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  1. Absolutely do not attempt to delete a system folder like System32. I assume that Kuritho is attempting to be funny rather than being mendacious. Either way, it's a dick move. If you are getting a BSOD then I'm guessing the issues you are having with Firefox is just symptomatic of a much wider system issue. My advice is to gather as much data as possible - e.g. error messages, the conditions under which you get the issues, your OS and it's version and anything else that you can think of - and then tell us your findings or go onto a specialised forum.
  2. I bought it yesterday. It's a good game, even better when you consider that they are marketing it as a pre-alpha release.
  3. Very true. And it's essential that everyone realises this if they are going to participate in the alpha stage of development. If you are not interested in shaping the game in some way by testing an incomplete product then you can get burnt out pretty quickly. I know I did with games like Elite Dangerous. Beta should be offering us something very close to a stable, feature complete game. And this is why I that that for many people, it would be better that they wait until at least the beta stages of the game dev and perhaps even a little after release. I wonder how much disappointment and h
  4. For those not signed up to the newsletter, you can read the latest release here. Check out the animated gif teaser. It looks like they will be sending out one of these every month. My own take is that this is an acceptable frequency (just about) but only because I recognize that the project is in its infancy and there probably isn't that much to report on right now. At some point, though, I'd still think this should be increased to a weekly or bi-monthly release.
  5. I'm happy as long as NQ keep us in the loop on a semi-regular basis. By semi-regular, I would be satisfied with a newsletter every week or two. Anywho, thanks for the official response.
  6. At this stage, I think the silence is somewhat understandable. Game development is a slow, iterative process and there may simply not be a whole lot to report on at the moment. My hope is that they are currently working on their communications strategy and that this includes regular newsletters. I also hope they are going to start talking to investors and potential investors very soon. Crowdfunding is a confidence game and silence can be interpreted very negatively. We Happy Few do a decent job of communicating with their community by releasing weekly updates. They also add a little person
  7. I'd point you towards the Derek Smart link I provided above. And I don't think that anyone has said at DU won't work. Rather, the OP expresses some reasons for his scepticism and came her looking for some answers. I hope that he(?) got what he was looking for.
  8. The wider gaming community has long displayed some negative characteristics. One that springs to mind is the desire to see a project fail. So these type of questions are going to arise again and again and again and if NQ are not careful they will be feeding into fears. And that's not helpful when you are trying to crowdfund. Let me put it this way. When I see a well-considered post such as the OP's go largely unanswered by the community (and that's not an attack on anyone here) or ignored by the devs a horrible question arises in my mind: "have I may have bought into another Starforge, NMS
  9. A really good post from the OP. One that I think is deserving of an official response. NQ have gone to ground lately - which I suppose is understandable at the moment - and when they reemerge I'd love for them to run something like 'Questions of the week / month' newsletter or screencast. As I see it NQ will be presented with tough (and hopefully respectful) questions about the feasibility of their product and unless they want their very own equivalent of Derek Smark hounding them * they better start answering these questions and answering them well. * I can't tell if he's a crank obs
  10. Oh man. This news has got to come as a big disappointment. In very general terms game development (and development in general) will go through a number of distinct milestones and each of these is comprised of numerous iterations (the little steps between one milestone and the next). We are currently in the pre-Alpha milestone and after there will be Alpha and Beta milestones and finally the general release. So there is going to be a long time, a lot of work and many bugs squished between now and a public release. My advice to you is that unless you are really interested in helping with bug
  11. Top tip: use pixlr.com to resize your images before posting. It will be kinder to those on mobile devices and limited data plans.
  12. Good news guys. I was just talking to JC and he said that 1st place gets lifetime membership. I joke
  13. <offtopic> I just watched the latest video for Star Citizen and I've got to say that if DU, Elite Dangerous and SC get their collective acts together it could be a golden age for space sims and gaming in general. Damn impressive stuff all around. </offtopic>
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