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  1. I get where you are coming from and thank you for posting your opinion in the topic what Pann is monitoring for this subject ?
  2. Agreed that ammo does need to be heavy but please make sure it’s balanced when weight is applied. (Rails should be more heavy per round compared to Cannon round for example).
  3. Apologies if I come across harsh but sometimes I get annoyed also. Yes NQ makes an Annual roadmap but throughout the year stuff happens, QA blows devs timelines out the window, feedback comes in and plans change. It will be an extreme rarity a plan follows through so such is life. People are crying about NQ listening to feedback etc. I hate to break it down to facts but this topic is based on NQ making a change after listening to feedback from players defending people who are on their breaks away from the game not mattering if their reason for the break is anything from being burned out to IRL circumstances such as military deployment. These players maybe out the communication loop and unable to secure their own time and efforts they had put in to the game for the day they decide to return. Now the OP disagrees with this change maybe because of a personal grudge with a structure near his base on Alioth what is absolutely fine and more than welcome to his views and opinions. However sadly rather than trying to give feedback and make his case on why NQ is making a wrong decision in attempting to save some of the inactive player personal assets he decided to go down the protest route. Making a post firstly stating all his in-game work in an attempt to make his departure look as impactful as possible and then saying he’s leaving and spinning up some trust speech to greater the impact of a smaller base issue. He disagreed with a decision and is throwing his toys out.
  4. Even tho I get your frustration with a bad neighbour there are better ways to protest an opinion…
  5. It’s not random. It’s a priority script taking in the number of personally owned static constructs on the tiles you also own. (Statics owned by orgs/others have no effect). I don’t agree with tiles with 0 assets on them being auto assigned but currently it will do that also. So if you have no statics for the script to count I suppose it could be random.
  6. On the subject of the HQ tiles being auto assigned. After listening to others I am on the fence on this change also. On the one hand this was a good move by NQ in securing players assets who are on a break and have no knowledge that their work and time is at risk of being raided and taken away so this supports that group of people. On the other hand I would 100% agree that tiles with no cores should not be subject to auto assign. At the same time I am unsure that all 5 are really needed to be assigned. Maybe a compromise of Max 1 or 2 tiles only get the auto assign feature. Finally this will also add to the argument later on the HQ tiles may not be permanent safe once a subscription has been inactive for X amount of time. Maybe a 6-month inactive window could be a future option?
  7. Tbh I get why NQ went will the sub price increase (was ambitious and too low to begin with). You reference FF14 as a comparison but won’t that type of game have a much lower server cost? One point you highlighted is the radio active jelly baby rocks being all the same size and only giving 20L a pop. I am completely with you on this one. NQ could do much better by adding a rock size variety in to the game so experienced and new players can explore the land scape looking for more bountiful rocks / areas for bigger harvest pay outs.
  8. Really good video but posting stuff like this is killing your credibility to me. The DU PVP community has made a huge investment into this game and cares about its success just as much as the PVE community. In the end even if we have contradicting views we all want DU to succeed.
  9. Careful what you wish for, if NQ did something like this you find the original idea return of only sanctuary and 20km around ark ship as safe zone. Also you will se very hard speed limits and acceleration nerfs in order to maintain that “big world” feeling.
  10. I really like the building side of DU and with the voxel editor getting put in I really feel this part of the game is a job well done. I actually enjoy the industry side of the game in a casual sense (not rebuilding a full factory for the 5th time ?). I just really wish that some schematics was found in other places rather than market. Big game play driver being missed here. Im a pvp focused player but won’t comment on pvp right now because there is much more coming and needs to be done ? exploration can be fun seeing what everyone has created but a tad more incentive work is needed I feel.
  11. Fair enough, had a read of one of your topics. Did NQ not state they are doing something similar with the HQ tile idea? That system would mean builders having land that would never enter abandon state and would only have to pay tax to mine on it etc. As for the scan data. There is still time and the video was made last week. That decision can be overturned with correct pressure / feedback.
  12. At least Blaze came out a with a nugget suggestion now and again. All I see is Whaaaa and no input or suggestions.
  13. No if you don’t log in to put quanta in the “territory wallet” you character wallet will remain untouched however your territories will start the process of abandonment straight away.
  14. Exactly. As much as people want to try and ignore it or even the idea of it The Full Wipe for release is definitely a possibility and is up for debate not only between the community but NQ internally also. However currently nothing is set in stone. Myself does not want a full wipe on release because of the amount of work and effort put in by players over the beta period. With that said Beta has had its fair share of balance issues making it almost necessary to make the wipe happen. Imo in order to curb the need for a complete full wipe next year some actions from NQ needs to happen now to stop the Beta advantages. A scan data wipe on Demeter release is an obvious must and also something needs to be done to curb the mass mission runners from gaining such large sums of quanta in single mission flights. 100’s millions in quanta of rewards should only be achieved by a convoy of ships not a single afk pilot. Taking action sooner than later means less chance of an economic wipe being needed.
  15. Right now 3 is not a problem at all. However if NQ did a full wipe and all T3 reserves are gone there is only 2 ways to acquire T3 ore. Making advanced mining units since T2 units cannot extract T3 (requires T3) or making a DSAT to find asteroids (also requires T3 ore). So after a full wipe the way it currently is in order to break this cycle player/player’s would need to run in to an asteroid by complete chance without a DSAT to guide them. This is not easy to do at all.
  16. Have to say the quality of the feedback in this topic so far is golden and good reads even when I personally disagree on some points such as Scan data wipe. I strongly feel a Scan data wipe on Demeter drop is important for the very simple reason that the tiles are infinite. Scooping / land grabbing all the best tiles from scans players have already benefitted from is not a good outcome and may lead to a situation that tips the scales in the pro-wipe campaign’s favour next year. This I definitely do not want to see so please wipe these things now so more does not get tempted to be wiped later. Also I say this while holding a very large library of old scan data myself since I have always been to lazy to delete them when mass scanning.
  17. How about some ideas on how NQ can do this and less of the what NQ should do. Almost as bad as players saying the blanket phrase “we need content”.
  18. Welcome! Don’t have any fears about coming out of lurker mode and saying Hi! This community only bites 6/7 days of the week ?
  19. Eh? When did this vote happen? Only historic polls i can see from the past had a large majority swing in favour of pvp.
  20. Idea I just posted would be a basis to a viable solution to social cities. To expand on it further yeh we need the D from RDMS. City management mechanics could work similar to organisations with residents instead of members and mayor instead of super-legate so NQ has a head start on development. Will you join a city of democracy or dictatorship? Remember if established cities offered bonuses to industry or even put down skills this means if you wanted a game capped ship it would need the finished touch of a city bonus. As for FPS/Performance this is a game wide problem effecting everything. Something NQ will be constantly working on and for city planners to design in mind. Again Duties will help with this planning and management.
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