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  1. Physics is physics. If the player disappears, then the ship should naturally fall. Otherwise, how will the ship be held in the air without an anti-gravity generator? Perhaps it is worth introducing mechanisms that reduce the damage received from falling or even bring it to zero. They are already in the game - these are brakes. You can introduce more parachutes. What if they turn on automatically, just like the anti-gravity generator - if the player suddenly gets a disconnect?
  2. - What are the advantages of the conveyor and pipe system? It's easier for the eye to perceive what is connected to what. Logical chains look clearer than "lines of confused links". - Force players to use free space using various tricks in the organization of construction. - The player can see which goods are going from building to building - without even aiming on it with the mouse cursor. (Because you can see what kind of 3D models of goods move along the tape). - Visually it is better to see when the building is idle and when it is working (the tape with goods does not move, or moves). - It can be seen with what bandwidth the tape works (by speed the movement of the tape), with the transfer unit we do not see this at all! - In the future, more customizability than "transfer unit". - Ability to install a conveyor system in the factory, as well as on the ship - plus adding a magnetic dock (connector) at the output will allow you to link these buildings, and automatically unload the goods or fuel into the ship (when it is docked), or vice versa, unload from him, or both at the same time, when there are many docks. - Pipes (which, unlike a conveyor, can transport only liquids and gases) are good on the ship to combine fuel tanks and engine between themselves. If during the battle there are trumpets damaged by the projectile, fuel will be poured out of them, and thus fuel will be lost on the entire connected system. And here they will reveal its potential repair teams of players. - "Links" themselves are also good, but in large quantities they are inconvenient, and many will probably agree with this. "Links" can be slightly altered, so that they become available to the player at a later stage of development, when he learn to make "quantum teleportators", put them on buildings (like a receiver) and transport goods without a conveyor system. Teleportators available after learning a number of skills.
  3. It might look like this. But this is the work of an amateur, you can certainly make it much more beautiful.
  4. dmitrynest

    Interdiction drive

    You mean the warp suppressor? For a fight, that would make sense. But he should not act constantly, but only for a certain time. After the expiration date, a small time window appears before it starts working again. So that the enemy has a small chance to fly away.
  5. If I'm not mistaken, the developers said that they will not introduce survival yet. want to focus on something else. After release, maybe. About technology. It seems to me that humanity is too highly developed, just with the technologies that they have now, it would be possible to stop the penetration of a star into the system, and not fly away to save it. Those. I wouldn't absolve the technology in the game. Yes, let's say a suit can collect oxygen from the atmosphere, but a suit cannot take oxygen from vacuum, a suit cannot create matter "from nothing." Even the same energy will be injected in order to extract it. Technologies are not advanced enough to extract energy from "nothing". Therefore, it seems to me (maybe I'm wrong) that the elements of survival will be introduced, maybe not much, but to some extent they will. And it would be exciting when you need to monitor not only the fuel level, but also, for example, oxygen. But just the need for food and sleep is superfluous for me, otherwise it will start to take too much time. But sometimes filling an oxygen cylinder is still normal.
  6. Or else like this: - Storm (strong wind) slows down the reception, and the character is generally carried away to the side. The character flies away. - Lightning strikes only the tallest structure on earth, damaging it. If there is a lightning rod, it does not destroy. A lightning conductor can also be installed on ships. - Rain, fog, snow, impair visibility. Rain and snow slow down the movement of the player and vehicles. - Weather effects do not work in caves. - Tremors in the desert. - Sand rises when the character moves, especially on a gray moon with no atmosphere. - Sandstorms (can carry the character, and also reduce the visibility). - "Black rain", this is radioactive rain, can be entered after adding nuclear power plants that will be destroyed. Causes radiation exposure when applied to suit. - Magnetic storm, temporarily knocks out equipment in the area. Accompanied by plentiful northern lights in the sky. - Earthquake. There are 3 types of strength. The first is just a hum and a little shaking. The second is a strong shaking, weak structures can be slightly damaged, the caves fall asleep. The third is very strong shaking, weak structures are completely destroyed, structures are strong, the probability of damage is 30%. - Tsunami, can knock the player down on the shore and turn the ship over. - Tornado. They can throw the character very far, and also spin the ship with a low mass, then he will lose control. - Wall of fire. Coming from the horizon. It is extremely rare in space, on special planets. The player dies, the car is damaged and partially burns down. - Wall of cold (air suddenly becomes ultra-low temperature), everything turns into ice and frost. Also an extremely rare phenomenon in space. - And an important point. Inside buildings, the weather does not work unless there are large openings to the street! Weather effects can be resisted in the future: - Shields can be installed in the suit, but they consume a lot of energy and resources. - Shields can also be installed on vehicles to protect themselves from lightning and electromagnetic interference. Lead plating can also be installed to protect against radiation. Special spring supports allow the building to resist earthquake effects. Springs are of different sizes and, accordingly, "g" - damping power. - Weather happens in space: - A radioactive storm emanating from a star. - Plasma storm also comes from the star. - If the ship has no protection, the player will die from radiation. Or he will die along with the ship, if it is a plasma storm. Weather phenomena can be detected using special sensors. A special skill allows you to expand the range of sensors.
  7. If the character knew how to squat, he could walk on rooms with a low ceiling. And if he could also crawl, the player could build a ventilation system, or hide behind barriers from shelling. By the way, this is easier to implement than fixing the markets
  8. New skill "Fast and Furious" and "Extra acceleration". Allows the use of the engine at more than 100% power. But in this mode, gradual wear of the engine begins (structure is lost). Increasing the "Afterburner" skill increases the afterburner force even more, and also reduces the engine wear rate. What is the Extra Overclocking skill? It is available only after fully learning the Fast and the Furious skill. It further enhances the afterburner effect, but at the same time there is a possibility that at any moment the tank and engines could explode. These 2 skills will come in handy for "racing" if you make a highway in the game. And also in space, so that the enemies do not catch up.
  9. I like this idea. Because it is inconvenient to ride a hover over steep terrain, and ships consume fuel. You can make a magnetic highway with a futuristic design in the form of connected vertebrae (like a nanosuit), this is between distracts (and players will be able to make their designs on their own roads). Those. a new item is needed - a superconducting magnet. A block is made from it, as well as a magnetic motor. The magnetic motor does not consume fuel, which is the most important thing. But in the future it will require electricity to work. Classical transport would not hurt, i.e. you need such elements in the game as: an internal combustion engine, a hybrid engine. Wheels are attached to the engine (via a link), and it is also connected to the fuel tank via a link. A conventional engine consumes fuel. A hybrid can consume both fuel and electricity in the future. There is also an option for a purely electric motor. Different sizes of motors and wheels. * - The wheels have hydraulics and springs (robotic mechanisms on the side), which means that through Lua you can adjust the suspension height control, plus the setting of "wheel jumping" and the power of the wheel rotation (an independent parameter from the engine to fine-tune the desired corridor of vehicle speed). - Cockpit with steering wheel. - The usual seat of the passenger of the car. - Round headlights. - Different car driving skills. If the transport is on the road, then you can select the destination, and the character in the transport will automatically go to this point, without the participation of the player. This is done through the context menu. But there is one caveat. This function does not work if the car driving skill is not developed to at least level 4. Those. this is not available at the start of the game. At the second or third level of the driving skill, the ability to automatically overtake the vehicle going in front is unlocked (using the slice method). To do this, hold down the up arrow and alt. At level 3-4 of the skill, the ability to make a sharp turn (for motorcycles) when turning the track is unlocked, for this, the same key combination, only instead of the forward arrow, hold down the right or left arrow. - Rear vision mirrors. - Electronic sign for license plate (different sizes). The numbers themselves for the sign are issued through the dynamic kernel, you need to select "license plate" in the context menu. And the system automatically issues a number for the sign - taking into account where the kernel is at the moment (this is important for the numbers in the sign prefix. That is, the prefix depends on the region). Upon receiving the number, the player spends part of his money. There are also space numbers, they do not have a prefix to the region. - Cockpit in the form of a motorcycle (the player can make a flying motorcycle with magnets, a hover motorcycle, or a regular wheeled motorcycle out of it). And imagine a motorcycle on the highway, or in the desert, that would be very cool! But we also need restrictions on the construction of such highways. - On the highway you can only build: Magnetic blocks. Other blocks (for the foundation). Lighting. Screens (for setting warning signs, or showing distance and city names as an arrow). And that is all. Otherwise, players will get too much freedom.
  10. Then players can build a real Helicarrier. These hovers require appropriate fuel tanks. Or you can come up with a system of micro-modules (when smaller objects are inserted into larger ones. In this case, there are special slots for insertion in the tanks or hovers. What to insert? Nano-catalyst for fuel, reduces fuel consumption. Suitable only for certain fuels).
  11. 1) The character now needs oxygen. 2) The planet may or may not have oxygen in the atmosphere. There are atmospheres with different oxygen content. If oxygen in the atmosphere less than 7%, then the character begins to lose life. 3) The character loses life with an open helmet - from the last paragraph. The helmet can be opened and closed. While the usual unisex head. 4) If a character opens a helmet in open space, then he instantly dies. 5) At different altitudes of the planet - the oxygen content is different. 6) There is no oxygen under water. 7) The character has a portable oxygen tank, it stores inside oxygen yourself. This balloon is activated when the character lowers the helmet. And it turns off when the character raises the helmet and the circle is full of oxygen. 😎 Static oxygen cylinder. There are options XS, S, M, L. Installed to bases or ships. They contain much more oxygen. 9) If the base or ship has a hole between the "street / space" and the inner the room, then oxygen will escape there and decrease inside the room. 10) An oxygen ingot or oxygen gas (lower concentration) can be loaded into the tank. 11) Oxygen can be obtained using the "Hydroponics" building. Hydroponics needs to be connected to a tank or container via a "link". Hydroponics needs to be placed plants (1-2 varieties are available at first). Plants produce seeds after growing. Basic plants can be found in nature - pick gently with your hand to take it later and plant them in Hydroponics. Hydroponics will require electricity in the future for the operation of ultraviolet lamps, as well as water for irrigation and fertilization (since the earth will be depleted). 12) Alternative structure for oxygen production (in case the world is deserted and there is no vegetation nearby). Gas splitter. What is he doing? It splits atmospheric gases and stores them. Those. extracts an ingot of oxygen and hydrogen from the air. But you need to be careful with him, because during its operation, data is taken from the atmosphere gases - and the planet has a limited resource of these gases. In the future, his can be replenished by planting trees or the same Hydroponics in the open the room. 13) Reversible Ozone Ingot. What it is? From it you can get 1.5 oxygen ingots. Made in the Chemical Industry. 14) The special skill of the character "breathing technique" allows you to save consumption oxygen. 15) Stasis chamber (as in the movie "Aliens"). The character can lie in it while the ship is flying. In Stasis mode, the character does not consume oxygen, but skills in this mode also are not studied! 16) If there is a lot of oxygen in the atmosphere (more than needed), then the character receives "oxygen burn ", which also takes lives. 17) Under water with an open helmet, a special scale appears in the HUD, the breath holding scale. It gradually decreases while the character is underwater. Initially, it is 1 minute. A character through a skill can develop it up to 5 or even 10 minutes. When the character moves, then he spends this scale faster. When the scale reaches 0 seconds, an animation occurs - from the mouth the character comes out with a lot of bubbles and he dies. 18) When the scale from the last point is close to 15-10%, then the sound of "strong tapping heart. "The same thing happens with a closed helmet when in a portable oxygen tank there is little oxygen left. Red marks also appear on the peripheral vision, and in the eyes darkens. 19) When the character opens the helmet in an oxygen-free environment, the exit animation goes oxygen from the helmet. The same happens when a hole opens in a ship or base. outside, there is also an animation of oxygen leak. 20) The gas splitter also extracts carbon from the atmosphere. 21) Ships during flight in the atmosphere emit a little carbon (from Nitron fuel), so thereby replenishing the total carbon in the atmosphere. 22) A high carbon content in the atmosphere leads to the death of a character, as well as too small content. The same goes for Nitrogen. 23) Plants release carbon into the atmosphere like garbage. 24) Nitrogen can be used to make fuel. Nitrogen can be mined through Gas splitter. In the future, from waste plants, as well as from sand. Nitrogen is the same can be used for the manufacture of ammonia in the future (for refrigeration units). Still to mine in the gas giants. 25) Nitrogen can also be used to produce fuel. 26) Sealed corridor with 2 doors (compartment). It's built as the only way to leave building / ship to the street where there is no oxygen. This building has its own oxygen tank. Does not need replenishment. oxygen is supplied when all doors are closed. And this evacuated when the exit door is open. This compartment will allow you not to waste oxygen. from a building or ship. If the player puts ordinary doors, then oxygen leaves through them. They are not completely sealed. There are different sizes of compartments for larger may enter or even small cars (largest compartments).
  12. This is an amazing idea. I would very much like to see its implementation. You just need to add ports for connecting the conveyor (to the entrance and exit) to the 3D building models, and the same for connecting pipes. Or make a universal inlet and outlet for pipes and tape (two in one). Dense goods (for example boxes with screws) are moving along the conveyor. Liquid pipes (such as oil or water). - You can see how 3D models of goods are moving along the tape. This will really bring the factory to life! - Conveyor elevator. For vertical delivery of goods. - Conveyor racks (for multi-level belt placement). The same goes for pipes. - Splitter (separates 1 tape into 3), Connector (connects 3 tapes into one). Option MK2 can be programmed through Lua to filter goods for admission. - "Pipe cross" for connecting pipes. - Pump for pipes to deliver liquids vertically. Later, the pump will require electricity. - Bandwidth and pipe throughput. It can be increased if you build a variant of MK2 or MK5 of these buildings. Higher-level belts in terms of design have a more "closed" version (moving goods are less visible). Option MK5 is completely closed and is similar to Hyperloop (since goods are delivered very quickly inside it). - The conveyor will require electricity in the future. - Support for Lua. You can find out through scripts - what is the throughput of the selected conveyor or pipe. How many goods are passing through it now, what type of goods are passing through.
  13. Bank. Bank cells. What if you make cans in distracts, and in them each player will have his own inventory for a certain volume? This is free inventory, not the one on the market. The player has a basic capacity (free), but it can be expanded with credits. There are several levels of expansion. For corporations, special inventories with a very large volume are available. The contents of a bank container can be sold, or items can be bought into it (using the market container manager, this is either a special skill or an NPC hired for a fee).
  14. We need more lighting settings in the lamps. Flicker frequency. Brightness level, Illuminated volume in space, Beam or scattered light, Light color. The ability to automatically turn on and off (depends on the day and night, or on whether the player is nearby or not). Combining lamps into a group (so that everyone can set the same settings at once). Saving a lamp profile to a buffer (if you need to create a new group, but with the same settings). * - The brightness of the lamp will affect energy consumption in the future. * - All these settings can be displayed in a separate large window.
  15. Idea. Factory production profile. Imagine. You have created a production chain and it works well. But you need to redo the production at the factory for new needs. And for this you need to run up to each building every time to change the recipe. What if we make it so that all the currently selected recipes on the base can be saved in 1 profile, give this profile a name, and then quickly switch between profiles - when the player needs to quickly and without hassle change production? It would be very convenient and would save a lot of time. Perhaps this function is available only to those players who have developed highly some skills for production. Or with the help of some new building (production hub), industrial computer. Updated: Also add the ability to trade such profiles on the market (similar to the blueprint). When you save a profile, the links (their locations) and the selected quantity of products in each building are saved.
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