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  1. Well presented post. I agree
  2. I would love a HCS voice pack for DU! I asked them they said they need a 1000 to ask.
  3. Oh i got you, yea i sort by distance and scroll down to see the trading war at each location. I have made my own post about sale price filters to cut out the silly 0.01 buy price people (trolls) are putting.
  4. How about it can only do one at a time but you can set different links products so, when it has achieved its maintain target or cannot transfer (no input/output etc) it switchs to next link/product.
  5. +1 for joystick! And a hcs voice pack
  6. BooseOG


    im down for this
  7. I like the idea but the creating a safesone seems op, if another org wants it they should be able to take. It might lead to situations where org X offend org Y, so org X attacks there "homeworld"
  8. Can you just not filter by distance that would give same result, or have i misinterpreted.
  9. I don't know why this isn't the way it works
  10. Hi Guys I recently asked HCS if they would consider a voice pack for DU, they replied with it would tale 1000 people asking. So I wanted to make it my mission! Has anyone ever used it? It adds another level of game play, I have used it in star citizen & Elite. I love being able to say things like " landing gear down","auto-land", "engage cruise control" and have a ship AI/ on board computer action what I have said and give me a verbal response. You would be able to ask the computer questions and get responses. If you haven't seen it before here is a video demonstrat
  11. I want it the other way i want a bigger render, ships just vanish and terrian popping in is pretty bad
  12. BooseOG

    Tractor Beams

    Also be use full for picking up stuff from wrecks etc
  13. Parking Fines & Long term Storage Goal - Reduce amount of park/left/abandoned vehicles around the market places. Helping with frame drops that people experience. The ability to place your Ship in long term storage (LTS) at market places with shuttles. This comes at a price you can choose how many hours, days (like in the market listing) or indefinitely. The price scales dependent on time. This would be in a separate area to the "normal" parking, the ships could be placed into a virtual garage. Ships vehicles parked at the normal areas g
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