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  1. Yeah I did that as well, wasnt noticing the issue and wasted 1800L worth of aluminum, as I only needed around 30m. Thing is, the honeycomb materials I need can only be crafted by the refiner (galvanized *)
  2. jeez, I really hope this is a bug ... esp for the honeycomb refinery. Outputting 180m is a bit much when all I need is around 30m !!! (that means 1800L min input, come on NQ)
  3. Im pretty sure this is a bug. Before hitting start, it displays the correct amount, after hitting start, it jumps from 100L to 1800L input as min, the honeycomb refinery jams.
  4. Oh man, I was living in EU when Warhammer Online released, that was beyond a sht show. No comparison to Dual Universe. For those of you that have stated this is the worse release haven't been playing MMOs for very long. Additionally, DU is doing something different and not your standard MMO. Still, I'd like to think a lot of the current issues we're experiencing should've been addressed in previous alphas but I do understand certain issues only arise with real traffic, users, etc.
  5. I think pvp is definitely needed for a game like this but I do think it's fine the way it currently is. (Specifically talking about the current safe zone area) Else, you are effectively saying for folks that dont want to participate in pvp, that they're restricted to just 1 hex for the most part.
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