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    Megaddd got a reaction from GraXXoR in random thoughts...   
    It used to be an uncraftable joke item.

    It's actually pretty easy to craft now compared to what it used to be.
    --I mean, it clearly requires advanced super-conducting cryogenic ferromagnetic materials to levitate the bonsai with such precision and precession regardless of construct acceleration, yeah!
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    Megaddd got a reaction from Cheith in random thoughts...   
    It used to be an uncraftable joke item.

    It's actually pretty easy to craft now compared to what it used to be.
    --I mean, it clearly requires advanced super-conducting cryogenic ferromagnetic materials to levitate the bonsai with such precision and precession regardless of construct acceleration, yeah!
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    Megaddd got a reaction from Shaman in random thoughts...   
    It used to be an uncraftable joke item.

    It's actually pretty easy to craft now compared to what it used to be.
    --I mean, it clearly requires advanced super-conducting cryogenic ferromagnetic materials to levitate the bonsai with such precision and precession regardless of construct acceleration, yeah!
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    Megaddd got a reaction from NQ-Naerais in Market pollution   
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    Megaddd reacted to NQ-Naerais in Market Clean Up - Today!   
    Despite our recent efforts to expand and clear out Market 6, we are still getting reports about performance and clutter. We want to assure our players that we understand your frustration and are still working to find better permanent solutions. 
    Meanwhile, we will be addressing clutter across Alioth this weekend. Our plan is as follows:
    Dynamic constructs that have not had direct interaction with their owner over a set duration (currently 30 days*) will be hidden.  Constructs at the market that violate our rules,  Code of Conduct and EULA will be removed.
    If your construct is hidden, you can unhide (recover) it by using the Fetch tool. To do this, right-click on it in the Construct list on your Map screen. Any constructs that you own, whether visible or hidden, will appear on this list.
    Fetch functionality now works for organization-owned constructs as well. For hidden constructs that belong to your organization, your legates can retrieve them via that same functionality. 
    Our customer support team is at the ready if you still need assistance recovering your constructs. Simply ping our Live Support staff in the in-game help chat with “@GM” or file a ticket on our support page and we will dispatch help right away!
    Please note that this is intended only as a temporary measure to aid performance and improve your experience when visiting these areas. 
    We look forward to seeing the results from these changes over the weekend.
    May your frames be plenty.
    *Duration may change based on our findings 
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    Megaddd reacted to Lomaklin in L-Core ship Boosters don't work at all   
    I want to start by saying I am likely missing some super simple fundamental step and deserve to be blasted for my idiocy, but that said, please blast me if it solves the problem!
    This is my first L-Core ship, and the first time I have had a problem with things not working.  Specifically, the boosters do not fire, at all, everything is linked, no errors on the board, tools all show everything as present and working.
    Yet, when I hop in the pilot seat (Command Chair), smash down that space bar, it shows on the HUD, 100% vertical power, but nothing happens.  If I spool up the Atmospheric Engines, they do fire and the ship will start to scoot along the ground.
    What I have attempted so far.
    Moved the command chair down from on high where it normally sits so it is close to the ground and the Boosters to see if it was a height issue. Nope…
    In the same vein, I “ALT+SpaceBar’d” to adjust the height of Booster elevation to see if at some point they would “detect the ground” and fire up. Nope…
    I removed the Command chair and deleted dynamic data, added again, re-ran default pilot seat.  Nope…
    Removed all Boosters and replaced them.  Nope…
    Removed all fuel tanks, and links, and re-linked everything. Nope…
    In the same vein, I linked space engines to their own tanks and boosters to their own tanks as a test.  Nope…
    What I think I am missing is that with a certain number of elements (I am about double of anything I have built before), I need some extra processing power in between the command chair and the elements.  I have yet to play with Radar, weapons, sensors (automatic anything), but have seen enough that for some of that you need programming boards to accept all the feeds and turn it into a single link to the chair.
    If numbers matter: 24-L-Boosters, 28-L-Adv.Atmospheric Engines, 4-XL-Space Engines, 4-L-Atmospheric Fuel tanks, 4-L-Space Fuel tanks
    Attached small screen grab if a visual helps.  I have seen much larger ships, though my pilot seat is a good distance from the Boosters relative to other ships I have seen.  Really don't think that is the issue, but should just shut up now and let you fine folks point me in the right direction

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    Megaddd reacted to joaocordeiro in This is war (?)   
    I agree with most said here.
    But a quick note:
    This is the 2nd topic this week directly promoting another game. One that is a direct competitor. 
    I know some of you mean well. But this forum does not exist to provide "Alternatives to DU". 
    If you have some feature in some game has or some decision some competitor made, it is acceptable to bring other games for reference. 
    But it is not acceptable to do direct promotion of the competition. 
    Keep this in mind. 
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    Megaddd got a reaction from aliensalmon in Do you think this is a good game to teach math and science?   
    If you're serious - heck no. The aero forces are practically made up and engine forces don't make full sense sometimes.
    Unless your entire curriculum is F = ma, you might find it more frustrating than fun. That said if it's just for an excuse to have videogames in class then go for it!
    That said for a programming curriculum and making something work around radians and vectors - it's great.
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    Megaddd reacted to Demlock in The mission System: The biggest problem with it so far   
    The biggest growing problem in DU right now is the fact that NQ has done little to properly nerf warping.
    This is NOT a call to make warping more expensive...
    This is more of a signal to NQ to either reduce the safezone of planets, or make warpdrives drop you off about 5-10 su outside of a planet's safezone that's NOT inside the Thades, Alioth, Madius bubble
    There's been a growing number of complaints about how warpdrives really kill the game in many respects even though it's a huge time-saver, it completely removes the risk factor from the game.
    In addition, since there's no way to interdict someone and force them out of warp, this really gives no reason for PVP to take place naturally in game.
    The system might be nice.. however some suggestions for the NPC generated missions:
    There needs to be two types of missions Warp capable - Allows a person to warp the package without fear of the mission being terminated The shorter the distance, the less quanta a person will make The shorter the distance, the less valuable the package The greater the distance, the more valuable the package The greater the distance, the more costly it will be to ship/warp (meaning the weight will be increased... thus you add balance to the game) Non-Warp Capable - If the hauler warps the package from one location to another the mission is automatically terminated BY DEFAULT these missions are exponentially more valuable than warp capable missions on a factor of 3 or 4 The shorter the distance, the less quanta a person will make The shorter the distance, the less valuable the package The greater the distance, the more valuable the package The greater the distance, the more costly it will be to ship/warp (meaning the weight will be increased... thus you add balance to the game) NPC generated missions need to be more plentiful The community is not lively or active enough to support hundreds or thousands of available missions.
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    Megaddd reacted to ELX987 in i made an ore cost/quanta cost spreadsheet   
    Hello all, i present to you a simple to use and very helpful spreadsheet for calculating the ore cost and/or quanta cost of a end item 
    Here is the sheet:
    -allow user to input base ore cost, ore quanta price, skills, and percentage of product used for intermediate parts -automatically takes all values above entered and calculates them into the final cost in quanta -works for t1-5 and has t1-5 pure, product and intermediate part skills selectable -shows individual ore tier cost  
    -make a copy (file > make a copy)
    -input ore values manually or copy/paste them in (click paste > values only after you paste them in so the formatting doesn't get screwed)
    -to calculate the part percentage, take the amount of base not used for intermediate parts and subtract that from the total ore cost of that particular ore, then divide that number by the total ore cost of that particular ore, do not use the percentage(%) symbol when entering in the percentage, you should always use decimals (e.g 0.33 for 33%)
    -if you need help modifying the sheet to your needs, let me know i will try my best to help!
    Possible features: -time cost -others as they cross my mind   thanks for your interest   -ELX987
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    Megaddd got a reaction from Haunty in Voxel corruption is wide spread!   
    I think it would be infinitely more productive if you submited a ticket with all of the affected constructs and/or posted their names+owners so that something could be actually done about it rather than fearmongering and complaining loudly with little to know useful actionable information, other than "We have a problem".

    Posting "yeah i'm having this problem too" is super unhelpful all around, there's a bunch of different voxel issues, some present since the start of Beta. A screenshot with visible construct name is a start, it's hard to visually see trends otherwise I'm sure.
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    Megaddd reacted to IvanGrozniy in Game Design: How DU can simulate Civilization   
    At its current state DU is nothing more than a game prototype. All this talk about civilization building where the game mechanics are nothing remotely about "civilization building"... and no, ability to build cities with voxels does not qualify. A city is not a bunch of buildings, it's the social aspect and the reasoning behind living in a city in the first place.

    DU does not have social drivers for civilization, DU does not have selective pressures for civilization organization (no danger, no scarcity, pvp is just flying space castle sieges, no technological progression system at all)...

    The common plight of big universe games (Elite Dangerous I'm looking at you) is they are going for scale, not depth. In Elite, I can basically play the whole game loop in less than 2 hours, you just have millions of planets and systems to play that game loop in. I feel like DU is going the same way. A new system will not fix the current problems as it will only make the universe larger but will not add depth. It's a common and frankly silly mistake, especially in DU context. What I am proposing here is focusing on depth, which requires a massive amount of content (what we've been asking for since... forever). You get the depth right with a fun game loop for the majority, you can then extrapolate that unto new systems.
    I know that this whole thing is wishful thinking at this point of the "beta" that should be an early alpha, but here goes:

    A way to simulate "civilization" in DU would be to scrap this Eve talent system (some things really shouldn't be copied) and do an org-based technological progression system.
    NOTE, not a skills tree, a TECH tree:
    You have to be in an org to even progress in advanced technologies... Or there should be more technology branches available for group context Solo players should have basic technology progression available to them to facilitate solo play, and maybe a separate tech tree. Solo player tech tree should not be an afterthought, maybe it should have some cooler stuff than org tech trees. But the higher tier advanced stuff should only be in group context. Tech can only be progressed through when you are actively doing actions that facilitate skills /numbers that unlock a tech path  (you have to play to progress) Vast technological skills tree that unlocks stuff on an org basis. This automatically creates groups of people that progress through technology differently and this adds a ton of variety to orgs. an org can choose to progress through a more electronic line of skill, while another one might focus on plasma, another one might focus more on laser tech. an org may choose to develop agricultural skills for resource generation, or more mining, or more building.. debatable topic here but it's not hard to imagine that with this system orgs will specialize As you climb  further and further up the tech tree the branches have wider distance from each other, meaning that it's a lot harder to cover the whole tree (you need to specialize AS AN ORG in a certain area of technology) This should be a background systems with interesting skills (so you don't have to feel like you need to hit a rock X number of times to gain a better skill in idk... pooping). Skills progress organically based on actions, the difficult part is making the grind not grind for its own sake. You can have org waypoints (for example, some skills have multiple options and the org has to choose what type of said technology they want to unlock, they can't have both). IMPORTANT - this system gives devs a ton of room and opportunity to add more stuff to the tree whenever they want to, basically an unlimited system.  
    An example of a skill tree from Path of Exile:

    Granted this is a different mmo and all that (do not comment on path of exiles, irrelevant to the topic, I'm just showing a tree, could have used a different game), but the principle remains the same. As you go out to the outer layers of the tech tree you are forced to specialize because it becomes much harder, even impossible to cover everything on the outer branches of the tree in a group context. Skill training is done organically in group context, you simply focus on what you want to train and do those activities. In my opinion this system simulates "civilization building" much better than the Eve talent system which only focuses on the individual anyway, with few skills in group context.

    The main thing with this tech system is it gives devs plenty of room to add more features and technologies to the tree, and as an mmo, new content is always important.
    Anyway, what do you all think?

    And before someone says "I specifically joined DU to avoid doing x number of stupid quests to gain a skill point", this is not what I mean by this tree. Tech should be acquired organically, not through some lame quests. Valheim for example has a really nice organic skill generation system, you don't even spec skills. You CAN'T. You automatically gain skill based only on what you do. I think this is a good system. I think it will encourage people to group up, I think it will add a ton of variety into orgs, and I think it will greatly increase specialized fun.
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    Megaddd got a reaction from vylqun in NQ DO SOMETHING ABOUT SHIPS PART 2 + DESIGN INFO and BUYER WARNING   
    I think what you're saying is that they need to fix element stacking, not add legitimate ways to do it.
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    Megaddd got a reaction from NQ-Naunet in [Player Feature] Burble's Space Race Interview!   
    That track is really cool, I love how it ties in two completely different look and feel tracks into one build. That is easily my favorite kind of level design!
    Toxic much? Look, I think we both can agree the take on the issue wasn't ideal, but reigning in your concerns about something completely off-topic like that you remind me of those un-moderated rednecks asking Elon Musk about toilets during his Mars presentation that one time.
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    Megaddd reacted to NQ-Naunet in [Player Feature] Burble's Space Race Interview!   
    Greetings Noveans! 🚀
    Today I come to all of you with a very special feature! Please put your hands together for @Burble, one of Dual Universe's very own racing specialists.

    As many of you are likely aware, the thrilling sport of ship racing has been steadily gaining popularity in DU. Players just like Burble have already created some incredible tracks, designed lightning fast racing ships and organized exciting events to entertain and delight their fellow players. What's not to love about that?
    We sat down with Burble to gain some insight into what life as a DU racing fanatic is like! So grab a cup of something tasty and pull up a chair, because we want to share our findings with all of you now. 👇


    1. When did you begin playing DU, and what were your first impressions? Have you always been a fan of this genre?
    I started a few months ago before Christmas, I think. I had been following the game for years, but had not had the computer spec or the time to start playing. I've always liked sandbox games, voxel games, flying games and live communities, so DU was a logical step that was always going to happen at some point. My first impressions? I was overwhelmed and a little lost for three days on [the Sanctuary Moon of Alioth]. But after I was advised to make my way to Alioth, the game began and it's been superb ever since.

    2. At what point did you decide to begin building a race track on Alioth?
    It must have been around week two of playing. The voxel mechanics in DU are a cut above most other builder games I have played. I've always had a go at building races in other titles, but I knew for sure that the persistent world and [single-server universe], coupled with the interesting physics and excellent building mechanics would make DU the game where a really fun track could actually exist. We can design our own race spaceships and then explode them! How cool is that?

    3. Do you belong to an Organization and, if so, how do your org mates feel about the track you created? Did they pitch in? (Feel free to shout out anyone and everyone you'd like!)

    I am in a solo org [so that I can possess all] of the cores I need to build something on a large scale. The whole build was a solo effort until last week, when the course was finished and some new people came along and started taking an interest in building shops and housing their racers on the track and surrounding area. The last few days have been really fun, and the beautiful stuff people are now building on the track makes me really happy and grateful.
    However, there were some really good people along the way who helped out with a little resources here, or a kind quanta donation there:
    Rayder13 & Umibozu both found me early when the track was only a concept and helped me on my way with their generous spirits. Rogue455 gave me the location of an aluminium meganode for free to help sustain the millions of litres the track was consuming. Dangersnoot has been a lovely friend and kept me company on discord when I lost the will to live... deep underground chasing scanner pings. The two of us once mined a whole silicon meganode and shamelessly sold it all to buy more aluminium. Lunaprey gave me a bunch of XL screens and keeps me on my toes. Jokr shipped me 200,000L of crater soil from Madis so I could build the Madis Hairpin. (There is actually nearly half a million litres of dirt from other planets than Alioth in the track's construction, but that is hard to tell at full speed.)
    More recently, other DU racing enthusiasts have reached out to me and have been very generous in donating to the track in the last few days. There is a thriving microcosm of racers in the game. I feel that racing can be a permanent part of the experience. There are a whole lot of really great people in the game and I cannot mention everyone. Just look at the support channel and everyday there are experienced players offering help and advice.

    4. What's your favourite part about hosting races in DU? What about the process sparks the most enjoyment for you?

    The crashing and exploding. The inevitable laughter and people flying around to rescue each other from the track, usually deep under water. The way the people who get involved interact with each other and all share the same idea of fun and creativity. Meeting people you would never meet in real life purely through a rendered location that does not even exist beyond our childlike imaginations.

    5. What do you think the future of racing in DU could look like? Do you plan to host any major, recurring events?

    The future in a persistent environment can only get better and better. More people are building tracks, I was not the first. There are plenty of other builders that have been here longer than me. There are LUA guys working hard to make lap time devices. There are smart traders taking care of the finances and supporting the efforts of the teams. The actual racing? The tracks all over the universe are all there and being built for the players to enjoy. Monthly events or leagues with cash prizes. Head to Head battles for quanta or to risk losing your ship blueprints to the winner. Gambling syndicates. Time trials. Laughter and drama. Exploding and fireballs.

    6. What would you consider to be your top 3 sources of inspiration when it comes to crafting the perfect race?
    The old Nintendo game F-Zero and any film or games where deadbeat rebels spend their lives speeding through canyons and exploding in fireballs. I jump out of aeroplanes for a living and teach people how to fly their bodies at 300kmh so anything fast paced and reaction based keeps my mind empty and happy. The voices tell me to do it.
    7. Besides hosting races, what's your favorite thing about DU? How do you spend your time in-game?
    I am not a very skilled block mover - I hardly know any voxelmancy stuff. But still, it is the building and ship design and the interactions with friends. Sometimes Dangersnoot and I spend a whole session just visiting all the incredible VR locations people have shared. What makes DU great is that what you build will be seen by others. It's not an ego thing. So many other voxel games you spend hours building something that you love only to realise you are alone, in a dead server, and there is no one to share it with. Even paradise is boring if there is no one to share it with.

    8. If you had to offer one piece of advice to your fellow DU players, what would it be?

    Get the hell off of Sanctuary. Immediately. Leave all your stuff there. Get to Alioth as soon as you can.

    9. If you could have ANY feature in the game (to support your racing ambitions or not), what would it be?
    A little more smoothing in close proximity player to player desync and player position lag. The smoother we can make the game feel while flying around at 500kmh just above the water and sand, the better the racing experience will be for everyone. I don't know anything about code but if that is a possibility then I think we all would like to have it please!

    10. And lastly, the big question on everyone’s mind is: what are the coordinates to your track!? We're dying to visit!
    In the hot sandy paradise around the equator on Alioth at a Lake we call "Melanuma Beach". Please, anyone come by and explode yourself into whatever you feel is best at the time!



    We sincerely hope you enjoyed our interview with Burble! Thank you for reading! 

    If you know of a player or Organization that's doing something you think we should feature, drop us a line! To do so, you can:

    1) Send a DM to any of our Community Managers here on the forums
    2) Send an email to community@novaquark.com
    3) Post your recommendation right here in the comments

    Please be sure to supply us with the following details:

    1) The name of the player or Organization you'd like us to feature
    2) A point of contact so we can conduct an interview
    3) A few sentences to let us know why you think this player/Org deserves their 15 minutes of DU fame ✨
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    Megaddd got a reaction from Burble in can anyone help?   
    Website was updated recently, force a cache refresh (with CTRL+F5 on most browsers) 
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    Megaddd reacted to xpsion in Is this game worth to pay before experiencing it ??   
    Ah, good !
    The game vision looks quite interesting to me. 
    Mining, crafting and setting up a small factory and build your own space ship is an attractive start-up activity.
    In Eve, I mined and when shot down by a pirate who makes the money from it, he passed me 20 Mio Isk after the kill ...
    This game, with a real on-planet based mine/build activity included is more interesting then just the space part of EVE.
    This push to market goal I can understand, It would be not good if all keep a solo game approach, then there is no civilization.
    Trading and making money on market is a quite interesting activity, but what I saw on the market trading tool, there is some improvement to be done, to make it real trading based on
    analyzing where to buy and where to sell and make timed offers etc.
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    Megaddd got a reaction from UnclePaulie in Why resub?   
    I'm on the camp of "it now makes sense for me to specialize in making my own niche of stuff", because everyone won't be able to make everything they need now. I can now build the few specfici parts that are used in the blueprints I'll be offering, and the spares go on the market, woo!

    I think it's an overreaction stemming from actually having to interact with people now, in an MMO.

    That said, bugs and disconnects that cause crashes will definitely be more salty. Buuuuut in theory if your ship keeps moving you should be able to use an ECU to keep your ship flying until you get back into your seat on login? In theory? If you have the right ECU to keep flying or stopping depending on circumstances? I dunno, yet to be seen.
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    Megaddd reacted to dVargar in Bug Report: Deploying Voxels   
    Noticed that when I'm deploying voxels at the bottom of the build space for a Large Static Core I will occasionally get "You cannot deploy voxels or elements outside of the build zone".  

    So far as I can tell the largest single chunk of voxel you can lay down is 160x32x32.  When trying to lay down a 160x32x1 layer of Voxel, I would notice that the reticule would go red somewhere between 88x32x1 and 98x32x1.
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    Megaddd reacted to Verliezer in Download game   
    Thx, it works!!!!!
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    Megaddd reacted to NQ-Naunet in UPDATE: Keeping the 'port' in support!   
    [Updated Nov 19, 2020 @ 3:02 PM EST]: The rules outlined below apply to teleporting both avatars and constructs. This means that, outside of the list of approved scenarios, we won't be able to fetch your ship and bring it to your location. 

    Good day fellow Noveans,
    I come bearing support-related news! More specifically, I’d like to address teleportation requests with all of you.
    For a while now, we’ve allowed players in need of a port to say the word on Discord and - voila - your wish would be granted! ✨
    That worked well for a time, but our Discord support channel is now beginning to slip under the veritable wave of port requests… and we’d like to rescue it and all those in need of a ‘lift’.
    As of November 19th, we would like everyone in need of teleport-related assistance to use the in-game chat support, or submit an official support ticket. By using the in-game chat function instead of Discord, you’re likely to receive an answer quicker because our GMs are ready and waiting for you there!

    Having said that, we’d also like to inform everyone that we will no longer grant port requests if you’re simply out of fuel, stuck in one of your own constructs, or just generally stranded. All port requests will now be investigated, verified and potentially denied if the request falls outside of approved scenarios.

    Some examples of when to ask for a port (approved scenarios):
    if you’re stuck in an Aphelia construct if you’re trapped in any other player-owned tile (unable to dig) if you’re unable to get past the loading screen upon logging in
      What to do if you’re just stuck/out of fuel/stranded: 
    Don’t forget: there are plenty of player organizations available to assist in your travels through space! Be sure to check out the organizations and services provided on Discord and our Forums. Some organizations will be happy to provide you with transportation, refueling, repairs, building help and so much more!! 🚀

    How to contact support:

    To access in-game chat support, simply click the “support” tab in-game, as depicted below.

    From here, it’s as easy as typing up your request, starting the message with "@NQ" and sending it off!
    To submit an official support ticket, please click HERE. 👈

    Then, select the hyperlinked text that says “submit a request” in the top-right corner of the page. Once you see the screen featured below, select the appropriate category for your issue and go to town!

    (Quick note for those submitting crash reports: PLEASE do not forget to include a crash log and/or XML logs with your ticket!!)

    And there you have it! Let’s all do our part to keep the Discord server free and clear of port requests so that players with big ol’ bugs and other issues to report can receive the visibility they deserve.


    PS - I want to give a special shout-out to all of our support staff for everything they do!! Thank you, all!!
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    Megaddd reacted to NQ-Naerais in Marketplace Performance Improvements   
    Hello Noveans,
    We realize that the districts currently represent a performance bottleneck, as they are a choke point between markets, institutes and the starting zone for new players. Even though we have identified performance improvements that should help solve these issues, we have decided to make some immediate changes to prevent these issues from affecting the performance for new players, until we are able to roll out these improvements.
    So we are making some temporary changes such as relocating many of the services you have come to know and expect in the districts: 
    New Stand Alone Markets will be moved approx. 2km from the associated district.  All pending orders will be transferred to the new market building.  All institutes will be removed from districts on Alioth and Sanctuary.  A new single Institute will be created near the Arkship.  Transport stations will be placed at all Districts to be able to get to the Institutes.   
    The institutes appear to be a heavy driver of performance issues, by removing them from higher traffic areas we hope to provide a better market experience for players overall. 
    Players who log out on one of the affected construct buildings may find themselves in a new location when returning post maintenance. We recommend bookmarking important places and construct locations. 
    As always, we appreciate your patience while we work, and welcome your feedback on the changes and performance improvements once complete.  We expect these changes will occur over the next few update cycles during October. 

    The Novaquark Team
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    Megaddd got a reaction from Max_Carpenter in Automatic mining = dead game [for me]   
    I hope they still reconsider making auto-mining compete directly with hand-mining, and instead make it its own separate thing in space for asteroid mining of (hopefully) different resources. Just separate it from the hand-mining gameplay as much as possible, so both are unique and viable to do on their own.
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    Megaddd reacted to NQ-Naerais in Clarification regarding Bug Exploits & Griefing   
    Hello Noveans, 
    We realize there is some confusion regarding whether certain scenarios occurring within the game world are permitted or not, and would like to clarify these points for everyone.  In short, we’d like to ask our community to use common sense when encountering issues in the game;  If it looks like an exploit, smells like an exploit (do pixels smell?), or sounds like an exploit, chances are it is an exploit. Don’t DU it! Report it. (support.dualthegame.com)
    We are in a testing phase, and reporting these bugs/issues is important. Abusing them may lead to sanctions against accounts, up to and including removal from the game. We will not take ignorance as an excuse, especially in the following list of scenarios. Please note this is not an exhaustive list, and we will continue to expand upon it as needed: 
     “ALT + F4 Emergency Brake”: We acknowledge this is not an intended game play loop that is being intentionally used by players. We do plan to counter this action in the future but do not consider it high priority at this time. At this time, we will not take action against an account for using such. [Allowed]  
    Parenting Ships - Dragged to PVP Space: This is a hot topic and one we wish to be very clear on. Intentionally parenting any construct without permission of the owner is not intended for game play. A fix has been rolled out that will address the ability to parent constructs together via the maneuver tool. As we have not previously clarified this point, we will not retroactively punish this abuse, as of this moment forward abusing similar bugs/tools to replicate this maneuver in its current state can result in disciplinary actions on an account. [Not Allowed]  
    Attacking PVP Zone from Safe Space: Our team has been investigating complaints of ships being attacked in the PVP zone from ships outside of the zone. Our investigations strongly point to sync issues between clients. We will continue to work with this feature, but recommend players consider the zone lines for PVP to be somewhat fluid and not absolute. Our version of the neutral zone! We ask that you continue to report cases with positions, but will not action accounts at this time, unless an additional exploit is discovered. [Allowed]  
    Overlapping engines with other elements (obscuring): A fix will be rolled out that will prevent this from occurring. No action will be taken, unless additional abuse is occurring. [Allowed]  
    Theft Via RDMS: RDMS permissions and settings are the sole discretion of each player. We advise you take the time to get to know and understand the system and be cautious when making a construct or element usable by unknown players, including the use of your friends list. Not every player has your best interest at heart. We can not get involved with permission based theft, whether as an individual or an organization. We encourage you to review your friends list each time you add or remove someone and ensure your construct permissions are set accordingly. The context menu options that set public access currently do not have a confirmation prompt, be careful as setting public access to said construct will allow every player in Dual Universe to go into build mode and remove/place elements and voxels.  [Allowed]
    Environmental Walls/Creations: Use of the environmental and voxel tools allows the manipulation of terrain on owned and unowned tiles. You may build walls or other structures up to the allowed height, however, said constructions must not:  Block access to market places or tutorials Must abide by our Community Standards (phallic/sexual, political, religious or otherwise offensive shapes are not permitted) Must not be placed with the intention of interfering with neighboring players. When players can not agree, the final decision on what is and is not acceptable is decided on a case-by-case basis by Novaquark staff.
    Marketplace Construct Parking: Players are permitted to park at marketplaces with their transport vehicles so long as they are not preventing use to other players or obstructing entry or exit points. Vehicles whose purpose is advertising (organization, service or otherwise) must abide by the following rules.  Organizations and individuals wishing to advertise at markets may have one advertising construct per district maximum Constructs may not be larger than “Small” sized Constructs may not block access to any building, entry points or dispensers Advertisements must not be placed/parented on constructs that don’t belong to you Constructs that violate these terms will be removed from the game without warning or compensation.
      Mass Manipulation in Transportation:  Players who utilize bugs to bypass the weight penalty of their inventory, other players, other constructs, etc to move mass through the game are not permitted. This includes: Adding additional mass to an already piloted ship [Fixed] Docking mass to an already piloted ship [Fixed] Circumventing linked container range [Fix Pending] [Not Allowed]  
    Item Duplication: Any method of duplicating items or resources (including quanta) is not allowed at any time. Any incidents of bugs of this nature must be reported to the support team at support.dualthegame.com [Not Allowed]
    We do recommend you keep regular backups of your constructs in the form of blueprints in the case you lose a ship (through intended means (sale, give away etc),or undesired results such as in PVP, you can still recreate it later.    
    How to Blueprint (to save your ship/build):
    Enter build-mode on the construct, right click anywhere on the construct and click “Create Blueprint”. The blueprint will then be generated inside your currently active inventory. It is wise to keep hold of a copy of any of your blueprints inside your personal nanopack, as these are safe and not lost upon respawning.
    We realize this is not an exhaustive list, and we will expand upon it as time goes on. We also understand some members of our community feel that using a bug or exploit prior to acknowledgement by Novaquark is considered okay. We’d like to state that any intentional use of a  bug or exploit will be treated harshly going forward. This is the one and only warning we will issue on this topic. Please just don’t DU it! 

    On behalf of the entire team, we thank you for helping us make Dual Universe a better place! 
    The Novaquark Team
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    Megaddd reacted to NQ-Nomad in Beta 1 Release Notes. Last updated on June, 15th   
    Hi Noveans, 
    A big update has been released today! Dual Universe is now in Beta 1 r0.22.4 version and you'll find the changelog below: 
    New Features
    Emotes are here! /Bow, /Clap, /Point, and /Wave are now implemented. Type the dedicated emote command into the chat to watch your character move and communicate with others!  [Transponder] Allows activating transponders with matching tags to share their exact positions via radar.
    [Navigation] New option now enables/disables mark interactions with the mouse to avoid tools being visually obscured. Players can now "pocket" small constructs like speeders using right-click > Construct > Construct Compactification. Improved performance in cluttered areas such as Districts. When copy-pasting voxels using keyboard precision mode, SHIFT now gives priority to the previously pasted vertices. [Rendering] Various global water improvements. [Loc] Added and fixed localization for all languages. [Market] Various Market polishes. [GUI] Added “Owner type” filter to the inventory. These settings are saved when using custom filters. [GUI] Added a “Drop Selected Items” button to the inventory container beside the “Erase Dynamic Properties of Selected Item” button. [GUI] Added linked container tooltip regarding distance and max range on the respective inventory tab. [EULA] Added links to the website based on language region. While the link tool is active, right-clicking an element in build mode will now display a "Remove IN Links" and "Remove OUT Links" to facilitate the deletion of links without raycasting them in a 3D environment. Useful for heavy-duty link management in large factories. [Industry] The industry metalwork conveyor belt now animates. [Lua] Added support for position/rotation element introspection [Lua] Added engine tags Lua introspection [Lua] It is now possible to edit Lua local files (in Game/data/lua folder) [Mark] Displays correct icon for distant constructs. [Gunner Seat] Displays correct icon for distant constructs.  
    Gameplay Balancing/Changes
    Flashlight state is now transmitted to other players. [Radar] Basic Lua functionality is enabled for long-range radar. [Radar] Uses more precise position for nearby constructs. Virtual scaffolding projector is now tier 1. Logic operators are now tier 2. [Container] Added sort dropdown in containers views (sort include by names, scale, stack mass, stack volume, tier, and quantity, in both ways for alls) [Container] When a sort or filtering is active in a container, empty slots between 2 non-empty slots are not displayed. [Container] When a sort or a filtering is active in a container view, inner swap in that container is disabled. [Container] When moving an item from container A to container B: if destination is the same item (same type, same owner, and same instance), move that item into that specific stack. (behavior already in place, just to confirm that case) if the destination is empty, move that item to that slot. if destination is not the same item, move that item to either the first slot of container B that contains that item, or the first empty slot found. (Previous behavior was a "failed to move item" error) [Container] Container scrollbar now uses the last non-empty slot to compute the total element in inventory, (plus a little buffer of empty slots to ensure that you can still move things within a container). That means that if the last non-empty slot is at position 80, the scroll bar will not go to a position 2000, but block to at max position 100. (number depends on the number of columns in the container, but always allow to see at least 1 line of empty slots) [Container] Container scroll offset is always a multiple of the number of columns, this allows slots to always be displayed in the same column at any scroll offset. [FTUE] Disabled all UI lock functions again to prevent some players from being stuck. Will be fixed later. [Dispenser] Using a paying dispenser on organization cores now gives the Quanta to the Super Legate.  
    Crash Fixes
    Fixed a crash by forbidding asset tag edition when a construct or element has no owner. Fixed a crash when receiving element update from the server. Fixed a random crash when servers take time to answer.  
    Bug Fixes
    [Settings] Fixed an error in the FOV computation. You may want to check out your FOV settings after updating the game and before playing. Fixed the tool model that clipped through the player’s hand. [GUI] Fixed and improved the PILOTING input reminder. [Organizations] Fixed a bug where organization applications could not be accepted or rejected if they had more than 480 characters. [GUI] Fixed input number state by default in the organization search panel. [GUI] Fixed vertical misalignment on item slot nodes [GUI] Fixed line clamp overflow bug on item slot nodes [Market] Fixed instant sell/buy being partially executed when there is more than one price. [Market] Fixed instant sell/order stats when there are not enough items available in the market. [Districts] “Fake” Surrogate VR Stations in the starting construct are now legitimately fake. [Ore] Asset of Thoramine ore has been added so it’s now minable. Fixed a bug where destroyed linked Container was still working. Fixed an exploit with an active container. Restore linked Container state when leaving surrogate/tutorial. [Chat] Fixed messages not being received if sent while the receiver was loading the game Fixed tool icon and sound when switching tools [Containers] Fixed filtering by categories in market container  
    Known Issues
    Windows certificate is not up to date. This issue will be fixed soon. This may prompt a warning message for new players during the first install. It can safely be ignored. Uninstalling the game directly from Windows will leave the game files on the disk. Please use the game dedicated unins000.exe uninstaller located in the game directory for that. This will be fixed soon! Numerous French and German localization issues have already been spotted and we’ll fix them soon. In some situations, you may not be able to place a Static Core Unit on your claimed Sanctuary Territory. An error message saying that it's too close to another construct is displayed. This may occur due to being too close to a District. Trying again from a further distance should solve this issue for now. A random rendering crash can occur under some conditions due to low GPU/driver resources. Voxel crashes may occur due to low disk/memory. [PvP] There are slight differences between radar and 3D marker distance displays because radar uses the construct center as an origin point while 3D markers use play position. [SFX] Only blue fireworks currently function. [Industries] Talents that impact ingredients of recipe products are not displayed client-side, but the recipe updates with the server recipe when starting. Elevators currently placed “flush” to the floor will function with less efficiency. This will be fixed in the next patch
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