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  1. So as most of us know, there are bots running parts of the markets. They sell items. They Buy items. Where do those items go? You guessed it ~ into the abyss. I know these bots were put in place to get a running start to the economy but i feel as its making a negative impact on markets. We need to be able to sell items to REAL players, and buy items from REAL players. This is what we need! 1) Remove the bots as its having a negative impact on market 2) Connect all sanctuary markets (temporarily) to increase the item pool for buy/sell orders and items - this way we aren't reliant on bots. Later they could be unconnected and provide additional gameplay by market->market selling
  2. The whole point of the subscription is to pay for server costs and to pay the developers to keep developing the game, This game is going to cost a lot of money for upkeep and development. As stated it's only going to be 10-15 a month, basically the cost of a happy meal at mcdonalds or any other fast food place. It's honestly quite a small price to pay for one of the most unique games coming out within the next year or so. It was already discussed that it will be subscription based for a reason and I do not see it changing any time soon, if at all - ever. This isn't one of those games that the devs will release, grab some money and then ditch. They plan on developing this game for many many years, quite possibly 10+ years if the community stays active and supportive. Saying all of such things, maybe if you get good enough after a couple months of playing, there is the chance you may not even have to pay to play anymore as there will be the opportunity to buy subscriptions with in-game money from other players who are willing to sell time. If you're old enough to get a job then i recommend doing so - so that you're able to play the game with everyone. Hell, knock on a few neighbors doors in the winter time and offer to shovel their driveway for 20 bucks, or even mow a lawn in the summer.. There's plenty of ways you can grab a few bucks to pay for such a cheap game. Cheers, Tumeden
  3. 26 https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/10251-the-community-management-team-is-expanding/
  4. You can switch to the mobile view on the PC by clicking change theme in the very bottom left corner. This may help? It's the only other template available to choose from.
  5. very nice questions/answers. Until we implement a voice chat system (which is currently not in the roadmap), most interactions will take place via a traditional chat. Hearing impairments should not be an issue in this context. Also, there are no cinematics or story-line in Dual Universe, so no need for subtitles. ^Regards to the quote above; I realize there will be no voice chat system implemented right away, but what about some sort of subtitles for deaf people (having an option to toggle this on/off) for sounds that take place in game. An example, is if someone fires a gun in the distance, or there is an explosion (but you're in a ship and obviously cant see it, but can hear it) a deaf person would not be able to hear this. So some sort of visual text or warning I think would be nice.
  6. You guys seem to be missing the fact that you can't miss shooting someone. It's 'lock and fire' PvP. Basically you pick your target, fire, and based on your own stats, and the stats of the other player will result in whether you win or lose. It's not going to be a first person aim and fire, and see who the better person is. It's going to be a lock on a target, and fire and the person with the better guns/stats wins.
  7. It'll be first person at release. as stated in interviews there "might" be a purchasable element or upgrade of some sorts for a ship to be able to view in 3rd person (at a later date)
  8. Pretty neat video with lots of building, but the thing that makes me want to cry inside is to think of how someone like myself will build all these neat things like that without the ability to fly. :/
  9. 530,000 on the kickstarter :D

  10. Hey guys, just a small idea for the community, How about a chatroom, or shoutbox of some sorts for the forums? Thoughts, Opinions?
  11. I only was able to catch the last 15-20 minutes, but it was very nice. Thanks!
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