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  1. Oh wow, I'm so stupid. Sorry.
  2. Okay I know this shouldn't be in the "idea box" but I just wanted to mention something that will answer a lot of questions about the game. I'm just saying this for those who don't know. A Youtuber called GrayStillPlays interviewed JC Baillie the founder of NovaQuark and uploaded the video on Youtube about four days ago. It's about an hour long so please watch it if you have enough time. Thanks.
  3. You can message them on Facebook which is what i did. I asked the dev if they're going to release it on steam and said it's going to be on steam at some point, just not certain at the moment. It's going to be available on the official website from now.
  4. Haha I intentionally said Unicorn and yes, I think it should be to Leprechaun.
  5. Oh, I just thought that cyber-warfare might be really cool and if there's going to be planetary warfares, I thought drones might have something to do with it at some point so I came up with an idea of having drones protecting the planet.
  6. Wow, a cyber-warfare would be pretty cool. Just imagine having drones protecting your home planet in orbit.
  7. Hahaha good point But I thought third-person would be available as well?
  8. Oh right right right, yeah that would be a disaster. I undertand. But I really hope to see voxel connectivity though.
  9. No collision damage? Awww man. Are you sure? That's a huge drawback to the realism of the game however I do understand how difficult would be for the server to handle.
  10. I don't know if this is already mentioned before but are voxel blocks going to be affected by gravity and have some kind of structual integrity like in Medieval Engineers? (Things like structures that can fall apart from gravity when it's not built properly) Here's a link: And is that mechanism going to be applied in space also? So like if a ship collides with another, will there be blocks and bits of debris flying off? So, are voxel blocks going to fall if placed in mid air on a planet? If a block isn't connected to a ship, is it going to be by itself or considered to be apart of the ship for instance, in Starmade you can build ships that have floating objects around it that aren't connected to the ship by any means but still counted as an entirety. I'm really sorry if this is already mentioned. :/
  11. Omg that's the word I was looking for! XD
  12. This is something that spontaneously came up in my head. Feel free to remind me if this topic has already been mentioned. Thanks. Okay, so we all know that the building system in Dual Universe is going to be voxel-based. Now, building things in games such as, Space Engineers, Empyrion and Starmade is very easy with the Symmetry mode that works on X,Y and Z axis. But when it comes to Dual Universe, having voxel tools may allow players to build complex structures and more complicated ship designs. So what I'm suggesting is that we should be able to have a building mode that allows players to build things symmetrically. I'm sure there are quite a few problems that can come up, but I'll leave that up to you fellow members.
  13. I'm not sure if we're going to have a physical in-game money that are tangible. If so, I think it would be fun to put them in cargo containers and make like a vault for something to "protect" it.
  14. Wow, they look very Alienish and cool. It definitely shows a little bit of your personality Awesome.
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