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    Music creator

    Do you want to show your musical skills? Do you want a unique music for a ship, station or an entire faction? It is possible to do it without MP3 (that uses a lot of memory) by using midi creator (music studio). You can trade music and use it in various projects. The process of creation on picture (stolen from the trash game apb reloaded)
  2. The same problem exists with the construction of the ships and stations. The developers have already expressed their views about it
  3. Yes, you can create your own spray. You can sell it or buy. A method for creating sprays shown in the picture (stolen from the game apb reloaded)
  4. I know this idea is not new, but listen to my version. First, you create a spray using a limited set of primitives, and then apply it to the ship or station. Number of sprays limited too. This will save memory during loading and vector image perfectly scaled. A similar system is in trash game apb reloaded

    Docking port

    Even without the atmosphere we still need a default docking port to be able to dock to any ship or the station even if we see it for the first time
  6. The space engineers have bugs with this elements. This happened because Keen Software House made it much later release. I just want to game developers have made it as early as possible to avoid such problems. I hope that i will be able to build USCSS Prometheus with rotary engines and hangar lift

    Cloaking device

    1.It is not in this section 2.Search the forums shows no response in the list on the first page. In addition, developers answer in the comments. Therefore, it can be found only by those who have seen it before, or the person who will be systematically read every comment on the forum. I'm sorry, but I'm new member and I can not spend so much time for searching. And thanks to this new topick searchers will find that answer P.S. We should discuss this topic in more detail in this forum section Make time hiding exponentially dependent on energy. Example: a minute of the device is 10 units, 50 units of two minutes. "hyperspace travel" its fast travel when ship does not use the main engines

    Cloaking device

    Cloaking device. Energy consumption increases exponentially. Unable to fire and make hyperspace travel in stealth mode
  9. I hope so. This is the most important thing for me
  10. ATLANT

    Tactical mode

    Devs talked about some pets, it's some kind of drones, right? Why not to made defence or mining drones and control them? And remember, its only idea in Idea Box forum, even when it is not possible
  11. In any case, this forum is "Idea Box", so thats an idea. Developers could previously rejected the idea, or will do it in future. I just presented my point of view in the relevant section. As you can see from my profiles, I'm still new to the project and can not compete with the advanced members in this
  12. ATLANT

    Docking port

    Thanks for the information, obviously missed that. The sad news for me and a bit illogical. Space and no atmosphere inside ships...
  13. Creative mode for testing and creating blueprints. In game that wiil be a virtual reality for character. It will enter creative mode in gaming universe
  14. ATLANT

    Tactical mode

    Tactical mode to control drones (default ingame drones and made with the AI script block), an alliance or a group in battle
  15. ATLANT

    Docking port

    Docking port to keep the atmosphere between the ships and stations
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