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  1. Ekumen from Le Guin Hainish Cycle, anybody? Or you want create another Foundation like in Asimov's books?
  2. Whole universe, no less. And I will do it only by myself.
  3. @RoboGent - ignore him. He think about self as omnipotent God and he'll never admit that he don't know all
  4. Terrible idea. "Real life" races are already sensible thing, we do not need such tensions in game... but some fictional races will be ok. But really IMHO corporate conflicts will be enough to create good content, and we not have to add races to the mix. In is clear in EVE - "race wars" are minority, people are divided by alliances and corps.
  5. You are dev and you know exact plan of adding features? Right now I know as much as you - mean nothing. So stop try being smarter than all of us, 'cos you have any base for that
  6. Probbaly not. Here is model of player avatar: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Ci1VPw9XAAA6c0-.jpg:large so you can customize armor only.
  7. For RP, immersion and character development. Or just for fun and giggles. As far, as we know (from backstory) Ark colonist are only humans. We see only human colonist (male/female) model so far. So probably no, but devs say something about alien races in future iterations of DU - although not playable ones. But hey, you can always "role play" cyborg/robot, using "human" in-game model. See David from Prometheus for example or EDI from Mass Effect.
  8. All pirate's organizations in game will be eternally grateful to you
  9. It is still a guess, albait educated one.You, I and anybody without devs know nothig about DU mechanic will work... so do not pretend that you know more.Your explanation is good as anybody else, and please, cut this pretensious "I can code, I am better and I know nore than you" talk. It will not work.
  10. I always wonder from where you take such complex information about how X or Y system will be working? There are some alpha-testes ongoing and you, Cpt. Twerkomor, are only and one tester, which give you power to state sentences with such utmost sureness? Or you are just dev in disguise? This is wild guess, as probable as whatever else on this point. Stop confusing people... writing in visible colour does not make you automatically right, y'know.
  11. ....and Alpha release is planned to early 2017.
  12. But all ships will be constructed by players, so every hull will be "class" in and of itself. What is the point of pre-defining classes, which will not exist? Oo
  13. Umm, rather impossible - if someone other than you will board your ship, he/she will hear music... and it is kind of sharing. Or, to be more precise, public broadcast - and it is regulated by copyrights. Anyway, you cannot just turn off music in game and play it from external soft?
  14. This sounds good, but will rise lots of copyright problems: how devs will determine that your music is legal? And who will pay royalties to authors? probably effort is not equal with gain, sadly. But this idea can be done in slightly different way: people can upload they own (created by them) music to devs, and they will select it and share in game. In this model, you will have restricted list of available lyrics, from which you can select few.
  15. BTW we can build both (voltron and Megazord) and recreate epic robot battle!
  16. If bipedal, than only Megazord :<
  17. But such ship already exist in game - it is called Arkship and it is part of the lore....
  18. You can create anything until game mechanic say "no" and you cannot bypass core "laws" of game engine. So devs for sure will implement some "brakes" to game mechanic to ban such OP constructions. Like maximal values for dmg, speed possible to achieve and so on. I see no threat here.
  19. Yeah, as much as God-complex and illusory superiority
  20. I want point that you used "I know it, therefore this is easy" argument. Sorry if you understand it different. EDT: Cpt. T. - you still miss key point. And before you read first post properly, I cease discussion with you. PS: Key point (if you cannot understand that) is that there will be no upper limit for your programming might. But start with programming must be as easy, as we can make it
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