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  1. i feel the same way, every word of it. i'm not in an org nor do i plan on it. add me in game as friend if you'd like
  2. I keep seeing posts. comments, and people inferring that solo playing is unwanted, frowned upon, etc. WHY? I'm retired, I play 12 to 16 hours a day, i love building, i even have a youtube for stuff i build in games. i prefer to do it myself and not have to rely on someone else. It's a survival type game right? so that means ideally that you need to rely on yourself to do things, right? i get the organizations, i understand that. but i want to live by my rules and crash my own ships not have someone else do that and leave me the repair bill, etc. i sell and buy from market a lot as a new solo player, (err um..used too). the game should be for anyone and everyone.
  3. I've seen gaming industries get class action suits brought against them for less. Especially when people pay real money for something they aren't getting/promised.
  4. I'm also new, the least they could of done is offer 1 free t1 schematic per industry machine type, and if you want additional machines, then you need to buy additional schematics. not cut out pretty much anyway to make any money for ballooned prices of trying to survive as a new person. now I sit and stare at machines I cant use, and surf internet seeking another game that has its ideals intact to play and not worry about having your money taken for a game you started playing for them to, rip the rug out from under you, take it from semi fun to a friggin joke. I see people say its beta its beta, yeah well I paid for the beta I was playing, I don't recognize this game anymore. had it been like this I wouldn't have paid a dime and saved myself the headache.
  5. ty for telling me, glad they are fixing it now.
  6. i was just playing and left for an hour and now i get this you have been disconnected by the server wtf is that?
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