which you can use it in DU!
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    Busterguy reacted to NQ-Naunet in Forum Overhaul!   
    Greetings Noveans,

    This is your newest Community Manager, NQ-Naunet, reporting for duty! 🚀

    It’s no secret to all of you that Dual Universe has undergone some changes in recent months; the launch of Beta, an increase in fan-made content appearing across our social channels (bye, bye NDA), and new NQ staff members popping up all over the community... just to name a few! Exciting things are on the horizon for all of us, and we couldn’t be happier about it.
    The first big mission I propose we tackle together, should you choose to accept it, involves this space right here - the forums. In the interest of keeping things tidier, more useful and fun for everyone, we’ve been thinking about giving this place a bit of a makeover.
    If that piques your interest, read on to see what we’ve got planned so far. We propose:
    Cleaning up some older, less relevant pinned posts and limiting future pinned posts to ~5 per topic. Archiving older, pre-Beta material. Creating a dedicated Beta category! Adding an “Innovation Station” space for creators to show off what they’ve been building in-game. Changing the look and feel of the forums with a brand new theme. Implementing an “Organization of the Month” series to highlight some of the amazing things all of you are getting up to together.
    What we’d like from you is your feedback, as it’s important to us that this place continues to be made for you, by you. Please let us know:
    Which topics/threads you feel should be preserved! (Tutorials, lore, etc.) What sorts of categories you might like to see! Any theme/styling suggestions you may have. Anything else you think we should know about the forums/our proposal.
      I’m really looking forward to hearing your thoughts and getting to know all of you a little better. Together, I think we can whip this place into the best shape it’s ever been in! 😊

    ~ NQ Naunet, over and out.
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    Busterguy reacted to Anopheles in Incoming pvp changes   
    Complaining about pvp now is like complaining about the colour of a wall that's not been painted yet.
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    Busterguy reacted to NQ-Naerais in Marketplace Performance Improvements   
    Hello Noveans,
    We realize that the districts currently represent a performance bottleneck, as they are a choke point between markets, institutes and the starting zone for new players. Even though we have identified performance improvements that should help solve these issues, we have decided to make some immediate changes to prevent these issues from affecting the performance for new players, until we are able to roll out these improvements.
    So we are making some temporary changes such as relocating many of the services you have come to know and expect in the districts: 
    New Stand Alone Markets will be moved approx. 2km from the associated district.  All pending orders will be transferred to the new market building.  All institutes will be removed from districts on Alioth and Sanctuary.  A new single Institute will be created near the Arkship.  Transport stations will be placed at all Districts to be able to get to the Institutes.   
    The institutes appear to be a heavy driver of performance issues, by removing them from higher traffic areas we hope to provide a better market experience for players overall. 
    Players who log out on one of the affected construct buildings may find themselves in a new location when returning post maintenance. We recommend bookmarking important places and construct locations. 
    As always, we appreciate your patience while we work, and welcome your feedback on the changes and performance improvements once complete.  We expect these changes will occur over the next few update cycles during October. 

    The Novaquark Team
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    Busterguy reacted to NQ-Nomad in Beta 1 Release Notes. Last updated on April, 21st   
    Hello Noveans, 
    A big update has been released today, both client and Server side! Dual Universe is now in Beta 1 r0.22.7 version and you'll find the changelog below: 
    [Lua] Lua Editor has been reskinned. [Cinematics] Both male and female versions of the second cinematic have been implemented. [GUI] Added a warning before sharing from the right-click menu. [GUI] Implemented a new button system for input number arrows. Added Nand Nor and Xor operators. Character customization polishes. [PvP] Added targeting and attack alerts for everyone aboard a construct. [PvP] Unclaimed constructs can now be detected by long-distance radar. [PvP] Added more information to persistent notifications after death in PvP. [PvP] The distance of 3D marks now corresponds to distances displayed on radar UI. [PvP] Marks detected by a radar now hide and show accordingly to its setting. [PvP] Engage targets from the 3D mark context menu. [Market] Added an icon to both the container tab and message box to alert players when they have a purchased item in the market container.  
    Gameplay Balancing/Changes
    STUs can no longer be moved out of the inventory. Reactivated RepairUnit after voxel replacement and self-repair fixes.  
    Crash Fixes
    Fixed crashes when using the moon shuttle.  
    Bug Fixes
    [Crafting] Fixed a bug where the crafting process did not auto-start upon acquiring the remaining amount of ingredients if those ingredients were claimed by an Organization. [GUI] Fixed the volume of the barter results panel. [Loc] Multi-language text fixes. Fixed a voxel issue causing terrain to become broken after mining operations. Fixed a potential memory corruption when computing the cross-sections of construct meshes. Fixed an exploit with fuel tanks. Maneuvering a ship doesn't prevent parenting anymore. However, maneuvering a construct that is in your territory still doesn't allow parenting if you have no RDMS for it. [GUI] Fixed the reset input setting in the “Controls” menu. [Container] Fixed an error when defining a linked container. [Market] Added a new message in notification when a player updates an expired order. [Market] Fixed a padding bug in number input and removed the sound effect when the input is disabled. [GUI] Minor fixes in both the inventory and Territory Unit deployment popup. [Elevators] Tweaked model so that elevators placed flush with the ground will work properly again.  
    Known Issues
    Windows certificate is not up to date. This may prompt a warning message for new players during the first install. It can safely be ignored. Uninstalling the game directly from Windows will leave the game files on the disk. Please use the game dedicated unins000.exe uninstaller located in the game directory for that. Numerous French and German localization issues have already been spotted. In some situations, you may not be able to place a Static Core Unit on your claimed Sanctuary Territory. An error message saying that it's too close to another construct is displayed. This may occur due to being too close to a District. Trying again from a further distance should solve this issue for now. A random rendering crash can occur under some conditions due to low GPU/driver resources. Voxel crashes may occur due to low disk/memory. [SFX] Only blue fireworks currently function. [Industries] Talents that impact ingredients of recipe products are not displayed client-side, but the recipe updates with the server recipe when starting. [Container] Some players still experience some issues with linked containers, we’re investigating them and will release a patch as soon as it’s fixed on our side.
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    Busterguy got a reaction from Muhadmananda in Instead of a wipe at end of Beta, they should launch a "fresh" server.   
    why do call this topic saying there is going to be a wipe at the end of beta. There wont be a wipe. Stop giving out false information.
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    Busterguy got a reaction from Ater Omen in Instead of a wipe at end of Beta, they should launch a "fresh" server.   
    why do call this topic saying there is going to be a wipe at the end of beta. There wont be a wipe. Stop giving out false information.
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    Busterguy got a reaction from WildChild85 in Not Punishing Desolation was weak and poor from NQ   
    Its stupid now how all these ex grifers are posting on discord bosting about all the people they killed with exploits because they know they wont get banned and are safe. 
    In the past NQ has banned people for much less and some of these things are now even allowed. NQ have lost players and sub money because of it and they are just letting it pass? HELLO??
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    Busterguy reacted to WildChild85 in Not Punishing Desolation was weak and poor from NQ   
    About the situation:
    The organization Desolation (https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/4124/) has used a bug very actively to move ships from the Safe Zones (even planets) to the pvp zone to destroy and therefore steal them. Around 300 players have lost there ships and a lot of new players with that everthing they had resulting in a big quit wave. We know, that Desolation even allows their members explicitly in their rules to use any kind of bug and exploit, which is clearly against the rules of Novaquark.
    NQ now officially confirmed, that this organization doesn't get any punishment. So basicly this whole rules here
     are complete bullshit, because you can do whatever you want, Novaquark will not punish you.
    If that is the way NQ wants to go, this game will die pretty quickly because all new players, that don't have the power or organizations behind them yet will quit the game very quickly.
    In my opinion, this is a very poor and weak behavior of Novaquark and a punsh in the face for every honest player in this community.
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    Busterguy reacted to NQ-Naerais in Clarification regarding Bug Exploits & Griefing   
    Hello Noveans, 
    We realize there is some confusion regarding whether certain scenarios occurring within the game world are permitted or not, and would like to clarify these points for everyone.  In short, we’d like to ask our community to use common sense when encountering issues in the game;  If it looks like an exploit, smells like an exploit (do pixels smell?), or sounds like an exploit, chances are it is an exploit. Don’t DU it! Report it. (support.dualthegame.com)
    We are in a testing phase, and reporting these bugs/issues is important. Abusing them may lead to sanctions against accounts, up to and including removal from the game. We will not take ignorance as an excuse, especially in the following list of scenarios. Please note this is not an exhaustive list, and we will continue to expand upon it as needed: 
     “ALT + F4 Emergency Brake”: We acknowledge this is not an intended game play loop that is being intentionally used by players. We do plan to counter this action in the future but do not consider it high priority at this time. At this time, we will not take action against an account for using such. [Allowed]  
    Parenting Ships - Dragged to PVP Space: This is a hot topic and one we wish to be very clear on. Intentionally parenting any construct without permission of the owner is not intended for game play. A fix has been rolled out that will address the ability to parent constructs together via the maneuver tool. As we have not previously clarified this point, we will not retroactively punish this abuse, as of this moment forward abusing similar bugs/tools to replicate this maneuver in its current state can result in disciplinary actions on an account. [Not Allowed]  
    Attacking PVP Zone from Safe Space: Our team has been investigating complaints of ships being attacked in the PVP zone from ships outside of the zone. Our investigations strongly point to sync issues between clients. We will continue to work with this feature, but recommend players consider the zone lines for PVP to be somewhat fluid and not absolute. Our version of the neutral zone! We ask that you continue to report cases with positions, but will not action accounts at this time, unless an additional exploit is discovered. [Allowed]  
    Overlapping engines with other elements (obscuring): A fix will be rolled out that will prevent this from occurring. No action will be taken, unless additional abuse is occurring. [Allowed]  
    Theft Via RDMS: RDMS permissions and settings are the sole discretion of each player. We advise you take the time to get to know and understand the system and be cautious when making a construct or element usable by unknown players, including the use of your friends list. Not every player has your best interest at heart. We can not get involved with permission based theft, whether as an individual or an organization. We encourage you to review your friends list each time you add or remove someone and ensure your construct permissions are set accordingly. The context menu options that set public access currently do not have a confirmation prompt, be careful as setting public access to said construct will allow every player in Dual Universe to go into build mode and remove/place elements and voxels.  [Allowed]
    Environmental Walls/Creations: Use of the environmental and voxel tools allows the manipulation of terrain on owned and unowned tiles. You may build walls or other structures up to the allowed height, however, said constructions must not:  Block access to market places or tutorials Must abide by our Community Standards (phallic/sexual, political, religious or otherwise offensive shapes are not permitted) Must not be placed with the intention of interfering with neighboring players. When players can not agree, the final decision on what is and is not acceptable is decided on a case-by-case basis by Novaquark staff.
    Marketplace Construct Parking: Players are permitted to park at marketplaces with their transport vehicles so long as they are not preventing use to other players or obstructing entry or exit points. Vehicles whose purpose is advertising (organization, service or otherwise) must abide by the following rules.  Organizations and individuals wishing to advertise at markets may have one advertising construct per district maximum Constructs may not be larger than “Small” sized Constructs may not block access to any building, entry points or dispensers Advertisements must not be placed/parented on constructs that don’t belong to you Constructs that violate these terms will be removed from the game without warning or compensation.
      Mass Manipulation in Transportation:  Players who utilize bugs to bypass the weight penalty of their inventory, other players, other constructs, etc to move mass through the game are not permitted. This includes: Adding additional mass to an already piloted ship [Fixed] Docking mass to an already piloted ship [Fixed] Circumventing linked container range [Fix Pending] [Not Allowed]  
    Item Duplication: Any method of duplicating items or resources (including quanta) is not allowed at any time. Any incidents of bugs of this nature must be reported to the support team at support.dualthegame.com [Not Allowed]
    We do recommend you keep regular backups of your constructs in the form of blueprints in the case you lose a ship (through intended means (sale, give away etc),or undesired results such as in PVP, you can still recreate it later.    
    How to Blueprint (to save your ship/build):
    Enter build-mode on the construct, right click anywhere on the construct and click “Create Blueprint”. The blueprint will then be generated inside your currently active inventory. It is wise to keep hold of a copy of any of your blueprints inside your personal nanopack, as these are safe and not lost upon respawning.
    We realize this is not an exhaustive list, and we will expand upon it as time goes on. We also understand some members of our community feel that using a bug or exploit prior to acknowledgement by Novaquark is considered okay. We’d like to state that any intentional use of a  bug or exploit will be treated harshly going forward. This is the one and only warning we will issue on this topic. Please just don’t DU it! 

    On behalf of the entire team, we thank you for helping us make Dual Universe a better place! 
    The Novaquark Team
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    Busterguy reacted to JohnnyTazer in Space Radar   
    Give this man a shit ton of credit. He got shot in the pvp zone, but came to the forums asking what HE could do better to prevent it. Yes we know pvp needs lots of work, but in the mean time you use what you have. I for one sir applaud you and if you want you can personally message me and I will give you a bunch of tips for avoiding pirates with and without warp. This type of attitude is what people should strive for when choosing to play this game. 
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    Busterguy reacted to Anderson Williams in Leaving safe zone is consenting to PvP.   
    Thats not accurate especially in the context you have supplied. Lets say I played a game like Star-craft and was destroying my buddies base. By your assertion if I kill all of his units he continues to spawn I am a griefer. If I played a full loot MMO, which we do... and the target I have selected to fight has armored their core, as they should it will take me time to kill it. 

    If you say that me killing the same guy 10 times to get to his core is griefing, then what you are saying is... Once i shoot his ship and he dies, thats it I should disengage and move on. Not kill the ship, not be rewarded for pvping by taking the ship. I kill the guy one time, and he gets to say 'oh gee willickers you got me!' respawn, get back in his ship and leave. No thats not how it works.
    You are suggesting that by playing the game, as it is intended to be played... we are bad people. Thats not true nor accurate.
    There are no social consequences, this comment could be misconstrued in a way to suggest that if someone kills you or someone else... YOU may do something bad to them. IRL.
    This is the long and short of it.

    So I just wanna say, though my opinion is stupid and no one really cares... that the game has pvp. The game has pvp orgs which are large and like to fight. They are bound, because so many of you feel pvp shouldn't exist or safe zones for days. I told you how this was gonna go and none of you listened. Since you forced pvpers to have very limited means to pvping they have to take what they can get. So they hunt the commerce and trade lanes.

    When atmo pvp comes... there are gonna be wars. Empire vs NG, or like BOO vs NG, or like numerous other orgs vs NG/DSI/Others.. and its gonna be a blast. You guys will have the occasional commerce raiding but we are gonna be hunting each other and we will not cry and whine about it.

    The real problem here is that you guys feel you should not have to endure any risk for your reward, which borks the game. You guys made your own orgs because you wanna make something and be the leader, and instead of joining a larger more powerful org and working out how to PROTECT your convoys you felt that we should just ignore you because thats how its gonna work.

    Thats not.. at all how its going to work.

    But you lads will learn in time. Build relations with pvp orgs, join orgs that will protect you! Form mutual defense treaties... all of that stuff. Stop sitting in your corner playing blocks in a warzone, saying that no one should be able to touch your block city because... you built it. Imagine how this will work when they implement defense mechanisms, imagine that NQ will create a way for you to protect your ships that you wont even bother to learn because 'eww'. And you will still die. Then you will whine that you died from pvp, in a game with pvp, in an area that is clearly marked, for pvp.

    Join a pvp org, there are so many orgs offering defense for your convoys, there are ways around getting killed in the pipe. We see people defeating our tactics almost daily... when atmo pvp comes there will be wars between the larger orgs and you guys are gonna have a blast. Stop being salty over what is actually alot of fun. And Joacorderio stop projecting. C'mon hugs for everyone!
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    Busterguy got a reaction from Anderson Williams in Leaving safe zone is consenting to PvP.   
    i pvp for the salt and tears of my victims. does that make me a bad person?
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    Busterguy got a reaction from Anopheles in Leaving safe zone is consenting to PvP.   
    i pvp for the salt and tears of my victims. does that make me a bad person?
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    Busterguy reacted to NQ-Naerais in Why does NQ-Sophon own 37 Tiles on Alioth?   
    For those who do not know, NQ-Sophon is the staff account of our CEO and Creative Director JC Baillie. Tiles that are claimed by staff accounts will be used to house community builds for events, cool unique structures, features, secrets, demos, testing and more. We may claim and reclaim unused tiles as needed for events.
    For clarification purposes, NQ staff are not permitted to play Dual Universe from their staff account (“NQ-” account). This is to prevent confusion between interacting with us as administrators and staff of the game vs as a player, and prevent favoritism or abuse from admin accounts.  We may take part in player functions (testing a ship/building/mining, etc) but never with the intention of personal gains. 
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    Busterguy reacted to NQ-Nudbrokk in Welcome, NQ-Nudbrokk (German Community Manager)   
    Hi everyone, Hallo,
    Thanks for the intro!
    Beeing a big Sci-Fi fan, I am thrilled to join you all on this adventure. 
    I'm still learning the ropes, but if you need anything feel free to ping me and I do my best to help.
    Thank you for your patience with me.🙂
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    Busterguy got a reaction from GEEKsogen in When will the space safe zone be removed?   
    Hello, now people are getting more advanced in the game and I’m seeing more people trying to get into PVP. When will the safe zone be removed around Alioth, madis and thades. I presume this is only temporary as the only true safe zone, in the end, should be the sanc moon of course.
    I hope it happens soon so there is more resource drain in the economy. otherwise people are just going to sit on stacks of materials and the economy will be pointless 
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    Busterguy reacted to Kezzle in When will the space safe zone be removed?   
    The takeaway I got was that there would be no safezones "in space" at all enforced by game mechanics. I haven't seen any NQ statements about how space stations might be protected from drive-by random strafing, though, so there may be something for Space cores in the pipeline. But in the end, I get the impression that the 500km radius and the triplanetary no-fire-zone will be going. Maybe not at the same time, but gone they will be.
    They could get rid of the triplanetary safe zone when they overhaul combat, but I think the close-in safe zones are here until we get Territory Warfare; they have to go at that point, or they entirely stop making sense. There could be an intermediate stage where combat can go all the way down to the core of the planet, outside of protected zones, but before the mechanism for attacking protected zones are finalised.
    Definitions I'm trying to stick to:
    Safe zones are zones where you will never be attacked. Game systems will always prevent direct PvP. Sanctuary Moons will always be safe zones.  Protected zones are areas where game systems protect you from PvP until specified game conditions apply or are removed. There are none of these at the moment; they may become relevant once Territory Warfare is implemented Defended zones are volumes where player action is declared to protect you from PvP. These are only as safe as the enforcement is effective.
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    Busterguy got a reaction from BooseOG in When will the space safe zone be removed?   
    right now the only pvp content is camping travel routes to kill people slow bloating to and from planets. Removing this safe zone will make it harder to bring ores back to peoples factorys from other planets without the use of a warp drive. Tus raising the cost of travel to avoid pvp or to make more risk to get the ores off planet. So it will help the economy in a big way. 
    Will raise the value on ores on alioth and sanc that are off planet and give more purpuse to pvp.
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    Busterguy reacted to Anderson Williams in When will the space safe zone be removed?   
    This is rich. I love threads like these because someone at some point is gonna accuse us of being psychopaths and sociopaths.... You likely will get banned for that if you keep it up. They don't allow name calling here. 
    Risk vs reward is the most honest and realistic resource sink there is if there is no NPCs or PVE. You guys call PVPers the minority... But why are some of you activating mutual defense treaties? And why are some of you complaining regarding removing safe zones if there are no pvpers out there? 
    There are massive pvp orgs in this game.... We will fight each other. We want to fight each other... We plan on waging war on each other. But we are gimped at the moment. So because we are so limited we have to hunt the easy prey. Turn us loose and let us run... We will find each other and be less likely to be camping your slow boat routes. 
    Or keep it the way things are and the moment you try to come out we will shoot your ships.... Interdiction is a planned feature as well... What happens then? 
    You may have to work with other orgs.. in a team game.... Who would have thunk it. 
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