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  1. They have made great progress as far as server performance goes. That only makes it more tragic that they are fumbling game play and balance. The software is brilliant but the design is lacking. There were market problems on launch that players had been warning them about for months. It took a game balance disaster to make them see there was a problem. Anyone looking at the way radar and weapons work could have predicted the borg cube infestation yet here we are. Their element wear and tear plan isn't going to create nearly enough of a materials sink when planetary pvp launches. Then as we see here, the game has an easily exploited or overly complex rights management system. The devs have only admitted that one of these was a problem and that was after damage was done. This game could be steered in a good direction if they would listen to their player base a bit. This incident of banning those who brought attention to their mistakes (however extreme the method) has solidified my opinion that NQ are too prideful to take advice.
  2. And so it begins. Was it worth it NQ? You could have admitted you were wrong and turned this into a fun, memorable beta event. Now anyone looking at this game sees a dev team that cant learn from mistakes tying to build a complex game that will require trial and error. I've told people this game has the potential to be something huge but now? I've logged in a few times since this went down but I'm just not feeling it anymore. I no longer believe this dev team can pull this off. And no, its not because of this event alone.
  3. So its fine for players endure this happening to their bases but the ban hammer drops when it means extra work for the devs? As far as I can tell the players robbing bases only did it to fill their pockets and didn't report anything.
  4. Whoever did this is a hero. NQ needed a wake up call.
  5. As simple as that and anyone who has tried to dig out a basement while keeping the earth flush to their walls knows why we need it.
  6. I like the idea in theory but it needs some boundaries. A few suggestions: The "road" is a bit wider than 2 max size S cores. Only S or XS size ships can travel on it. If a ship approaches the road at a shallow angle and a set speed, the ship can merge onto the road in the direction it was going. From there no maneuvering is needed. A ship can exit the road at any time. Roads stretch between hubs with up to three tiles between them. Maximum of two hubs per tile. A player can only build one hub per tile - on tiles they own or unclaimed tiles. Permission must be granted to attach to another person's hub. A player who owns a tile on a choke point can try to extort money at the risk of loosing potentially valuable traffic. I was recently thinking about this in terms of a monorail system. I may suggest it for that purpose but I like a road system as well.
  7. The trouble here is that the game does not yet have any means of refreshing resources in place. The safe zone should have less than the outer planets but it should have some. As someone who has done this, I can tell you it takes just a few hours to land a hauler, scan and then empty several tiles of everything but the T1s. We are exhausting planets and moons faster than NQ planned. Ideally, we will have a long term solution that sees moons and planets reseeded from time to time by meteorites or some sort of geological activity. In the sort term, NQ should just reset unclaimed tiles or tiles that do not border claimed tiles.
  8. @Moosegun I think most people realize this is something that needs to happen but , like myself, thought the full loot was just a work in progress an that NQ would have a better system in place before territory warfare is implemented. I hope someone from NQ will see this thread and realize that their current plan needs some improvement.
  9. @Moosegun Now that's an idea what would solve the issue I'm talking about while cutting folks some slack for misjudging the surface height of Thades. If PVPers want to leave most of their target in repairable condition, they will have much more difficult time as they will have to pick their shots carefully so as little damage as possible bleeds past the 0% percent mark. In a full blown organization vs organization scrap this would very tough to do. It would also work with what NQ seems to be planning.
  10. @Moosegun There is no problem at all with organizations having power or controlling vast amount of territory. But that isn't what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the power imbalance that will grow with every 100% loot victory - gradual wear and tear or not. To be clear - I was in some large organizations in Eve. I might end up joining one of the winning teams in Dual. It would still suck though. Fun in games like this comes from fights where both sides have a chance to win. As planned, the fights will quickly become one sided and will stay that way.
  11. @Underhook Unfortunately, if the game is to have stakes more meaningful than the latest battle royale game there has to be loss. You can still have fun in PVP by only flying what you don't mind losing. The problem with the current system is that even small PVP losses give too much to the winners and remove nothing from the game. It insures that PVP will stagnate as the strong will only get stronger and Industry will stagnate as not nearly enough material is being removed from the game. In Eve, industrial organizations were able to defeat PVP focused groups by out producing them. This will not be a viable tactic in Dual. I encourage everyone who reads this to go check out what the devs seem to be planning on their vote page. https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/suggestions/122873/elements-wearing-off-getting-permadestroyed#comment212685 The general element wear they are planning is nowhere near strong enough to prevent the PVP resource pooling I described. Should it changed and made strong enough, it would be too punishing for wrecks. I've been very excited for where this game is going up until this point. Now it seems like the feature I have been mining and building toward might quickly turn to garbage. I will not tell you what to say but please go and comment. Should they implement territory PVP with nothing stronger than wear and tear in place, only a hard roll back will fix the power imbalance they will create.
  12. With the current 100% repair rate, PVP will not be the resource sink the game needs. Instead, when territory warfare begins, it will insure that the groups who win in the beginning will gain a materials advantage that will only grow with each new, easier, win. I made the suggestion that elements damaged by weapons have a less than 100% repair chance and submitted it to the voting list. It never got moderator approval in spite of there being no similar suggestions. I thought my suggestion might have been overlooked or worded incorrectly so I rephrased the suggestion and submitted again. This time it was simply deleted. Now I am very worried. Is the current repair system meant to stay as it is? If so, the game will not be worth playing shortly after territory warfare and atmospheric PVP are introduced. A few groups will dominate and only grow stronger in relation to everyone else.
  13. I like the idea of gun size being linked to core size. Another idea that could be implemented with that one or by itself is to have core size be only one part of what determines how easy a ship is to lock. The size of a ship's radar array could be a big factor. The weight of the ship could be another.
  14. Anomaly

    Tractor Beams

    In addition to the larger ship trapping a smaller one scenario, they would be a great way to facilitate docking a ship in a player made construct. Whether the construct is on the ground, in space or another ship, a pilot with a ship of the right size would approach at the right speed, hit a button and the construct's tractor beam would take over its movement. They could follow scripted paths to guide ships inside and into docking bays.
  15. Asteroids would be great as a source of new materials and a reason for players to shoot each other.
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