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  1. Well, that's not how the game works... They have a cache to store data of places you have been to make it faster for the next time - In theory this works, In reality, Not so, as it's a voxel editing game, so chances of the cache staying the same is slim between visits. Not too mention render distance, so your not loading every voxel in the game at once... It's within distance. Second point, Is this would mean NQ eventually having to make a lot more of the graphics client side, rather than server side (One of the main reasons the planets are mainly all barren) With the server dictating
  2. Well, In short - This is what the kickstarter was for really... To pay for the early access.... Just short of Ā£500k was raised for the development, In the grand scheme of things, It's not a great deal, however should be more than enough to accomplish what they have so far, and a decent UI/UX... Instead it feels kind of wasted, on the bare bare bones of what could have been a hugely impressive and popular game, Instead I feel it was stretched too much, with not enough care and attention put into it. Sure the building side is good, Once you get the hang of it, but the PvP side is pure burnt t
  3. He hasn't once portrayed his opinion as facts, He expressed how he felt based from information out there, and that is even more clear in his last post, If you wish to troll or shitpost particular people because there opinions differ, then please go to reddit or something and stop nit-picking on this thread, and trying to cause drama, because someone has an opposite opinion to yourself. Everyone who posts, has an entitlement to their own opinion without the fear or need of having some idiot single them out and attempt to put them down, that sir, is called bullying, so go take a good hard loo
  4. Maybe then you guys might see what's needed to build/play a real game šŸ˜‚
  5. Well how about this... I mentioned it quite a bit in the help-tech channel before it was renamed, that the moons don't have all the resources mentioned, and I quote, from the two replies: " This is a known issue" " Oh, maybe it's the terrain bug "... So here is someone who directly reported it, but not through the ticket system.... Although I have put a ticket in for ore nodes being significantly smaller on Talemai , All I got as a response was a link to the trello and a "promise" to bring it up with the devs... The issue here, Is if NQ don't listen to the community, you will alw
  6. Thought I would write this up before I leave, If anything for NQ to take as feedback/criticism. The game is nothing like it was advertised, or made out to be, Which ultimately after 3 months, still is nothing near it, as such I feel really really played by NQ here. Was promised a blank canvas instead, Hundreds of Industry parts were injected into the game, was promised a player made economy, Instead Bots were put out and 100k quanta daily given out.... Played through the server downs, and the server ups, But all this game is, Is a mining simulator, and for those who stick it out, then ye
  7. NQ have stated they will not introduce a survival aspect... Apparantly because we are so far in the future, and our clones are self-sustainable in their all nutritous, waste, breathable suits - It's not needed... Yet, we don't have the technology for rotating parts, vtol engines, 3d scanners... I dunno what to say, a survival aspect would be cool...
  8. I for one support this... The cube meta isn't just a small or xs core with tons of voxels though, I have seen one or two "Cube ships" that utilise the docking method with a Small core cube on the outside, and an xs core cube on the inside through the "Deploy overlay constructs" & The docking mechanism. This way people can effectively have two cubes inside one... So if you destroy the outer voxels of the small core, the xs core voxels are undamaged.. and so forth, by utilizing guns, on the xs, while targeting the small core, you can keep fire concentrated. The borg meta is BS, NQ s
  9. Try changing the name to "NQ PROPERTY, subject to code".... Maybe then they might act...
  10. Yer, but it only took them to do so when one of THEIR structures were taken... Screw the players, don't mess with NQ stuff, that's the impression I got out of this...
  11. Nightranger

    RDMS redo

    Currently the RDMS system is a complete nightmare for anyone to make heads or tails of, and isn't very user friendly. So my current suggestion here, Is to make it easier and friendlier to use. Policies - Remove this, It's unnecessary weight. Actors - Incorporate "Policies" here, Here's why: When setting up an "actor" for a group of people, or specific jobs etc, It's a lot easier to add the policies here for example: I have an actor called "Builders" - I want Builders to have build rights I have an actor called "Miners" - I want them to have harvest, mine and dig Currently
  12. I'm going to post this here, and say what I think - It's not insultive, not aimed at one individual, and isn't offensive, threatening, harassing or abusive. Before those mods get all uptight again... So a guy was spreading FUD on the discord, complete lies, saying that those with the access 1 week prior to beta launch had mined all T3 - T5 ore off the moons, and that territory scanners are OP, He was salty because the moons are bugged with ores, However I called him out on this, for "Shitmongering" - He then proceeds to DM me abusively, but deletes his messages in-case if ever went to a rep
  13. So... For PvP I would like to suggest the following items to make space combat more viable, and more beneficial to actually have combat, Outside of a pre-agreed meetup, This isn't Gangs of New York after all.... So, First thing we need is warp disruptors, We don't want a generic one size fits all though, have one for each core size, so a small ship can't pull a Large ship out of warp... This would be beneficial especially for when trade routes etc are actually set-up, It would mean that players have to think which route they would take before warping, and whether or not they need prot
  14. Well... Considering that the game is public, Open to everyone and anyone, they should at least accommodate a way for those with certain ailments to play the game (Within reason) and adding 3rd person perspective for running around is very reasonable, and probably easy to do considering they have it in for ships already.
  15. Yer, Bot's shouldn't be there - We were promised a player made economy, If the bots are always buying at a set price - That is the price people will go too, unless undercutting it.
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