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    nietoperek got a reaction from Aiwhisper in Cash Shop Idea, other than Skins. (On a Pay-to-Play basis)   
    ...buy seriously, I love all sorts of pure cosmetic customization items - hats, ship/gear skins, clothes, dyes, fancy shaped decorative items (and maybe voices for you guiding AI too) and so on. So long such items do not give any mechanical advantages, I am perfectly ok with cash shop and even can buy sometime something for myself. 
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    nietoperek got a reaction from ATLANT in Graphical programming - easier scripting for newbies?   
    I know that DU is not planned to be easy, and scripting will be irremovable part of game mechanic. It is something cool... but write hundreds lines of code can be bothersome task for non-programmer players; beside this, scripting is quite boring in form (you know - lines and lines of numbers and letters, nothing fancy).
    So. Maybe we can made scripting mini-game itself and give it some interesting graphical interface, easier to understand by "normals"? Of course "text hard mode" will be always available as second option  and even "graphical programming" can have less options than text one, like "beginner" and "veteran" versions
    I not talk about simplification of programming language itself, but more about some kind of GUI/IDE for that - with auto-complete and - most important - easy graphical interface like "blocks" of code for building apps. I know at last two projects, which use this kind of editors ; LEGO Mindstorm and Scratch. Here are pictures of programs build in them:


    EDT: Here is wiki about this style of programming. And you can even use some like this for LUA, too!

    In my opinion it will decrease "starting cost" for lot of people, and it can be even inspiration for someone for start learn "true" programming
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    nietoperek got a reaction from wesbruce in DevBlog - Organizations: build your corporation, faction, nation or empire!   
    Can we stay on topic?
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    nietoperek got a reaction from Pantydraco in How far can you go as a Solo Player   
    "What is order for a spider, is chaos for a fly". Everybody has they own style of gameplay and what is for you is "ruin" for other people can be "best fun". MMO stands for "MASSIVE" game, so devs try to create something to satisfy a very vast spectrum of playing needs. And we, as future players, should rather carve our own niche, than forbid others having fun in different ways.
    In infinite universe any style of play will not be some else problem - you can always can just change planet
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    nietoperek got a reaction from Bella_Astrum in Civilian, Ecosphere and Infrastructure damage limitation pact   
    Ekumen from Le Guin Hainish Cycle, anybody?
    Or you want create another Foundation like in Asimov's books?
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    nietoperek got a reaction from friendlytyrant03 in Making a planet into a ship   
    Not quite. There is difference between object class "CONSTRUCT" as big as a planet (certainly possible) and object class "PLANET" which should behave like CONSTRUCT (e.g. move).
    So you will probably can (give enough time, manpower and resources) construct "artificial planet", which move like ship, but you can't "convert" already existing planet into ship. In other topic was stated than due to mechanic limitations, planets will be stationary (no orbiting and so on).
    In the end, effect will be the same, so why bother ;p
    PS: To be perfectly clear:
    Death Star from Star Wars IV, V, VI = possible
    Starkiller Base from Star Wars VII = impossible 

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    nietoperek reacted to Kiklix in COPS intro video.   
    COPS video intro.
    ​This is my second time to use After Effects and first time mixing audio so this is probably subject to change. Fun stuff, tons to learn. Enjoy.

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    nietoperek reacted to DaSchiz in GrayStillPlays interview with JC   
    Most if not all of you guys have probably heard this hour long interview already but I do want to say thanks to JC for taking the time to answer questions clearly, honestly, and as in depth as he could .... GrayStillPlays for conducting a good interview and asking the questions the community wanted .... and the community for giving their opinion or expressing what they wanted to know.
    It fed my Dual Universe appetite for at least a few days I hope ... lol
    Much of it have been written about in dev blogs and the ask us anything thread but it is always good to hear the top man in his own words describing the vision of the game.
    So I just wanted to say kudos and thanks as well as let people know who may not have heard the interview and are interested.

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    nietoperek reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in About "Am I the only one who hates..." topics   
    Hi everyone,
    Just a quick reminder:
    There is a forum chart (available here) that each forum member is supposed to follow when posting.
    In regards to some topics that have been recently removed, here are 2 lines no one should forget:
    IV) Following actions can result in the immediate suspension of forum privileges:
    e. Posting hate speeches toward specific people."
    Until now, as we have a mature community, the need of banning people wasn't necessary. But it might change, if this becomes necessary. We really don't like to play the police, we prefer a lot to have friendly discussions about the game with the community. But if we need to do it, we will enforce the rules.
    Saying you "hate" someone is already forbidden, even if you have good reasons.
    But to hate people just because they want to play pirates in a game without knowing them, giving them intentions without talking to them, is sad and troubling. We sincerely hope this was not a serious statement. Anyway, wheither it was humour, serious, or just trolling, it's forbidden. We hope this is now crystal clear.
    to others:
    When you see a topic like this, please don't answer to it.
    Best regards,
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    nietoperek reacted to Blakjac in New Lighting Video...   
    More of a teaser really. Wasn't sure if this has been shared yet.

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    nietoperek reacted to Cybrex in Dual Universe FAQ/Sources   
    This is a "General Knowledge" thread to help provide newcomers with a list of hot topics, answers, FAQs, videos, and other miscellaneous information that pertains to Dual Universe. This thread will not contain everything about DU, but merely help to point you in the right direction. I have done my best over the years to keep this thread up to date for newcomers, so if there is something you think is missing and should be added, just private message me with the information and sourcing.
    You are also encouraged to join the Official Community Discord for Dual Universe if you have questions, or just want to be involved in the community. 
    PSA: Use the SEARCH FUNCTION in the forums before making a thread if you are new. Chances are, it has already been discussed and beaten to death.  
    -> Release Roadmap & Alpha Announcement <-
    Official Links:
    • FAQ from the Main Website
    • Trello Community Suggestions
    • DU Gamepedia (wiki)
    • Developer Blog
    • Kickstarter Page
    • Youtube Page
              • DU Community Discord
                    • Official Discord FAQ (Forum Link)
              • Soundcloud/Soundtracks
              • DU Reddit
    Forum Links:
    • "Ask Us Anything" Thread by NQ-Nyzaltar
    • Forum Rules thread by NQ-Nyzaltar
    • Pre-Alpha FAQ and Rules by NQ-Nyzaltar
    • DU DevDiary Video Guide by Shockeray
    Other (Non-Official) Media:
    • Dual Universe Explorers (Podcast)
    • Ark Central (Community News)
    • Dual Insider (Community News)
    • Dual Universe Sleepers (Fansite/Blog)
    • Outpost Zebra (Blog)
    • Community Org/Player Map (Community Tool)
    Common Topics: (NOTE: All information below is subject to change at any time. Official responses from the developers, and sources, have been linked to each subject.)
    • Price Model will be Pay To Play
    • "Virtual Simulator" for builders to build in peace
    • "The Economy"
    • "Scripting" Dual Universe will utilize LUA Scripting and Distributed Processing Units  
    • "FTL Travel" answered by NQ-Nyzaltar in the Ask Us Anything thread
      • "Unigine 2" Dual Universe will be running off of the Unigine 2 Game Engine
    • "Single Shard Server" In Dual Universe, all players will be playing in the same server
    • (Video) Server Technology review by JC Baillie
    • "Active Lock On Targeting" In Dual Universe, combat will not be twitched base
    • "Character Progression" There will be no character levels in Dual Universe
    • "Survival Gameplay" Currently NovaQuark are still considering adding survival elements
    • "Territory Control" In Dual Universe, you will be able to own pieces of land
    • "Rights And Duties Management System" Sophisticated system for managed roles in your organization
    • "Stealth Technology" Stealth tech is currently being considered by NovaQuark
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    nietoperek reacted to Darius Sanguna in Optional Permadeath   
    I personally can't see an optional permadeath as game feature, which doesn't mean that it couldn't be fun to have it, simply because the amount of players that would use it wouldn't justify the effort that is needed to implement it, at least not in this point of the development, maybe later it could be added.
    But i can see where you're coming from with your concern about the character names, maybe a possibility for it instead of permadeath, could be a one time payment of 5$ or so that would secure the name and bind it to your account. This would prevent the abuse of a great in game name and support the devs.
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    nietoperek got a reaction from Kiklix in What do you think will happen when the game drops?   
    I hope for this
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    nietoperek got a reaction from Anaximander in Dual vs. no mans sky   
    I always wonder from where you take such complex information about how X or Y system will be working? There are some alpha-testes ongoing and you, Cpt. Twerkomor, are only and one tester, which give you power to state sentences with such utmost sureness?
    Or you are just dev in disguise?

    This is wild guess, as probable as whatever else on this point. Stop confusing people... writing in visible colour does not make you automatically right, y'know.
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    nietoperek reacted to Kiklix in COPS - Coalition Of Pirates & Smugglers   
    I just wanted to say THANK YOU to the COPS community for pushing us past the 50 member point. Glad to see there are so many like minded individuals coming to Dual Universe and finding interest in our growing community.
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    nietoperek reacted to Code24 in I may have missed it   
    NovaQuark hand picks members that are active and helpful in the community to be Alpha testers.
    They will also be offering alpha testing as a reward on their kickstarter once it launches just before Alpha release.
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    nietoperek reacted to Jett_Quasar in Uploading mp3's into in-games's ship's sound system   
    Technically there wold be less of an issue than copyrights. 
    Personally there is nothing better than exploring a bunch of new planets with Cosmic Castaway blasting in my headphones, but unfortunately I don't own the IP so sharing it out to other players becomes an issue... unless of course you have some sort of agreement like YouTube does where they can play ads to pay for it.
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    nietoperek got a reaction from Kiklix in Ship Titles/Classes   
    But all ships will be constructed by players, so every hull will be "class" in and of itself. What is the point of pre-defining classes, which will not exist? Oo
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    nietoperek got a reaction from Dygz_Briarthorn in Ship Titles/Classes   
    But all ships will be constructed by players, so every hull will be "class" in and of itself. What is the point of pre-defining classes, which will not exist? Oo
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    nietoperek got a reaction from Vyz Ejstu in Ship Titles/Classes   
    But all ships will be constructed by players, so every hull will be "class" in and of itself. What is the point of pre-defining classes, which will not exist? Oo
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    nietoperek reacted to Volkier in Subscription should not be its pay model   
    This is going to be subscription based? AWESOME! I'm personally sick and tired of pay to win.... err I mean "free" games where you end up paying for a bunch of useful stuff anyway. Maybe we will finally get some consistent good quality game, decent customer service and a community that is passionate about, and want to actually play the game - like we used to have back when pretty much all decent MMOs were subscription based. 
    I'm loving this project more and more by the minute, the more I hear about it. 

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    nietoperek reacted to piddlefoot in Subscription should not be its pay model   
    Thanks champ, been browsing through forum hadn't seen it here yet so cheers.
    So anyway I have decided to give this a go, my first subscription game of this type ever, not overly impressed by the model but Ive read heaps on it now and understand it a bit better , I still don't like it much but if its the only way to play the game then I can lash out for it.
    I guess at the end of the day you can always cancel , but the amount of hours I put into these voxel building games , as Im retired, is a lot, around 5000 hours in the last 18 months or so, maybe it will work out ok if the sub isn't to expensive.
    The other thing is once you start building stuff, you don't really want to stop so I can see me stuck in there building for days on end, it worries me that I might get addicted to this game and then get stuck with rising sub costs as production goes on, wait n see I guess.
    But anyway yall have some more fodder to shoot at, my hand eye so ordination aint what it used to be !
    See you all in the game I guess.
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    nietoperek reacted to Antioch in Are voxel blocks going to be affected by rudimentary physics?   
    I don't know if this is already mentioned before but are voxel blocks going to be affected by gravity and have some kind of structual integrity like in Medieval Engineers? (Things like structures that can fall apart from gravity when it's not built properly) Here's a link:
    And is that mechanism going to be applied in space also? So like if a ship collides with another, will there be blocks and bits of debris flying off?
    So, are voxel blocks going to fall if placed in mid air on a planet? If a block isn't connected to a ship, is it going to be by itself or considered to be apart of the ship for instance, in Starmade you can build ships that have floating objects around it that aren't connected to the ship by any means but still counted as an entirety.
    I'm really sorry if this is already mentioned. :/
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    nietoperek got a reaction from Cybrex in General discussion.   
    Only vintage
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