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    rothbardian reacted to NAMECAPS in Open letter to NQ   
    I wanted to thank Novaquark, I think the whole team has managed to create something truly unique. Challenging to describe to my friends, difficult to even categorize for all it's ambition. In an ever-growing sea of independant sandbox/survival games, anybody who gives it a fair shot will see it stands on it's own. Is it lacking in some areas compared to other titles? Sure, but it's still in development, with a lot of the foundation not even mixed up yet, much less cemented - and the plot they've chosen for the whole place is in a different world anyways.
    That foundation is what I wanted to talk about. What I feel sets DU apart from every other title is it's ability to balance on the fine line between quality and quantity, and how every feature of the game focuses on player freedoms.
    I see a lot of cynicism directed at NQ and cries for "more, more!" in the NDA forums, and while I'm guilty too of being  impatient or impulsive about stuff I'm passionate about, I want NQ to see this and know that even now, as a skeletal test-bed, the canvas they've woven for all of us to leave a brushstroke on (or tear in ) is monumental.
    Anybody who plays games as a hobby has come across one or two games that featured some mechanic that enthralled them, a unique and unforgettable facet that outshines ANY competitors for the time. Half-Life 2's gravity gun and facial animations. Shadow of Colossus' climbing of monolithic, LIVE monsters. Saint's Row 3's "Streets of Rage" parody level where your comically busty and topless protagonist has suddenly become every 80s kid's bouncy, pixelated dream game, no cheat code or microtransaction necessary. Enthralling ideas made manifest by visionary producers and driven, talented developers.
    For me, the ability to manually mold a shape, color it, fill it, hollow it, refine it, equip it, animate it, tune it, adapt it to different roles, change it up in an instant, make it mine and actually climb inside and pilot the damn thing, then choose my own adventures with friends in real time (and soon lay waste to anybody who thinks they're BETTA THAN US) is the blinding light that, while surely catering to some smaller, possibly niche tastes and demographics, is just so f#$*@n' brilliant that I haven't even finished Red Dead Redemption yet. Whack, right? 
    A lot of us know what it's like to be drawn to original, ambitious products only to be let down when they fail to live up to their own expectations. Doom 3, No Man's Sky, Duke Nukem Forever...that time your younger sister offered to make tacos for dinner but didn't say it'd be with tofu-based beef substitute seared in a hot pan of water instead of oil...DU is not one of those stinky fermented waterlogged tacos. It is a steaming hot, well-seasoned pile of deliciousness towering in a fresh, crisp shell, just missing all the veggies, sour cream and cheese on top. One might think that, "what's the point of eating it if it's only half-done? You can't compare the two."
    Oh, but I can, because through a haze of carnival fumes I smell what NQ's cooking and it's drawn me by the nose like a cartoon. I dip a finger in that simmering sauce and lick it so homoerotically  clean that China censors me across the continent. Even incomplete, I know that mofo is tastier than anything else for miles - because of the time, care and refusal to compromise for lesser ingredients all bringing out the best in the foundations of that tac--er, product.
    Do y'all want another Ark? I don't think so. There's a perfect example of quantity over quality. New content always available, but the infrastructure (virtual AND physical) is worse than games made a decade before it and the devs refuse to work on anything but new dinos and maps. It makes me appreciate the fact that while DU lacks any tameable wildlife or stuff trying to eat me whole, what it does have works well, and with lots more customization, ample room for personal touches and flair to set yourself apart with more than just clan numbers and force multipliers.
    For all the involvement that NQ wants - and needs - from us, I feel sometimes that all our criticisms, while aiming to be constructive, can end up being so pervasive and numerous that it becomes a burden. I may just be another basement-dwelling dork with delusions of being a space cowboy, but from my perspective I can see that for every hour any backer or sponsor or grizzled, platinum-tiered Kickstarter donor has spent waiting for the next update, the next test, the next phase, Novaquark has spent three times as many hours and as much effort pouring their livelihoods into making imagination reality. For that, We thank you.
    For all the freedoms you endeavor to give us, I think some of us can forget about them when voicing our thoughts & oppositions to what's been implemented (or is intended to be) and try to impose our own limitations on what should be. It seems like a raw deal to put real work, gruelling long hours into building such an open medium so many other people can freely create upon with such depth and jolly cooperation, while enduring endless opinion pieces you gotta wade through that only seem to impose barriers and boundaries or cry out for more features, more toys, more purpose when a player's found themselves floundering for something to do because somehow all of it still isn't enough.
    I guess I just wanted to say that despite the long road ahead, you've already accomplished what no other studio of men and women have even conceived. My first exposure to DU, I just wasn't interested. Coming from primarily playing AAA competetive shooters, RPGs and the occasional racer or roguelike, minecraft in space didn't interest me, especially not a $60 alpha build with zero NPCs, zero guns and zero quests...but I DID think that building my own spaceship could be pretty cool, so I actually did a little research and what stuck out for me was the proof that the whole team was capable of putting their money where there mouth was, of aiming high AND hitting your marks with consistency. I didn't believe the single-shard system would work, much less in sync with everything else planned, but after nosing up and getting the starter craft over the treetops with some light modifications I felt accomplished, even more so after learning to land without busting my nose. Knowing that almost any of those blobs out on the horizon were exclusively player-built bases, and those shapes hovering miles over my head were their cruisers and carriers, and those billboards at the giant space banana were their outstretched hands, beckoning:
    "Come build a new world with us" 
    It's been enthralling, and while I can't wait for what's next, I respect the path NQ is taking and the pace at which they lead. Here's to you, the greatest thing to come out of France since Camembert or Gojira (the band, not the beast)!
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    rothbardian reacted to Toxis in Die Helheim Kolonie sucht freundliche Mitspieler   

    Hier ist unsere Fabrik und die Voxel Bücherei
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    rothbardian reacted to Eternal in Offline voxel editor?   
    So you want an offline Creative-mode where you can play offline and be able to create Blueprints that should be transferable to the MMO game (Multiplayer-mode)?
    This is supposed to be a Single-Shard MMORPG! Single-Shard means everything should happen and take place in 1 Server (1 mode, 1 place). Why should we break that immersively to dumb down the game so it can cater to the Casuals like the rest of Modern MMOs? There will not be a Creative-mode when this game comes out, this is a 'Single-Shard' MMO!
    Right now, we are currently in Alpha Test. The game hasn't released yet, it's in Test and development! I don't believe and I don't agree that we should have Creative-mode when this game Releases. Also, don't expect them to create Creative-mode just for this Test so Players can create their Blueprints because of the limited Test-times, their purpose is to test and develop this game (as much as possible, minimize or eliminate delays in this process) so they can finish and release it - such proposal is not objective at all!
    I don't agree that they should dumb down this game. I will wait for it to release because what I need is time in order for me to develop. Time is not available now, but it will be available later.
    For the sake of immersion and consistent gameplay, no Creative-mode! If you want Instant-gratification or dumbed-down mechanics, you are looking at the wrong game! All Modern MMOs such as World of Warcraft are already like that, why should we throw this game as well on the same pit?
    You will play this game offline and just import the Blueprints to the MMO game? Do you want to trash this game as well so it can cater to your needs?
    Not only does it break the immersion of the game, you are shifting the Build-mode gameplay of the game away from the game where it will be done offline by providing the option, thus also breaking the consistency of the game.
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    rothbardian reacted to yamamushi in Player/Corporation NPC's   
    I don't think NPC's would be a good addition because it would create an incredible imbalance for new players joining the game, and would discourage people from interacting with players. 
    I'm all for things that encourage more player interaction, and not artificially filling the world for the sake of scenery for all intents and purposes. 
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    rothbardian reacted to Pilot 901 in Social Sciences   
    We all know that DU is a game based on it's community, which is supposed to build civilizations : cities, politics, economy etc ... Players will act according to their personal feelings and by their own means to reach their goals.
    What i was wondering about, is that it could be a very good experiment to observe all the different behaviors player could have (builders, traders, warriors, diplomats ...) and their interactions, like a huge mini-world with potentially thousands of guinea pigs (us ^^') !
    This kind of stuff happened in WOW when a bug just spread a contagious virus in the game that created a real plague situation (The Corrupted Blood incident), and it has been a really interesting event for people who were looking to analyze player's behavior (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corrupted_Blood_incident#Models_for_real-world_research).
    To me, DU is an opportunity for social scientists to look for similar situations.
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    rothbardian reacted to Blackst4rr_ in ANATHEMA - A More Humane Way of Killing Enemies   
    [Click Here to Start Processing]
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    rothbardian reacted to yamamushi in Are we absolutely sure about a pay by subscription model?   
    Microtransactions can't sustain long term development, it would be a cat and mouse game of constantly trying to - 

    1) Gain players
    2) Create new content to sell to players
    Whereas DU is going to be a constantly evolving game, dedicating resources to creating new expansions on top of trying to push out constant microtransaction-backed content would be an uphill battle that would hurt everyone in the long run. It's hard enough for them to keep up development speed now with all of the resources they have.

    A subscription allows them to have a solid metric on how much money they are bringing in every month and allows them the flexibility that the constant fluctuation of microtranscation-based income wouldn't give them. 
    People think servers are cheap, and of course someone is going to go to the AWS pricing page and try and point out "oh but you can get instances for dollars a month it can't be that expensive!" but running infra in AWS isn't cheap, it's just cheaper than building out a data center with all of your own hardware to maintain. NQ has really strict hardware and rack requirements that add to those costs (I was told it's more akin to a weather modeling supercomputer than a traditional gaming cluster), and as they scale up to match the needs of their growing player base it's only going to get more expensive over time. At a previous job we were spending $150k a month alone on our web frontend, and if you counted all of the other supporting infra we had for our product, it was something like $3.5 million a month, it wasn't cheap, it was just cheaper than the alternatives. Nobody is going to convince me that microtransactions are the way to go when you have to pay for infra, employees, long term development, support, offices, advertising, etc. This isn't Fortnite where the core game isn't changing and they are tweaking things from time to time while adding new items to their store, DU's development is on a whole other level from that. 
    Regardless of all of that, I think the bottom line here is that if you can't afford to pay $10-$15 a month for a game, then you need to reprioritize your hobbies (irrespective of the fact that DAC's allow people to play for free essentially). 
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    rothbardian reacted to Shockeray in Shockeray's Dual Universe Community Map 1.1.x   
    2019-06-28 - Top 500 Organizations
    This is every organization with at least 3 members (or should be). Almost 7,000 nodes and 10,000 edges.
    Still just an image. I don't have the current ability to make the data interactive unless you have Gephi and want the file.
    Full Size Download (20480 x 20480 png): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KjwDCeBsAKUZ5uceLXGUPXCV5dfHWoY4
    EDIT: The correct updated map link now! ^

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    rothbardian reacted to Quillon in Pandora's Sanctuary needs caretakers   
    We are Calm
    We are The Box
    We don't have leaders, we have caretakers.
    We don't have problems, we have solutions.
    We don't have questions, we have Answers

    We are The Box
    We don't bring War, we bring Pandora

    We are The Sanctuary

    Accept the challenge or stay far away from us.

    Once infected there is no return.

     Now Run........It got out.

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    rothbardian reacted to Aaron Cain in Myriad - A Marketplace and Social Hub   
    You are correct, all pillars should be provided to be able to reach these goals. For any city or Free market it will be the same, lack any of those pillars or add any restriction, even small ones, will lead you from the path.
    But it might be easier then most people think, although visions of golden mountains on some organization owners already make sure they are out of the competition.
    breaking it down to the pillars:
    High volume: Most organizations i see start by opening a market for their stuff and mostly their stuff, they mine, craft design or build. With this its a single market with only a few commodities that are very dependent on that organization. this is more a trade contract than a market. in the end this will probably be less vital and it would be best for these organizations to make indeed trade treaties or use a market from someone else.
    Security: in general it looks like everyone wants to do their own security, fragmenting players and getting a lot of small security forces. This will probably work only for a limited time, and probably in one timezone. There are a lot of organizations, mercenaries or others with well organized military ranks and that are for hire as security force. As these organizations pay well for these services to their members it is to be assumed that in the end all players who want to do security will flock there to follow a good organized chain of command with a well payed job. this would mean for any player that wants to do security tasks it is best to look for those organizations, and if an organization wants to do it itself and gives more tasks to the players beside security it will be ineffective and open for non-security
    Tax: This is the most easy pillar, add taxes and people will look elsewhere, add more taxes and more people will go else where. Now, how to profit then? Well for starters, are you a free market or not? What does free mean in this case, free of tax, free of fees, free to do business? all three? Well if you have all three your out of business soon as you have no income. You cannot have a free market with no income. Unless, you have a free market to be able to add your own high volume of materials or crafts or other stuff. Or you have dealings with other high players who Do have these high volumes and like to pay you something to use our market. What is wrong with a fee? Nothing as long as you offer something in return for it, like security or contacts to potential buyers.
    So indeed free markets are fun but you need to well organize them in order to be fruitful. And from what i have seen only some are actually doing this, @Belispeak Myriad does have the potential to indeed be able to get this working, the contacts i know you already made and the security you are working on will make this a possibility.
    And we are very willing to help you get further in this!!!! When Tranquility pledges to help, and we do that more often then most people know, we do keep our word on it, not only in alpha or alpha 2 when needed but when it counts, at release. When things get real!
    greetz Aaron
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    rothbardian got a reaction from Belispeak in Myriad - A Marketplace and Social Hub   
    Thoughts on Myriad Free Market and Its Security (Part II):
    Three pillars of free market are high liquidity (high volume), security (provided by insurance companies and private security enterprises) and taxfree. Frankly, Dual Universe metaverse will be totally chaotic environment where courts or law has no meaning at all. Anarchy rules. Period.
    Don't get me wrong and please don't confuse the word of chaos with anarchy. There is no accepted meaning to the word “anarchism” itself. The average person may think he knows what it means, especially that it is bad, but actually he does not. One very popular charge against anarchism is that it “means chaos.” anarchists have always believed that the establishment of their system would eliminate the chaotic elements now troubling the world. The root of the word comes from the term anarchos, meaning opposition to authority or commands.
    If every Myriad citizen has the absolute right to his justly-held property it then follows that he has the right to keep that property — to defend it by violence against violent invasion. Furthermore, if every citizen has the right to defend his person and property against attack, then he must also have the right to hire or accept the aid of other people to do such defending: he may employ or accept defenders just as he may employ or accept the volunteer services of gardeners on his lawn.
    (Note: Absolute pacifists who also assert their belief in property rights are caught in an inescapable inner contradiction: for if a man owns property and yet is denied the right to defend it against attack, then it is clear that a very important aspect of that ownership is being denied to him. To say that someone has the absolute right to a certain property but lacks the right to defend it against attack or invasion is also to say that he does not have total right to that property.)
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    rothbardian got a reaction from Belispeak in Could a Decentralised City Function?   
    Once one strong competitor arises to challenge it, the cartel is doomed. For as the firms in the cartel are bound by production quotas, they must watch new competitors expand and take away sales from them at an accelerating rate. As a result, the cartel must break up under the pressure of the newcomers’ competition.
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    rothbardian reacted to Miamato in Could a Decentralised City Function?   
    This is a good reason for other fuel suppliers to feed the market, as they can earn more here now. 
    Or you can start doing fuel business on your own and decrease actual fuel price for your self as well as sell some fuel on market with high prices
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    rothbardian reacted to Zephos in Realistic incentives for City building   
    Great post. It gave me some ideas.
    When they implement orgs in the game, they could do the following:
    Each org gets an Organization Territory Unit and several organization static cores. Once that territory unit is placed, members above a certain rank can deploy and edit the static cores ONLY within that territory in close proximity. Them more members you have, the more cores the org gets (maybe even one per member?). If the org reaches a certain size, they get more territory units.
    This would allow orgs to build bases/cities and create the clustering you talked about. They could also get a lot of the other benefits you mentioned. Maybe they train skills faster when inside the territory/ base? That kind of thing would work.
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    rothbardian got a reaction from Belispeak in Democratic Organizations   
    Yes @Aaron Cain all we need is freedom, and freedom can only be secured by free markets and free markets should be protected by private security companies.
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    rothbardian reacted to Aaron Cain in Politics, Government and Player Voting Power   
    I vote anarchy. No reason provided, because....anarchy doesnt need a reason, just all be free, rules? Where we are going we dont need rules.
    Organizations, thats something different. When you enter those, they have rules and you should follow those rules, but outside the organization? No rules unless there are rules in the org that state behaviour outside the org.
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    rothbardian reacted to Belispeak in Ability To House Smaller Dynamic Constructs inside of larger Dynamic Constructs   
    Say you have a large megastructure planetside or in space it will be useful to have this ability.
    People could rent and customise rented rooms as they please or build a certain part of your structure with no risk of them griefing your overall project.
    This way people have more autonomy and it's less risk and work for the megastructure owner if these people just have permission to edit a specific core rather than the main core.
    Somewhat Similar Post - 
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    rothbardian got a reaction from Belispeak in Myriad - A Marketplace and Social Hub   
    Yes I will, could you message me city coordinates?
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    rothbardian got a reaction from Belispeak in Myriad - A Marketplace and Social Hub   
    Most important part of any successful market is high liquidity. And this can be done by market makers (buying and selling same product with a spread). Without market makers, traded items' bid and ask prices would be very wide which means low activity on a market. So, it is great to have free market with Austrian economics as a background, as long as high liquidity ensured. I'll support this market as long as decentralized approach intact. Regulation and security would be another issues once the liquidity problem solved.
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    rothbardian reacted to Belispeak in Could a Decentralised City Function?   
    A social experiment:
    Could players live and work together in a city that has no government, no organisation with complete control?
    What if each territory unit in a city was 100% controlled by a different organisation?
    What if we built a city in DU based on an anarcho-capitalist model?
    In an anarcho-capitalist society, law enforcement, courts and all other security services would be operated by privately funded competitors selected by consumers rather than centrally through confiscatory taxation. Money, along with all other goods and services, would be privately and competitively provided in an open market. 
    whether or not this would work in real life aside, I think this would be a far more enjoyable way to play the game. Not only would it be more enjoyable it would be a lot easier for the city to function as a whole. It would function like a natural ecosystem where things just happen naturally between different organisations, once you take a step back and view the city from outside you would find an extremely complex web of mutually beneficial relationships. It boils down to this, many players making much smaller individual decisions would be more enjoyable and more efficient than a select few elite members of one organisation calling the shots.
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    rothbardian reacted to Belispeak in Myriad - A Marketplace and Social Hub   
    Myriad is a social hub and marketplace for Dual Universe Players. At Myriad you can select quests, trade, and form new alliances before exploring the universe. 

    We encourage our members to also join other organisations. Our focus is on creating an economic capital and this means that our owned territory will initially be limited to a single Marketplace/Social Hub Building. This Marketplace Hub will form the epicentre of a collaborative effort by many different organisations to create a hotspot of economic activity revolving around a single marketplace, Ours.

    When applying please include what you think you can bring to the organisation or why you want to join.
    Based on free market principles and Austrian economics, Myriad will function via decentralised command with members having extremely high autonomy and will seek to collaborate alongside each other for economic interests. We will not have a military presence, our strength comes from economic inclusion, if you break the non-aggression principle you may be subject to high trading fees or economic isolation.
    Member Benefits
    Zero Marketplace fees. Seamless access to marketplace; simply dock your ship, sell your goods, refuel, and leave in a matter of minutes.  
    Non-Member Penalties
    None Members will be subject to a 10% Trading fee.  
    Phase I - Our initial goal is to create a Home Base for Players, this will be a single Tower Structure forming the foundation of a city. This will be a great place for players to start their adventures in Dual Universe, having everything they need in close proximity. We envision a great tower structure with a Plaza, Ship Hanger, Marketplace, Quest Board, Courier Centre, and more. All completely player driven of course.
    Phase II - Start expanding outwards from our marketplace eventually creating a city. We will invite other organisations to create their own districts surrounding our marketplace which will be under the complete control of said organisations.
    Phase III - Franchisee Outposts on other worlds & Trading routes.
    Phase IV - CLASSIFIED.
    Players will find missions via a Quest Boards and missions may include:
    Bounty Hunting Cargo Transportation Crafting Any other needs the market generates  
    The users who generate and post missions may be concerned with who will carry out their missions. This is where our ranking system comes in. We will give an example based on cargo transportation missions below.
    Tier 1 - Player has not completed any cargo haul missions
    Tier 2 - Player has completed 3 successfully
    Tier 3 - Player has completed 10 successfully
    Tier 4 - and so on…
    If the cargo is particularly valuable the mission creator will have the option to require a pledge which will act as collateral  to cover theft or space piracy. Pledge will be released on completion of the task.
    Each user will have their stats tracked eg. ( 94% mission completion rate, 94 successes, 6 failure to succeed.)

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    rothbardian reacted to Aaron Cain in Tranquility, the ever moving City in space   
    With great pride i thank all our residents for the next keystone in our development.
    We reached 60 residents, together with the known travelers we will get it is now time to start building on our next Districts!
    Anyone interested in a district, loves social interaction Ingame, and thinks our simple laws and rules are simple and convenient is free to join or talk to Any member of the Adventure Squad one or Two.
    Hope to see you all soon in the city That never sleeps!!!
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