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    CosmicDragon reacted to yamamushi in Alliance Tournaments   
    I don't think we know too little about the game to plan something like this.
    - We know that ships are going to be custom made. 
    - We know the physics of ships involving weight is going to be important 
    - We know that the placement of engines and other elements on ships will affect their flight capability
    - We know that different materials will have different attributes like weight, strength, etc. 
    I'm happy to give citations on each of those points if necessary.
    Even with those very basic bits of information we know enough to say "we will give a list of guidelines that your ship must follow", and it's trivial to setup a tournament style where there will be a process of elimination, best of 3 rounds for each pair up.
    I'm not talking about a tournament with fleets of ships, but just 1v1 matches between the best ships that alliances can create (following the guidelines we can create once we know more about the mechanics of ship construction, which should be elaborated on shortly with the next dev video).
    We don't really need devs (or Novaquark) running the show, it would be nice but that's not the point of why I made this post. 
    People should be competing to prove that they are the best, not for some ingame reward given out by Novaquark. 
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    CosmicDragon got a reaction from Vyz Ejstu in Alliance Tournaments   
    @msoul, the Devs probably not interfere with the game to such a level gain that it would break their main selling point of "emergent game play" even if just for a short time.  And to your list I raise my own:
    What rules, there will be a ship count what else is needed? (Yes there are things that could be required, but half the fun would be seeing if you can do something against the rules without anyone noticing ) This game is all about custom And yes, I agree as of now we know to little about this game to start planning a thing such as this.
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    CosmicDragon got a reaction from Vyz Ejstu in Fleet Command Structure & Communications - Diagram   
    I like the diagram, and I was think that if there's a way to share information in real time in game, then the positioning of the vice admirals would make scene. But if for some reason there is not then the flagship would have all the Admirals and sort of be above the battle scanning things down below, although now that I am typing this it seems silly to put that big of a target on one ship, which means that the price of spaceship glass is going way up in my mind, seeing as we know nothing about sensors yet.
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    CosmicDragon got a reaction from Anasasi in Mapping, Cartography and sharing a location   
    When you said the 3D globe is was thinking about that massive spherical holoprojector on the command deck of that station and in the screenshots.  I can't make out what it is supposed to be displaying in those images but a planetary map would be as good as anything, or use it as the main display for all sensor data I think that would look much cooler.  Maybe to share a location publicly you can display it on these types of maps and then other players would have the option to update their own maps.  I think the book mark system is going to be explained when they introduce the ingame communications systems, for chat and other data like market orders, and how they are transmitted though out the network.  As a side note being able to sell bookmarks using the market system would also be amazing for professional prospectors and treasure hunters and the like.
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    CosmicDragon reacted to Dhara in Nations vs Organizations   
    I believe that this will happen naturally, over time.   I see smaller groups living near each other in peace setting up alliances so they can all help keep each other safe.  As time moves on, these will eventually evolve into nations.
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    CosmicDragon reacted to Wilks Checkov in Nations vs Organizations   
    Could not have said it any better myself. 
    Even if some of us are trying to make it happen sooner rather than later. 
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    CosmicDragon reacted to Khaymann in So what Style of ships would you build or buy?   
    For those interested this is the best Sci-Fi ship chart I have ever seen. Or link here.

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    CosmicDragon got a reaction from Vyz Ejstu in Nations vs Organizations   
    Citizenship could bring the land you control under the protection of a larger organization, in return for taxes or something.  Government controlled trade routes would be interesting, allowing a trade or logistics organization the has a headquarters in your territory to use stargates you have built, or whatever the land equivalent would be, some type of super-highway. All depends on the size of the nation and how many people it has supporting it, and how strong it's allies are.  You can't enforce your law if you have only three guys and there one man fighters.  If you think about the three territories they will control, vs the 20 tiles that the larger corporations will have it's hard to think of a reason (besides RP, of course) that the corporation will need the nation.
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    CosmicDragon reacted to ClockworkRose in Resource Processing   
    Many exploring and mining type games have a way to process raw material collected into a usable form. Imagine in minecraft smelting iron ore to create iron ingots.
    I would like to propose a similar system for DU, but one that allows substantial factories, with complex inputs and outputs.The basic idea is that with exponential increased complexity of a refinery, you get linearly increased yields of materials. Similar to how some mods in Minecraft work (ic2, mechanism, etc) and several other games work.
    So a simple smelter would turn 100 units of ore into 100 units of metal, but maybe adding ore washing gives 106 units of metal. and then adding an input of flux, grinding, and sifting gives you 112 units of metal. Real life ore refining has many steps with many machines, feedback loops, inputs, and outputs. Add to that there is no reason to stick with real life limits in this game. Maybe a matter fusactor can take some of the rock scrap and break it down to get the last bits of ore.
    As an example of how far you can go, with a pile of machines and process, look at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oil_refinery#Common_process_units_found_in_a_refinery
    There is a list of common processes involved, many of which require different inputs, output, feedback, and have multiple working parts.

    Constructing and running a large complex orbital refinery seems like a blast. A nice part about this system is it doesn't really impact normal gameplay. You could still make your iron with a smelter, and at a reasonable rate. You just get increased efficiency with increased investment.
    Devs could add the system later, and / or add onto the system later. Little changes by adding such a system into the game post release. The system is inherently balanced because of linear gain from exponential effort. This means that (assuming last level is high enough) only the biggest refineries could justify implementing it.
    Anyway, that's my idea. I'm captivated by the image of pipes running all over between machines, with conveyors and furnaces burning, all infront of the backdrop of a planet.
    Let me know what you think.
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    CosmicDragon reacted to Wilks Checkov in Meet the Icarus: Planetary Transport   
    Qualifies as both. 
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    CosmicDragon reacted to Vyz Ejstu in Heimera Trade Xchange   
    For years, he wandered, searching for a home. Among the stars and planets he'd roam. His strength was fearsome, his mind unmatched, tired of the bounty and catch. For decades he slept, waiting to awake, to seek a home for living's sake. A signal was sent, a message in the skies, this dragon awoke, hope in his eyes. 
    With haste, his home he had to take, his wings drew the stars in their wake. He's arrived, that fearsome beast, the spoils are now his feast. 
    The CosmicDragon is home at last, his years of waiting all but past. At his roar, let his enemies tremble as he judges the outcast. 
    I'd like everyone to meet CosmicDragon. The Aether's newest member!
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    CosmicDragon reacted to Vyz Ejstu in Heimera Trade Xchange   
    'Trust is'

    Trust is specific. Ploys are vague.
    We are an organisation with deep dreams and vested interests. Premium services are cardinal to our dominance in handpicked sectors. The HTX is committed to exotic industry, a network of effective logistics services, sterling trade hubs and lethal PvP. Through Outpost Zebra, we hope to provide players with prime, objective news coverage online.

    Trust is finite. Money is printed.
    Welcome to Dual Universe. We are here to serve you – not the organisation or alliance. We know trust is finite and hard to obtain. That’s why we’re always in for the long haul. Lifelong trust is lifelong gain. The HTX won’t sacrifice long term advantages for short-lived profits. To forfeit integrity is loss; to break neutrality is anathema. Your alignment in Dual Universe is inconsequential: we have a reputation for impartiality. Business with the HTX is Suisse banking.

    Trust has history. Lies die swiftly.
    Our arrival in 2016 as The Aether was little more than a whisper. We have since evolved. It’s hard to imagine now, but at one time, The Aether arguably had the largest network of alliances and agreements in Dual Universe. We are not the white knights of old. Alliances and memoranda; been there, done that. Time has shaped the HTX into a focused and observant group. We have shed ghosts to obviate inflating our numbers. We have avoided alliances to spurn partisanship. Join an organisation with an untainted history and famous members. We make only one promise: business is business.

    Trust is enlightened. Gullibility is uninformed.
    In 2017, we realised, ‘this isn’t going to work.’ The Aether had goals to offer services to Dual Universe. However, alliances would require compromise, sooner or later. Simultaneously, going solo was to paint a target on our backs. A bulb turned on: neutrality is not isolation; independence is not frailty. The options: stick to The Aether or do better. Two years later, we’ve never been prouder of our decision. Dual Universe is a world that can only grow from here, and along with it, so will we.

    Trust is industrious. Deception tires quickly.
    Maximising the minimum gain is a philosophy you will come to understand in the HTX. It is foolhardy to assume an organisation can be the best at everything. We decided instead to be the best at everything we do. Our focus on industry is limited to the dynamic production of high value items. Whether these are transferred to nefarious entities for further use or creative players for protecting themselves is none of our concern. However, we are interested in ensuring the purchased goods are delivered in pristine condition. To that effect, we are developing our haulier services to reach you wherever you might be in a timely fashion. To handle hostile interest in your consignment, the HTX intends to cultivate a small, skilled and specialised group of players. Their purpose is not to harass organisations or individuals. This arm exists to make sure no living being or plan comes between you and your delivery. As a secondary goal, our PvP members must be able to stall companies many times their size, or turn the tide if a delivery so requires it. Lastly, keeping people updated on the events in Dual Universe is important for their safe passage, information and entertainment. We need nothing more than a few objective reporters around the Universe to bring you the news you need to hear.

    Trust is patient. Failure is restless.
    Rome wasn’t built in a day. It will take time, careful planning and a long march to achieve our end-goal. The sniper waits for the right moment. The industrialist builds his conglomerate over decades. We are dedicated to achieving what we set out for. Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while waiting. In Dual Universe that means having fun, learning from setbacks and constantly working towards a goal. We short-change ourselves when we give in to impatience and laxity. Dual Universe is fun; we are fun – if you have the mind to welcome it.

    Trust is decisive. Hope wanders.
    Are you satisfied? If you think you have found a mutual fit in us, submit an application. We have clearly defined goals for decisive people. If that’s you, you’re more than welcome to join a premier organisation. If we have identified you as a promising candidate, you will hear from us soon.
    Trust is the HTX.
    The Heimera Trade Xchange is a unique name, formed from our values and learned members. ‘Heimera’ is a word taken from Icelandic ‘Heimana’ (worlds) and Greek ‘Meraki’ (to do something with soul, creativity or love; leaving a piece of yourself in your work). Together, they signify our dedication to making an impact in the best way we possibly can. Is there a more realistic way to signal commitment to excellence in our activities?
    Our members shine. The first ever community digest featured Aetherios (now known as Vyz Ejstu). The second one interviewed Falstaf for his excellent work in founding Outpost Zebra and his generally flawless character. Anonymous is an inconspicuous figure almost assuredly behind the largest projects in Dual Universe. Kael often runs both Outpost Zebra and the organisation with mechanical efficiency. We encourage our members to be active and build a respectable image for themselves and the organisation. A star filled night sky is beautiful, but nothing without individually shining stars. What else to expect of an organisation that draws inspiration from the best of history, philosophy and design?

    Visit our Discord Server to learn more: Heimera Trade Xchange Server

    Head to our Community Portal to submit an application: Community Portal

    Visit Outpost Zebra to keep up to date with Dual Universe: Outpost Zebra

    © Copyright Published by TextBomb™ A subsidiary of the HTX. All Rights Blown Up.
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    CosmicDragon got a reaction from guttertrash in So what Style of ships would you build or buy?   
    I think I would like something that is a cross between, Harrower-class star destroyer and the Khanid Amarr ships, (yes I realize that only means black paint instead of gold plated everything).
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    CosmicDragon reacted to devu in So what Style of ships would you build or buy?   
    SGU Destiny here I come
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    CosmicDragon reacted to Anaximander in Am I alone in thinking that Stargate Probes are a bad idea?   
    Quick question, does anyone know if we will name systems we travel to first? Cause I'm tots down for a system named "The Sizzler".
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    CosmicDragon reacted to Anaximander in What's coming next week?   
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    CosmicDragon got a reaction from Dygz_Briarthorn in WAR AND ITS AFTER EFFECTS   
    Nope, there is a respawn mechanic, I would go as far as to say it is a core mechanic, and a top tier trade good. Here is the blog post:  https://devblog.dualthegame.com/2014/07/06/quantum-immortality/
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    CosmicDragon reacted to yamamushi in Twitch roundtable discussion   
    100% this.
    Goonswarm's motto in Eve Online is "We're not here to ruin the game, we're here to ruin YOUR game", so I'm okay with them having to organize under a new name for DU.
    As for Test Alliance, I'm happy to give the organization over to a representative from them, I just didn't want someone else taking it and doing something nefarious with it.
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    CosmicDragon got a reaction from yamamushi in Twitch roundtable discussion   
    I enjoyed that quite a bit. Will definitely try to make it next time as well.
    @Tnecniw, Yes, but maybe he is just holding the names so they can't be used?. Hopefully.
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    CosmicDragon reacted to Tnecniw in Twitch roundtable discussion   
    Lets hope that... Goonswarm is... well horrible
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    CosmicDragon got a reaction from Dygz_Briarthorn in Twitch roundtable discussion   
    I enjoyed that quite a bit. Will definitely try to make it next time as well.
    @Tnecniw, Yes, but maybe he is just holding the names so they can't be used?. Hopefully.
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    CosmicDragon reacted to Anaximander in Twitch roundtable discussion   
    While I am frustrated of lack of the proverbial "meat and potatoes" of my appetite for more info on the game, I can understand of the devs not running their mouth and promising us the kitchen sink as well. I'll keep visiting the forum daily, getting my fix of the Q&A section and wait until another Youtuber talks shit just for the Devs to shoot him/her down with the power of facts.
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    CosmicDragon reacted to PetdCat in In Space Ungrades   
    My opinion is that you will be able to "build" anywhere.  Now the question will be--in a sandbox universe--will you want to?  It will be like changing a tire on the driver side of the car on the shoulder of the freeway--doable but not normally a good time.  Given that in that type of situation you will be vulnerable to anyone coming by who may wish to....ummmm....acquire your vehicle, I think that there will be a market for spacedocks, open stations, co-op docks, etc...that provide some level of security (and access to materials, technology, assistance).  Of course that will then create some little "gem" of a place that a group may want to raid, take over, lay to waste for giggles, you name it, if not defended.
    I think that the ability to modify something will end up not being limited by world/server mechanics, but by how social interactions start coming about in DU.  Tons of pirates, or organized groups that do play well in the ether together--guarded outposts/stongholds.  A general "I'm okay-Your okay" commune attitude--build anywhere.   We will probably end up being somewhere in the middle with someplaces being more dangerous than others.
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    CosmicDragon reacted to Anaximander in How Much Effort should be required for a PLEX (monthly sub token)   
    And then they add a heist system in the game and World War BTTHRT shalt begin.
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    CosmicDragon reacted to SteveMcFarlane in Derecho Empire [DREEM]   
    People are not interested in flags. People join empires because they believe the message of its emperor.
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