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  1. There are a number Landmark players who have announced interest in Duel and many have intended to try Duel out.
  2. We have superior technology. We are observers, relatively neutral...but once provoked will cause massive flooding on your planet or we might sling a large asteroid or two at it.
  3. I am hoping for coal and steam/electric power.
  4. If someone steals a design/blueprint, NQ should heavily enforce it. IMO to the point of an IP ban. The people who are championing for no NQ to do nothing about it, are the thieves themselves. Don't be jealous because someone builds a nice ship and charges for their time (completely justified) and you are too cheap to pay for it. Get good or get banned.
  5. As others have stated it is very likely that you can build that big. I would be concerned however with fueling the ship and maintaining it. I would say to definitely set your goals to build what you want, but imo I would start small to get a feel for the mechanics and material cost, fuel cost etc. I am a ship builder as well and although I do like large capital ships, I find that they are rarely necessary (in other games that is). I would focus on something that does what you need it to do, but does not go over board. That being said, if you are the primary builder for a large 100+ organiza
  6. It's hard to say for me. I think I would have to first see what the game offers in a more completed state. I can say at the forefront that building is core for me. I enjoy building bases, homes, spaceships (been playing a lot of empyrion and minecraft lately). ​I am not sure how much conflict I will want to get into, so for me finding a planet as far away from civilization as I can find and set up a base of operations there sounds appealing. ​
  7. What are we without the sky.

  8. I agree with the OP. Element doors are fine, but eventually players are going to desire different art forums to fit their style. If Dual makes a ton of money so future development is not only ongoing but healthy, then i am fine with them making all the doors elements as long as they can fit the majority of our needs, but that seems more difficult and costly vs a voxel door assembly. I do not believe elements will be able to be scaled, which for doors is kind of a tough thing. Players are going ot want to add lots of immersion into their builds so a door could be anything from an entry into
  9. I personally think that the Dual Forums should be locked down like the WOW forums are. No signatures, no outside links. I would even go so far as to say no personal pictures (wow uses an avatar based on how your character in game looks). This is the best way to keep the forums clean, neutral, family friendly, and reduce the risk of someone clicking a link that takes them to a page that unloads a virus onto their computer. I have made more signatures on these forums than anyone. I love signatures and think they are fun but without heavy moderation they can be a problem. Dual does not have
  10. I expressed my issues. Please change your post as you copy pasted what work Lady Astrum and I did.
  11. I would like to request that you remove this description of your organization. It is pure plagiarism of the COPS write up. This was not your writing and you had no input on the writing. And in actuality, your entire write up about your organization is straight plagiarism of the cops write up. " The arkships landed. We woke anew, scared, unsure. Groups formed, factions aligned. Power corrupted. For all the efforts to save our species, the millennia we traveled, we reverted almost instantly back to that old human nature. Not even extinction could change our habits, our instinct. We ha
  12. I would love to see the ships UI (the customization screens). I love glowing HUD's in games but I would love more if they had a function in games, and I would lose my mind if we have functional glowing HUD's that we can customize. I love the ship displays in star citizen, but being able to customize those would bring it up another level.
  13. Kiklix

    Space Whales

    I am in the minority here. I never understood the fascination with giant space whales. I do like large tardigradeish beasts who's carapice make amazing space faring hulls for ships...but space whales..bleh...only good for their blubber and oil.
  14. I have nothing constructive to add oustide of agreement with what has already been said in this tread. If what they show is a small growth of what we have already seen in the other videos it will most certainly spark hype in those who know nothing about Dual. If they show more, like combat (even in the simplest form) there is no doubt we are going to see a huge rush of people to the forums to sign up. The more information, the better. I am trying to work with members of COPS to adapt to new information we get from Novaquark in making this process as streamlined as possible. Exciting stuff
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