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  1. A small team of engineers, make a couple "concept" videos outlining the games potential. I see nothing wrong here. Go back something you actually believe in.
  2. You started a thread. You didn't start or stop the discussion. The discussion began when someone responded and will end when either 1) people stop responding or 2) the moderators close it. Welcome to the internet. I don't need to prove anything. Nothing in this thread has been proven, disproven, credited or discredited. You started a thread attempting to discredit Cybrex and BOO for using fake accounts USING A FAKE ACCOUNT! Aside from the duplicitous lack of accountability and blatant disregard for your own espoused morality, do you not see the utter and absolute irony of your thread being posted in such a manner? You're merely a buffoon attempting to seem or feel clever by ridiculous and exaggerated charade.
  3. It shows you made the account the previous day, I never implied the account information was correct or worth discussing. I don't care to debate your age or your I as I'm sure they're comparable and neither of any consequence. Fault? Someone is at fault? For what?Logic... sure. This is just a poor attempt at defining an issue that doesn't even exist. Why don't you just crawl back in your hole. Hopefully NQ will appoint some moderators soon. There goes the neighborhood...
  4. This is what happens when someone gets upset because players don't want to be in their org and makes an alt account... OutlandishRep Member Since Yesterday, 04:09 AM <<------------------------ Look at that... (we aren't who we say we are?) LMAO ONLINE Last Active Today, 01:20 AM It's okay we don't care either.... It is business, because it's a stealth org member starting shit for no reason other than drama. Probably the goons or similar asshats.
  5. Yes. Absolutely. Affirmative. Positively. Certainly. Definitely. Aye. Surely. Without fail. Of course. I don't know how else to say it.
  6. I'm watching it too. After all, I'm invested monetarily as well now. It's thrilling to see the pledge contributions increase and all of the information exchanged between the community and developers.
  7. I agree, the OP saying the devs made a douche-bag move by selling DAC's and making them trade-able is totally out of line.
  8. The simple solution: If you don't feel like playing DU don't. How you spend your time doing so and whether or not you feel like it's a worthwhile investment are entirely subjective and based on personal perspective. First of all, for you to believe that you "deserve" some sort of just reward for playing a video game as a self-purported "developer" is laughable to say the very least. Secondly, for you to consider your time spent as a measurable source of real world income speaks to a number of psycho-social disorders not the least of which is blatant narcissism. Tell me, when driving down the road at night, do you look out of your vehicle's window and wonder "why is the moon following me again"? How about, "get a life"?
  9. Just like in EVE Online your character(s) will gain skill while you are offline... your character will require 24/7 support for this to work. I realize there aren't actual changes being made to your character while you are offline and rather changes are applied when the character logs on... However, time is time... whether I watch the clock all day long or simply glance at it after sundown. Nothing in this world is free... the servers run 24/7 so you can log on whenever you feel like it. Something has to keep them alive during the interim.
  10. Functionalities, possibilities, enhanced game mechanics, new construct types, enhanced galactic and astral manipulations, general expansion of the universe, etc... After that it'll be up to you to add content. Some players are willing to pay for a great big sandbox to play in and the tools to do the digging. Other's like paying to be led by the nose through "theme park" content. Which type of player are you?
  11. Wow lot's of new people and corporations joining recently. Welcome to all! Great job Cybrex! My wife and I both pledged on the KS today for the Gold Early Bird special! See you all in alpha
  12. I joined COPS on July 20th and just found out today it's disbanded.... is there any hope left at all? Sign me up if you have a slot left Cheers!
  13. I really hope we get orbits/rotation. Imagine building on only 1/2 of a planet... since the other side is always dark...
  14. More of a teaser really. Wasn't sure if this has been shared yet. Cheers!
  15. If I could just randomly guess... WANTED I like trading but, taking seems to be much more fun... in general.
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