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  1. Physics is physics. If the player disappears, then the ship should naturally fall. Otherwise, how will the ship be held in the air without an anti-gravity generator? Perhaps it is worth introducing mechanisms that reduce the damage received from falling or even bring it to zero. They are already in the game - these are brakes. You can introduce more parachutes. What if they turn on automatically, just like the anti-gravity generator - if the player suddenly gets a disconnect?
  2. - What are the advantages of the conveyor and pipe system? It's easier for the eye to perceive what is connected to what. Logical chains look clearer than "lines of confused links". - Force players to use free space using various tricks in the organization of construction. - The player can see which goods are going from building to building - without even aiming on it with the mouse cursor. (Because you can see what kind of 3D models of goods move along the tape). - Visually it is better to see when the building is idle and when it is working (the tape with goods does not mov
  3. It might look like this. But this is the work of an amateur, you can certainly make it much more beautiful.
  4. You mean the warp suppressor? For a fight, that would make sense. But he should not act constantly, but only for a certain time. After the expiration date, a small time window appears before it starts working again. So that the enemy has a small chance to fly away.
  5. If I'm not mistaken, the developers said that they will not introduce survival yet. want to focus on something else. After release, maybe. About technology. It seems to me that humanity is too highly developed, just with the technologies that they have now, it would be possible to stop the penetration of a star into the system, and not fly away to save it. Those. I wouldn't absolve the technology in the game. Yes, let's say a suit can collect oxygen from the atmosphere, but a suit cannot take oxygen from vacuum, a suit cannot create matter "from nothing." Even the same energy will be injecte
  6. Or else like this: - Storm (strong wind) slows down the reception, and the character is generally carried away to the side. The character flies away. - Lightning strikes only the tallest structure on earth, damaging it. If there is a lightning rod, it does not destroy. A lightning conductor can also be installed on ships. - Rain, fog, snow, impair visibility. Rain and snow slow down the movement of the player and vehicles. - Weather effects do not work in caves. - Tremors in the desert. - Sand rises when the character moves, especially on a gray moon with no atmosphere. - Sandsto
  7. If the character knew how to squat, he could walk on rooms with a low ceiling. And if he could also crawl, the player could build a ventilation system, or hide behind barriers from shelling. By the way, this is easier to implement than fixing the markets
  8. New skill "Fast and Furious" and "Extra acceleration". Allows the use of the engine at more than 100% power. But in this mode, gradual wear of the engine begins (structure is lost). Increasing the "Afterburner" skill increases the afterburner force even more, and also reduces the engine wear rate. What is the Extra Overclocking skill? It is available only after fully learning the Fast and the Furious skill. It further enhances the afterburner effect, but at the same time there is a possibility that at any moment the tank and engines could explode. These 2 skills will
  9. I like this idea. Because it is inconvenient to ride a hover over steep terrain, and ships consume fuel. You can make a magnetic highway with a futuristic design in the form of connected vertebrae (like a nanosuit), this is between distracts (and players will be able to make their designs on their own roads). Those. a new item is needed - a superconducting magnet. A block is made from it, as well as a magnetic motor. The magnetic motor does not consume fuel, which is the most important thing. But in the future it will require electricity to work. Classical transport would not hurt, i.e. you
  10. Then players can build a real Helicarrier. These hovers require appropriate fuel tanks. Or you can come up with a system of micro-modules (when smaller objects are inserted into larger ones. In this case, there are special slots for insertion in the tanks or hovers. What to insert? Nano-catalyst for fuel, reduces fuel consumption. Suitable only for certain fuels).
  11. 1) The character now needs oxygen. 2) The planet may or may not have oxygen in the atmosphere. There are atmospheres with different oxygen content. If oxygen in the atmosphere less than 7%, then the character begins to lose life. 3) The character loses life with an open helmet - from the last paragraph. The helmet can be opened and closed. While the usual unisex head. 4) If a character opens a helmet in open space, then he instantly dies. 5) At different altitudes of the planet - the oxygen content is different. 6) There is no oxygen under water. 7) The character has a po
  12. This is an amazing idea. I would very much like to see its implementation. You just need to add ports for connecting the conveyor (to the entrance and exit) to the 3D building models, and the same for connecting pipes. Or make a universal inlet and outlet for pipes and tape (two in one). Dense goods (for example boxes with screws) are moving along the conveyor. Liquid pipes (such as oil or water). - You can see how 3D models of goods are moving along the tape. This will really bring the factory to life! - Conveyor elevator. For vertical delivery of goods. - Conveyor racks (for multi-
  13. Bank. Bank cells. What if you make cans in distracts, and in them each player will have his own inventory for a certain volume? This is free inventory, not the one on the market. The player has a basic capacity (free), but it can be expanded with credits. There are several levels of expansion. For corporations, special inventories with a very large volume are available. The contents of a bank container can be sold, or items can be bought into it (using the market container manager, this is either a special skill or an NPC hired for a fee).
  14. We need more lighting settings in the lamps. Flicker frequency. Brightness level, Illuminated volume in space, Beam or scattered light, Light color. The ability to automatically turn on and off (depends on the day and night, or on whether the player is nearby or not). Combining lamps into a group (so that everyone can set the same settings at once). Saving a lamp profile to a buffer (if you need to create a new group, but with the same settings). * - The brightness of the lamp will affect energy consumption in the future. * - All these settings can be displayed in a separate larg
  15. Idea. Factory production profile. Imagine. You have created a production chain and it works well. But you need to redo the production at the factory for new needs. And for this you need to run up to each building every time to change the recipe. What if we make it so that all the currently selected recipes on the base can be saved in 1 profile, give this profile a name, and then quickly switch between profiles - when the player needs to quickly and without hassle change production? It would be very convenient and would save a lot of time. Perhaps this function is available only to thos
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