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  1. If you are speaking of the general tone of my posts then I will agree with you. The NQ devs spoke in a very professional manner when they permabanned players for exploiting a RDMS mistake the devs tell players they are responsible for. I would have never considered punishing players for my mistake but I don't hold myself to the same account.
  2. You know that bright outline that makes ore easy to see when you have the mining tool equipped? That - only along the ground any and static structures when you are moving fast enough to be damaged by them. Perhaps it could be something you can toggle on and off. Anyone who has had close call with a mountain that popped in late or a single voxel tower two kilometers above the ground knows we need this.
  3. This cant be emphasized enough. A community will put up will all kinds of troubles and delays if they like the devs. The community managers here seem nice enough but what we have gotten from the devs themselves has ranged from indifferent to nasty. Should DU fail, I will keep a wary eye out for any further projects from these people.
  4. This is a much better solution. NQ's repair limit makes having extra repairs on your elements a liability when going into anything other than a hit and run battle. Your enemies will simply repair any captured ships and turn them on their previous owners. I can already see players deliberately crashing ships to remove the extra repairs. That it also eliminates much of the repair tedium is a big plus. If NQ feels they must keep a number of full repairs for each element, there should be onboard repair units that can restore a destroyed element for a significant chunk of resources and a strike through one of the full repairs. This way, ships in combat could burn through the repairs for some of their elements before going down for good.
  5. This is a start but its still far too much loot from a single ship kill. Even with 1 full repair it means the victors in a fleet battle will have the ships of both fleets to use afterward and things will only become more unbalanced. I think it was Moosegun who suggested that weapons do carry over damage that will reduce or eliminate possible repairs unless attackers are careful to shoot only as much as needed - something unlikely to happen in a fleet battle.
  6. The Worlds Adrift devs made the same big mistake the DU devs are making now. They focused on PVP without giving players a reason to PVP. On top of that, there were no safe zones and your ship carried everything you had when it went down. The PVPers defended the devs right up until the lights went out. PVP is needed in DU if for nothing else than to provide a materials sink but most of the player base will continue to ignore it until there is something to fight for.
  7. Its good to see this happening but I imagine it is low on most player's lists of wanted changes and features.
  8. This would be one of the simplest ways to add some needed challenge and complexity to the game.
  9. I'm holding to a hope that NQ-Naunet is here because someone higher up has picked up on the theme of dev communication in so many of these quitting threads. Time will tell if this is real or a show to stem subscriber loss. He's done a good job of bringing people back to the forums for now. My impression of the dev team has been, that of a programmer led team - which means they do amazing things with code but completely fail to predict what players will do when set loose in their creation. I keep yelling about communication because, from what I've seen, I don't think this team is capable of balancing all the parts that need to be balanced. For the short term, if they want this game to stop bleeding subscribers, they need to implement their PVP overhaul and then give us something to fight over. It doesn't matter what. It could be resources, it could be unique base decorations. It just needs to be something players will want and that most players can get to. Alternately they could implement NPC enemies to fight - something to threaten bases or ships and provide a new dimension to building. I know they have said no NPCs but everything should be considered at this point. As for quitting - I don't want to rekindle the argument here but it was the handling of the Market 15 heist that was the last straw for me. Naunet's arrival provided a enough hope that I felt like playing a few hours last week but nothing like my activity before. I still think Dual Universe has the potential to be something great so I continue to linger on the forums and watch for some sign that NQ has learned something.
  10. I want those shapes. All of them. It baffles me how limited the building tools are. Do we not want better looking ships in this game?
  11. @NQ-Naunet Unless its a public event, I don't think Ill be there. It looks like Williams is saying much of what I would bring up though. Ill cheer from the sidelines. Edit: Looks like it is a public event though Ill be working through it. Ill certainly watch the replay.
  12. I like the idea of posting to the feature upvote and this forum but you may have the order backwards. We are likely to see better ideas posted to upvote if they incubate on this forum for a few days. Really, the upvote page is in need of a reset due to the top ideas being the ones that were posted earliest. Perhaps it could be rebooted with a batch of ideas that have had time to bounce off of several minds on this forum. Its great to see someone is watching at any rate.
  13. One of the biggest issues with Dual's PVP is the speed limit that is common to all ships regardless of size and configuration. Acceleration matters but if that pirate gets to 30,000 kph before you are out of range, your hauler is done. If that hauler is out of range by the time you reach max speed, you have no hope of catching up. Therefore I propose that ships be allowed to burn fuel at a greater than normal rate of consumption to increase their speed past the current 30K limit. When the fuel is cut, speed will begin to return to maximum. I know this suggestion and physics do not get along but a speed limit in space is a bit contrary as well. Smaller core ships would be able to push farther past maximum speed (because core structural integrity or something) creating a niche for interceptors and smaller core blockade runners. With upcoming changes to weapons and shields hopefully on the horizon, an encounter between pirates and a hauler might not be decided at the outset. The hauler might be able to outrun the big guns but it would still need to swat down interceptors.
  14. Anomaly

    A gun lift

    These would be very cool hidden behind armored base doors.
  15. I would love to see tree collision come back - but they shouldn't be the immovable invincible objects they were. An impact with a starter speeder at 200kph should kill both the tree and the speeder. A 4KT hauler should plow through a forest and only loose a bit of speed (and mass).
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