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  1. I’m curious how many games in development do you know of that charge a monthly fee two play it’s basically a soft launch who decide two wipe for a full launch honestly I don’t care two much if they do but I think it’s wrong and they should just say so what I care about is the game has had few updates for years besides game changes that should have not bin changed just aded on top of and know I don’t think the game is ready or will do we’ll launched in this state i believe in a year after it will be shut down because it’s not making enough money what I believe is the game needs a reason for me two go two other planets and explore some life and points of interests I think a game like this would do good two have npc at least animals higher tier planets should have dangers and rewards a balance of pve and pvp content people should be able two chose two do different things the game just doesn't have enough two do I wish they would of aded ground reganaraahion and left the mining but still added. Astroids and alien core and npcs basickly everything they did add on top of what we alredy had and some I beleve they took the easey rought I’m not playing tell after we know what will hapen with wipe like many I’m not going two grind two lose it all at this point I will Waite and watch
  2. I agree with you what I think is the whole pvp thing is crap from the ground up first I don’t think worp should jam just because somone targets you I could see a wepon that could jam a worp if they are hit but somone should be able two try run or hide behind a astroyed second I think the whole way the targeting works is wrong i don’t beleve a tab target is skilled pvp in this type of game I think it should be aim shoot so a ship can dodge a shot second I think old mining fits better wear you go two difrent planets and collect ore higher tier ore would be in pvp zones Encouraging exploring one moor thing I would like two mention why do we have no hand weapons yet so if I’m out of my ship in a pvp zone a ship pops up and I have no way two try defend my self what I see is a game that is not ready for launch game loops are not ready NQ has spent two many years changing game instead of improving the game and finishing the loops so sad I had such high hopes for this game but it’s not going in a good way but never dose when you. Have So few reall up dates and then try rush it out before it’s ready when will game devs learn it never ends well when it’s rushed out the door and cut corners and promise’s
  3. I have mixed feelings about a market in space I think it would be convenient and pretty cool but in the changes two the game I think markets are just about the only resin two go two a planet
  4. I loved the old mining in ground I have tried astroyed mining 2 times it was not even worth my time or fuel cost I like the idea of a mega node in astroyeds or a astroyed belt I can’t even find mining worth my time anymore i might as well just sit on sanctuary moon and auto mine and sell it and buy what I need it has prity much ruined my fun in this game I am not happy with the detection DU has taken but I don’t think the builders or pvp people are happy so I just sit hear and watch two see what happens at launch
  5. If they keep doing what they are doing and want two launch with the game as it is I give the game one year tell it is taken off line
  6. Hold the break control not c -c is land if it tilts in any direction like a hill it will drift that way hold the break rev up throttle as you start two move relese the break that’s how I do it anyway
  7. Two me it’s a building game I could care less about the pvp I could care less if they scraped pvp and focused on building and exploration I only came because it filled the gap a bit that landmark left I would love it if they put old mining back but make planets regenerate over time and made high tier planets dangerous and gave us hand weapons caves two explore so on I think pvp make no sense and it would be much better as a exploring and building city’s type of game
  8. Hopefully this will solve the spikes you get when doing some angles
  9. I tried astroyed mining one time and when I got their it was already mined I may need two try it again and yes I do honey comb my own but what I use two do was mine for a day or 2 sell all and buy the types of ore I wanted i guess I just can’t get use two the new ways I will see how salvage goes I should sell some of my blue prints probably
  10. I hate the rate Mu I’m having a hard time with the state of the game two I also had about 50 mill I’m down two about 5 I refuse two pay a mill or 500000 for tier one or 2 so I went back two sactuery I am waiting two see if they can fix this I think they need two turn up MU rate honestly I just wish they would roll back two the old mining I can’t even work on my base with the amount of ore I’m geting the only thing I liked about this game was the building I thought this game was a crafting building game I guess not at this point star base is doing better with the astroyed belt
  11. Sounds dumb two me and not fun but you are welcome two you're opinion but I disagree
  12. yes i only use military two i just think fuel use should be less as we go two explore moor i barley like two fly unless i have two especially with a howler it is a space game and it feels like im always running two get fuel and a L tank costs like millions two fill i think the Balice needs two be looked at again its like 2 trips from sanctuary two alioth and im empty i will say i recently added Anty gravity and its helping a bit
  13. I don’t think pvp will ever be good in this game just a gank fest is all it will ever be but that’s my opinion who knows we’ll see
  14. It looks way moor dead then ever two me I use two run in two players everywhere now I might see maybe one person at alioth market 6
  15. I agree as of the state of the game from last few patches my ore gathering has dropped by so much I can’t even work on my projects much I’m mostly waiting two see if it’s going two be fixed a whipe at this point would probably just push the final nail in the coffin
  16. Is it rille a beta if you are charging a monthly subscription ?
  17. I don’t think a player who has spent months or years gathering supplies should lose everything because they stop playing for a bit it should be packed up and put in a special inventory they can be reclaimed when they start playing again as far as salivate it sounds like a good idea but if I’m required two fly all over looking i think fuel consumption needs two be reduced fuel use is Riley bad in this game in my opinion
  18. I was shocked from the beginning that the ground did not regenerate over time I knew this would end up being a problem and in the end rather than fix it they took the cheaper way out I’m so disappointed in the detection this last patch took us I just wish they would scrap this I’m finding it a Paine in the ass two even be able two build anymoor it’s not fun geting so little amount of ore this is not fun anymore two me I just loved the building in this game now it’s just two time consuming and even if I wanted two build a pvp ship and trie that I’m not spending a month or moor two lose a ship it may be time two just try find somting else that fills my creative side voide that landmark left me but now DU is heding in the same direction at this rate I dont see this game ever being good maybe star base can do better
  19. I hate it it’s made me not want two play this game anymore I haven’t built anyting or worked on my base sence the update I find the rate at witch MU get Material ridiculous I tride space mining it did not work for me just wasted fuel and time and found all the astroids I visited alredy mined out I just wish NQ would roll back and scrap this update it’s killing everting I liked about this game for me I may just need two go check out star base and see if they fix this game later on maybe if enough people stop playing they will see they sucked the fun right out of this game I can’t even build anymore and I’m not spending a week grinding a crapy amount of ore I went from 100m worth of cargo a week two about 4m hell no I need way moor material two build who in thier right mind would want two spend months two build a ship two pvp in and lose it sounds real fun
  20. This update is bad roll back scrap it go back two old mining and do youer job stop taking the easey way out just make un claimed land heal over time or do a land reset monthly or weekly we should not be redesign the game at this point in development what are you doing NQ are you tring two distroy youer game no one likes this
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