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  1. Well, that's not how the game works... They have a cache to store data of places you have been to make it faster for the next time - In theory this works, In reality, Not so, as it's a voxel editing game, so chances of the cache staying the same is slim between visits. Not too mention render distance, so your not loading every voxel in the game at once... It's within distance. Second point, Is this would mean NQ eventually having to make a lot more of the graphics client side, rather than server side (One of the main reasons the planets are mainly all barren) With the server dictating the graphic settings, It not only affects performance but also affects player/client performance. It would be good if they updated to that though, and actually had some pleasing graphics
  2. Well, In short - This is what the kickstarter was for really... To pay for the early access.... Just short of £500k was raised for the development, In the grand scheme of things, It's not a great deal, however should be more than enough to accomplish what they have so far, and a decent UI/UX... Instead it feels kind of wasted, on the bare bare bones of what could have been a hugely impressive and popular game, Instead I feel it was stretched too much, with not enough care and attention put into it. Sure the building side is good, Once you get the hang of it, but the PvP side is pure burnt toast, The economy is completely pointless, Trading is meh, The overall navigation of everything is pretty dire and easily confusing, The implementation of the RDMS system, is poor... My personal opinion, is that NQ have rushed far far too much, and not paid enough attention to the important details - I.E User experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) instead keeping a game set hundreds of years in the future, all the way back to windows 95.... While I appreciate the work they do, I do somewhat feel that it's a cash cow, I would consider paying a sub if the whole UI/UX got updated, and was more up-to date (Hold one button to open a wheel to select the tool you need, not this whole drag/drop and fill your inventory screen up with stuff) - Better colours, Better contrast, Futuristic looking designs, not huge square box modals with as much information crammed in as humanly possible... Although that would be one step in the right direction for this game, I still can't help but feel that this won't become a thing, the devs will continue pursuing what they want to achieve, money will eventually dry out, because there isn't enough stuff to keep people playing, there isn't any risk/reward - There isn't an economy, It isn't a "Open canvass to do what you like with", because there are too many factors affecting that (NQ TP requests/Fixing... Bugs, Crashes, etc...) As I said, I'll come back in a few months or so... See if it's still alive... Although I can say this - Alot of people are waiting for this next update, and if that fails, well a lot of people will be leaving, regardless of NQ begging people to come back, or showcasing videos of other people to try and show that people can "Laugh"... at some stuff...
  3. He hasn't once portrayed his opinion as facts, He expressed how he felt based from information out there, and that is even more clear in his last post, If you wish to troll or shitpost particular people because there opinions differ, then please go to reddit or something and stop nit-picking on this thread, and trying to cause drama, because someone has an opposite opinion to yourself. Everyone who posts, has an entitlement to their own opinion without the fear or need of having some idiot single them out and attempt to put them down, that sir, is called bullying, so go take a good hard look in the mirror at yourself and decide what kind of person you wish to be. I appreciate and values everyones opinion here, even those that conflict with mine, I don't take them as "facts", as in black and white, cold hard facts, but if you want to bring "facts" into it, then everyone here is posting "facts" based from their own experiences within the game. Now, bringing it back on-topic, I will try the game again, however It won't be for a few months, In it's current state it's playable, but not enjoyable - I feel the devs have over-looked the basic principles of a game, to have enough content that is enjoyable and rewarding. The UI/UX is a huge put down for me, someone who has done a 4hr video episode with 2 months experience could do a better job (No joke).... The current gameplay doesn't really offer any risk/reward or game/time/reward... Which is fundamental to keeping players in a game. The game currnetly feels like a poorly implemented rip off of, Space Engineers/EvE Online - Except both are far more advanced with better UI/UX. If DU really want to stand out and break off from this, they have to do something different, and as an end user, I don't see anything different, other than the feel of playing a windows 98 game (Extremely basic). We want rotating/moving parts... So we can build our own gates for example, Satelite dishes etc... Yes it is "Possible" but not without deploying dynamic cores and a ton of lua scripting - Which puts a lot of the possibilities of the game behind an "Invisible wall" because there isn't even an API or documentation of the functions with the scripting. The game has been rushed, and it is very apparant that it is being rushed - Would I prefer it to be a "Hidden development game" - Not sure, would I have liked them to fine tune it and polish it before making it "Public" yes - because currently a lot of the core gameplay is broken, and for a beta, the core gameplay should not be broken....
  4. Maybe then you guys might see what's needed to build/play a real game ?
  5. Well how about this... I mentioned it quite a bit in the help-tech channel before it was renamed, that the moons don't have all the resources mentioned, and I quote, from the two replies: " This is a known issue" " Oh, maybe it's the terrain bug "... So here is someone who directly reported it, but not through the ticket system.... Although I have put a ticket in for ore nodes being significantly smaller on Talemai , All I got as a response was a link to the trello and a "promise" to bring it up with the devs... The issue here, Is if NQ don't listen to the community, you will always have financial problems, thegame won't make it, because eventually people will just put it down, and instead of having this "Platform" you guys are clearly building to sell on, you won't have anything, because DU and NQ will always be known as the devs who didn't listen or act upon advice given by gamers for what they want/need in a game, there is literally no risk/reward or sense of achievement in this game
  6. Thought I would write this up before I leave, If anything for NQ to take as feedback/criticism. The game is nothing like it was advertised, or made out to be, Which ultimately after 3 months, still is nothing near it, as such I feel really really played by NQ here. Was promised a blank canvas instead, Hundreds of Industry parts were injected into the game, was promised a player made economy, Instead Bots were put out and 100k quanta daily given out.... Played through the server downs, and the server ups, But all this game is, Is a mining simulator, and for those who stick it out, then yes you can build something for an hour, before you go back to mining. There is NO value in anything you build here, and most fixes end up breaking something else... I'm leaving out of pure boredom, I had high hopes for the game, based off the good advertising given, NQ released a broken Alpha, and made out it was a beta, and it still isn't even worthy to be deemed a "Beta release" at this point. Things are still broken, RDMS is like a win 95 firewall system, that's over-complicated with not enough organisation logging. The skill tree is pretty much just a basic form ripped off EvE with no real optimisation to any of it, and no real value in it, until you hit level 4 in a tree, but no real motivation to go to lvl 5... There is no ai missions to do, to fill the gaps when standing around twiddling your thumbs waiting for parts to refine/produce. The graphic options are really really lacking, like not at all what you would expect from a Beta release, the options your allowed to tweak are more what you would expect within the first couple patches of Alpha, That being said, the general graphics are run server side... Which is awful for client optimizations. There was no difference in FPS between having an 12 core/24 thread cpu, and a quad core/ 8 thread cpu which confirms the optimizations are done server side, rather than client side. Although good in one aspect, this has been proven time and time again to cause more issues through out the gaming world. All the worlds are barren, apart from Alioth/Sanctuary and Teoma, The rest are just Ball objects given very little colour, with hardly any textures on it. The way NQ have handled some players also was a HUGE turn off for me, Like Ban people for desecrating a marketplace in a sandbox environment, due to their own RDMS mistake, but haven't banned known exploiters/griefers - That to me tells me the integrity of a company, and as of this current point, unless there is some real changes done, I wouldn't pay the subscription cost, and had I known all this beforehand, I wouldn't have pledged... The PvP is also just an AFK simulator, You sit in a seat, staring at a pop up modal with two or three buttons to click... There is no excitement, no challenge, no skill involved in this, The overall UI and UX, sucks badly with literally no changes done to any of this in three months (Not even a small tiny bit), there are still game breaking bugs, yet NQ think it's great to not even add half of these onto their "Known bugs" list. They force the game to run/play in admin mode, which is a serious security issue and isn't needed... and while some of this is still rampant, they release an update adding emotes into the game... The LUA coding has no documentation behind it, no API and is heavily restrictive, yes you can log the space in a container, but if you want to log what's in the container, you have to have 1 item per container, which overall causes more code to be run putting more strain on things... (To name one of the things)... I personally feel at this stage NQ have got their priorities wrong, and have taken a lot of people for their money through over-hyping and false advertising, You can't even call this a game at this point in time, it is still very much Alpha. The overall playerbase has dropped significantly from Beta launch, and primarillyt because of things outlined above, some of which still have not been sorted. With all this in mind, I have had an overall "Pleasant" experience, although as time has gone on, and not a lot being said, other than asking people for feedback, I won't be returning back to this game for a long time, it is currently a 50% mining sim, 40% waiting around sim and 9% of actually doing something, with 1% allowance for whatever... I still hope NQ deliver on what they promise, but If I don't return before the beta key runs out, I will heavily consider whether or not to subscribe to this game and give even more money to support this, My overall opinion, Is that NQ are trying to make a platform to sell on to other developers, rather than actually making a game for their customers, and this shows in the serious lack in attention to detail particularly around the UI/UX...
  7. NQ have stated they will not introduce a survival aspect... Apparantly because we are so far in the future, and our clones are self-sustainable in their all nutritous, waste, breathable suits - It's not needed... Yet, we don't have the technology for rotating parts, vtol engines, 3d scanners... I dunno what to say, a survival aspect would be cool...
  8. I for one support this... The cube meta isn't just a small or xs core with tons of voxels though, I have seen one or two "Cube ships" that utilise the docking method with a Small core cube on the outside, and an xs core cube on the inside through the "Deploy overlay constructs" & The docking mechanism. This way people can effectively have two cubes inside one... So if you destroy the outer voxels of the small core, the xs core voxels are undamaged.. and so forth, by utilizing guns, on the xs, while targeting the small core, you can keep fire concentrated. The borg meta is BS, NQ should limit the size of the guns to the size of the core, not just to nerf the borg meta, but also to encourage better balance between ships for fighting, better designs etc... You wouldn't expect an xs core to be able to singlehandedly destroy a large core ship, however it is perfectly possible with the current set-up
  9. Try changing the name to "NQ PROPERTY, subject to code".... Maybe then they might act...
  10. Yer, but it only took them to do so when one of THEIR structures were taken... Screw the players, don't mess with NQ stuff, that's the impression I got out of this...
  11. Nightranger

    RDMS redo

    Currently the RDMS system is a complete nightmare for anyone to make heads or tails of, and isn't very user friendly. So my current suggestion here, Is to make it easier and friendlier to use. Policies - Remove this, It's unnecessary weight. Actors - Incorporate "Policies" here, Here's why: When setting up an "actor" for a group of people, or specific jobs etc, It's a lot easier to add the policies here for example: I have an actor called "Builders" - I want Builders to have build rights I have an actor called "Miners" - I want them to have harvest, mine and dig Currently, you can create actors, which is just putting people into a group, but then have to add the rights under policies, and then assign them to the relevant tags... This leads to a confusing, clogged up mess, requiring a back and forth process. If you were able to assign the policies and actors combined in the one place, under actors, and then assign the tags (Territories/Structures...) It's easier, quicker more efficient and more user friendly, where at a glance you know what's what. Otherwise you create "Policies" as "Actors" and skip actors completely, as you just add individual people to that policy... So whichever way you go around it, Actors are redundant, but would make better sense to use in the way I mentioned. When creating "sub-actors" i.e Actors within actors - Please allow a drop down menu to nest it in, This makes it easier for people to see what actors are associated with what, there is no need for it to be seperate, This can be done with simple html/css and wouldn't take long to implement an auto nest feature. Keeping the respective UI cleaner and easier to understand. Rights - I mean isn't this why we have a codex? Please remove it, and put it in the codex respectively, It just makes the whole thing more confusing... Tags - This bit is understandable and although gets messy, is okay. **The suggestion I have made here can be implemented relatively quickly, Just a case of re-organising the styling, No need for a "Complete over-haul", and would make it 10x more efficient and effective in practicality** I'm curious as to why it was laid out how it is, and if I have understood the whole "process" correctly or not... But this is what I feel would make it better, for players as a whole.
  12. I'm going to post this here, and say what I think - It's not insultive, not aimed at one individual, and isn't offensive, threatening, harassing or abusive. Before those mods get all uptight again... So a guy was spreading FUD on the discord, complete lies, saying that those with the access 1 week prior to beta launch had mined all T3 - T5 ore off the moons, and that territory scanners are OP, He was salty because the moons are bugged with ores, However I called him out on this, for "Shitmongering" - He then proceeds to DM me abusively, but deletes his messages in-case if ever went to a report, I mean I can take it, the guys wound up, stressed pissed off etc... and the salt just turns into good memes... Anyhow, He then proceeds to state an NQ Admin had told him what he was saying is true, so I called him out on it - Sorry but that level of shitmongering shouldn't be allowed, He was openly posting about it in the #help-tech-support channels... The NQ Staff member in there at the time did not correct him, and allowed it too manifest, Which is even worse tbh, A good hour went by before it was removed, by a moderator - Who then proceeded to warn me for calling the guy a "Shitmongering Idiot"... He said multiple things along the same lines countless times, with no moderator/staff correction, In fact for the last few days... Which is extreme that it hasn't been corrected or moderated in anyway shape or form. So as a player, who sees this, I am going to say something and correct it, regardless of the words used, It is not right for people to spread FUD about the game and continuosly get away with it, with no moderation/staff correction for days... Anyhow, The point of this post, is this - I try to do some good, and call the guy out for it, as another player is pretty pissed off because of the bug, but wasn't aware of the bug, and was listening to this guys FUD, I called him a "Shitmongering idiot" apparantley, (although the moderator has purged all my messages, so I can't say 100% i said those exact words... Just hope they have proof)... And I got warned for it within 20 minutes... This guy has been spreading FUD for days, if not weeks, consistently with no correction or admin/staff/moderator intervention, Literally getting new players to think those who had pre-beta 1 week earlier somehow managed to mine all the moons out... Giving them some sort of edge against everyone else... with no intervention... I call someone a shitmongering idiot, because of it all - and I get punished within 30 minutes..... I then question this, in General and get muted for 24hrs for "Questioning my punishment" and apparantly trying to start a fight with moderators... There was nothing provocative/abusive etc within my message to the mods, but one moderator has clearly got a chip on his shoulder and mutes me for 24hrs... If this is how the mods are going to work, It's kind of a game changer in the discord for me personally... They will warn someone within 30 minutes for using the word "Idiot", but allow someone to negatively put the game down consistently over a period of weeks (30/08/20 - 11/09/20 by searching through his history on discord)... And when you question it, you get muted... Get out of here... What kind of moderator allows someone to convince new players wrong things in the game which will put them off playing, for weeks on end, but instantly warn someone for 1 word..., and then mute them when they question it? GG, All I can say - Last time I try to help the community if I'm gonna get punished for it, Maybe I should talk shit about the game and put it down to all new players, nothing will happen then I guess...
  13. So... For PvP I would like to suggest the following items to make space combat more viable, and more beneficial to actually have combat, Outside of a pre-agreed meetup, This isn't Gangs of New York after all.... So, First thing we need is warp disruptors, We don't want a generic one size fits all though, have one for each core size, so a small ship can't pull a Large ship out of warp... This would be beneficial especially for when trade routes etc are actually set-up, It would mean that players have to think which route they would take before warping, and whether or not they need protection with them. It opens up PvP for Mercenaries, Bounties, Salvagers and the casual player. We also need some sort of tackler, As space combat isn't really viable at 30k KMH, for example, if you are both going opposite ways, you can be out of distance and gone before one of you has turned around, so a tackler could be used to slow someone down to around 1k kmh - Again, Different sizes for different cores... This would again make PvP more engageable and beneficial. Interesting to hear your thoughts on this
  14. Well... Considering that the game is public, Open to everyone and anyone, they should at least accommodate a way for those with certain ailments to play the game (Within reason) and adding 3rd person perspective for running around is very reasonable, and probably easy to do considering they have it in for ships already.
  15. Yer, Bot's shouldn't be there - We were promised a player made economy, If the bots are always buying at a set price - That is the price people will go too, unless undercutting it.
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